Family Fun: November

This post covers all of our family fun from the month of November! We spent two weekends in November taking our separate trips with the big kids! Zach and Kye had their camping weekend first… View Post

Blazer Game, Baby Shower, and Attack of the Stomach Virus!

The first weekend in October was a busy one for us! I was looking forward to lots of family time fun but things didn’t quite work out as planned. On Saturday morning Zach and Kye… View Post

Sick and Scared

The morning after Twilight Night (which I’ll be blogging about next) I woke up feeling sick. This was on Friday Nov 18th. I thought I just felt sick from lack of sleep (as I didn’t… View Post


A couple of weeks ago Kye got a little cough. His nose was slightly runny, but clear, and he never got a fever. Mom and I have been teaching the 3 year old Bible Study… View Post