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The End of the Era of Babies

Thursday, August 16, 2018

For as long as I can remember I've wanted four kids. Both of my parents came from larger families and I loved seeing the way they supported each other and were there for each other into adulthood. Four was my number. My dream. My goal and hope. There were many, many reasons we decided to adopt our fourth baby. And when we made the decision I found that there were many positive reasons beyond even just the obvious ones. A large one for me was that I wouldn't go into a fourth pregnancy. I wouldn't carry a baby for 9 months knowing it was the last time I'd ever have that experience. I wouldn't give birth and cry tears of both joy and sadness knowing that it'd be the last time we'd have that incredible moment. My third pregnancy was my last pregnancy. It was my last time giving birth . My last time nursing a baby from my breast. And I had no idea at the time that it was "the last." I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful I just treated it lik

Spear Summary of Month 7

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This is a summary of Spear's 7th month of life which spanned the entire month of June. He was 6 months old during this month! Eating:  Well. The day arrived. It was truly time for me to get my butt in gear and start feeing Spear some solids! I really put it off as long as I could haha. It's not my fav and it's def a stage that makes me glad to be DONE with babies moving forward. One last that I'm not getting teary eyed about for sure! With all my babies I've always used Take and Toss cups for their sippy cups . I've always been happy with how they've held up, how easy they were for the kids to manage, and never had any major issues regarding spills or anything. But I've had SO MANY people swear by the Munchin 360 Trainer that I wanted to try it this time around. Last kid...might as well try out the latest and greatest while I can right? I swear this cup is like invented by aliens. I don't get the science behind it or how it actually works or ho

Meeting Up With Mama E (Spear's Birth Family)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I started writing about our meet-up with some of Spear's biological family as part of his monthly update post for his 7th month of life and realized I just had WAY too much to say and it needed to be it's own blog post. Plus, it's a pretty big deal and a post that I may want to reference in the future so it's nice to have it stand alone :)  In early June we met up with Mama E and three of her children as well as Spear's birth father's sister. Our adoption is considered an open adoption. Legally all that means is that we have contact after placement. There are closed adoptions which are where the adoptive family has no contact at all or often even knows who the birth family is...and then there are open adoptions which can mean anything from just having that knowledge, to having some contact, to having regular visits.  Our official agreement is that we send photos and update letters to the lawyer every month until Spear is 1 and then at 18 months and then

10 Years of Blogging

Monday, August 13, 2018

10 years. 3,039 posts. 8,442,417 post views. This is what 10 years of blogging dedication looks like!  I celebrated my 10th blogging birthday this past week ( you can view the post...and GIVEAWAY here. It ends TONIGHT yall! ) and it really is just insane to me that it's been a full decade since I started blogging.  Since I focused my 10th year post on the giveaway, I really wanted to take some time today to focus on the blog :)  Photo by the incredible Captured by Colson!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 4

Friday, August 10, 2018

Have you entered the big giveaway yet? Don't forget! It ends Monday here to enter :)  Our summer has been IN-SANE yall. We were gone so much that the "weekly posts" are all going to be a bit wonky. For Week 3 of summer Zach was in Ireland and the kids and I were at the Disney house. When we got back from the Disney trip...we had one week until we left for our annual beach trip! I'm thankful when we made our summer schedule that we did have downtime in-between each trip but that also meant that the downtime was truly DOWN TIME. We stuck close to home so I could unpack, do laundry, then repack for the next adventure! This post covered June 22nd through June 29th: our 4th week of summertime!

9 Myths About Adopting From Foster Care

When Zach and I made the decision to adopt we chose to go the domestic, private adoption route (you can read about some of our reasons why here!) . Today Natasha, from Let's Be Brave , is sharing nine myths about adopting from foster care: I hear these comments all the time.  Adopting from  foster care  is too expensive, hard, heartbreaking, etc. - fill in the blank with whatever you want. And while it’s always good to consider the challenges that will come along with any choice you’re going to make, it’s also important to be properly informed. Below are nine myths I hear all the time about why people shouldn’t  adopt from foster care .

10th Blogging Anniversary Celebration - Disney Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Growing up I always loved writing. I had dreams to someday be an author and I have vivid memories of myself sitting in front of our old school Apple computer making up creative stories. I remember when my friend, Rachael, started blogging and I thought it was SUCH a great way to keep track of all of my experiences when I became pregnant with my first baby in August, 2008. So 10 years ago today I started this blog. 10 YEARS guys. That's an entire decade that I've been sharing all of our life moments with you all! :) (Just for's my VERY first post!) What started as a personal journal of sorts that only a handful of people even knew about, let alone read, has really evolved into so much more. While the blog has grown and changed over the years, I always keep my main purpose for blogging the same as it's always been: a gift for my children to someday have so they can remember all of our family moments together. Along with our personal moments I have loved

Spear's 6 Month Well Visit

Monday, August 6, 2018

Spear had his 6 month well check-up on June 26th. Our appointment was the first one of the day and yet we were there for almost a full two hours. I have always LOVED our pediatrician but yall. That's crazy! Zach was at the appointment since Spear had shots and we had ALL four kids there since it's summer. 2 hours for the first appointment of the day is just way too long to be waiting! Thankfully we have sweet babies who all did SO well with the wait and entertained themselves and each other. We did end up asking if they could give Spear his shots early since Zach really needed to leave!

Father's Day 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Father's Day was very off this year which I feel so bad about but when Zach and his dad planned the Ireland trip they scheduled it where it fell over Father's Day. I really wasn't upset by it because it's Father's Day  and Zach was spending it with his  dad doing something he  loves and as the father of our children I just wanted him to enjoy that day however he wanted! The kids and I enjoyed Father's Day at Magic Kingdom solo ;)   We planned to celebrate Zach's Father's Day the week after actual Father's Day. We still devoted an entire day to our favorite dad! We also switched things up this year and did NOT do our annual family golf outing {gasp!}. I do  have a ton of guilt about skipping it. I LOVE all the awesome pics each year of our outing and it's a tradition I love that we do every single year. But it's REALLY hot and we have a very young baby and we're at a point with kids where we'd have to have two golf carts and I don&

Mommy Solo Week: Epcot Evening

Thursday, August 2, 2018

We finished out our mommy-solo week with an evening at Epcot. Zach actually landed from Ireland that same night but it was good for him to be able to get home and get some SOLID SLEEP and then have us arrive the next morning rather than all of us to get home at the same time. That flight is no joke and I was thankful for all the timing. The downside for me was that we ended with Epcot rather than Animal Kingdom. I didn't stay for the night show at Animal Kingdom but I LOVE Illuminations and wasn't about to skip out on that! So it meant I got VERY little sleep that night as I needed to be all packed up for myself and all four kids from our 9 day trip down there AND have the house all picked up and in order including all the owners items that we leave there etc. It was a LOT to do. But it was all worth it and we really had SUCH a great week! I felt bad because Zach missed us BIG TIME and I felt guilt that really the whole entire week went SUPER smoothly for me solo with the k

Mommy Solo Week: Epcot Morning

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Our last park day of the trip we headed to Epcot! We did the same routine as the day prior. The babies came in the morning then we all came home for lunch and naps and went back in the afternoon with just the 6 older kids, leaving the babies at home. It really all worked out super well! Thanks to Casie's All Things Crafty for the super cute shirts!

Tess's 4th Birthday Slideshow

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Today Tess is FOUR!!! Our sweet little baby girl is growing up quick :) Four years ago today you captured our hearts and have filled our days with joy ever since. 💕 Happy Birthday to our sweet Tessie! 💝

How to Treat an Adoptive Mama "In Waiting"

Monday, July 30, 2018

This post originally appeared on Let's Be Brave. I have carried three babies in my womb. I've experienced pregnancy and everything that comes with it. The sweet smiles from strangers, happy chatter, excitedly asked questions. I've had my belly rubbed, the sex of my children guessed, and been given enough advice to fill a book. I've also adopted a child. I've been matched with an expectant mama. I've walked around waiting and waiting for our baby to be born. I've carried the fears and concerns and anxiety around everywhere I went. Fears and concerns that are similar, in many ways, to being pregnant but without the belly to show for it. Having both been pregnant and gone through the adoption process I bring a less-than-common perspective. Most women who have experienced pregnancy won't experience adoption and it's fair to probably guess that most women who experience adoption very likely haven't experienced pregnancy. As I walked around d

Mommy Solo Week: Ak Afternoon

Friday, July 27, 2018

After our fun morning we took naps and ate lunches and headed back to Animal Kingdom but this time without Spear and Cam. Whew it was still super hot but it was SO much less stressful for me to be baby-free! Heading to Nemo!

Reasons Why it Benefits Your Child to Ride the School Bus

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Real life talk. I have a LOT of "mommy guilt" over the school bus. My hope was to always be able to take my kids to school and  pick them up. But then reality hit and school gets out smack dab in the middle of afternoon nap time. And we live in an area where a TON of kids get picked up so the car pool line is crazy . Zach and I talked a lot about it and prayed on it and decided to have our first school-goer (Kye) ride the bus home in the afternoons. We take the kids every morning but they ride it home after school. We now have two kids in elementary school along with a preschooler and infant at home. When we added the new baby to the bunch I quickly realized it wasn't possible to take the older kids to school in the mornings when my husband has to be at work earlier or is traveling for business. We have to leave the house at the same time that the baby has to eat! So now, not only do they ride every afternoon but they also have to ride in the mornings on occasion from

Mommy Solo Week: AK Morning

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

First thing Tuesday morning we hit up Animal Kingdom. I am thankful that Courtney's kids aren't super into Disney as they weren't concerned about riding Flight of Passage. Lately Disney has been doing an extra magic morning hour for Animal Kingdom practically every morning in order to allow on property guests to get in early and ride Flight of Passage. I knew with it being an extra magic hour that morning that we'd have no  shot at riding FOP but thankfully no one minded! Even with an extra magic hour it's still valuable to get to the park early and be up among the early arrivers so once the non-resort guests are allowed in we can make a mad dash for our first ride (this day being safari). Zach and I are used to getting to the parks early but it can be tough for such a large group of kids to have to sit and wait, especially in the heat. And it's tough for them to understand the reason behind's either wait now OR have to wait in super long lines onc

Mommy Solo Week: Ohana

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When Zach's dad first talked to him about the Ireland trip my heart instantly went out to Zach's mom. Sure, she isn't a golfer. But it would crush me if Zach planned a trip to Europe for his birthday and I wasn't included in his plans! Even if it made sense for her not to go (and I'm sure her feelings weren't hurt in the way mine would be) I still felt bad about it. I talked to Zach about trying to make sure she had some special time too while they were all away. Typically each summer there is also a Parker Family Trip with ALL of Zach's side of the family (his parents, sisters, and all the kids). Zach and I were under the impression that it wasn't happening this year so we thought it'd be nice to invite Zach's mom and sisters down to the Disney House for a few days so his mom could get to have all the grandkids together. Even though the men wouldn't be there, it'd still give her the memories and experience with all of her grandchildre

Mommy Solo Week: Magic Kingdom

Robyn's crew headed out first thing Saturday morning and we had a LAZY day planned. When I made plans for the trip I really wanted to make sure I carved out a couple days for JUST the kids and I. While time with friends and family is always fun, it usually results in adults talking and kids playing. I wanted to make sure I had quality time WITH my kids while Zach was in Ireland. We started our Saturday with a big, yummy cinnamon roll breakfast then had some fun playing games while Spear napped.

Mommy Solo Week: Robyn's Visit

Zach headed off to Ireland on Wednesday June 13th. I met up with Robyn at pretty much the same time Zach left to drive down to Orlando. I've never driven my kids solo before for that long of a drive with any of them at this young of ages. I was pretty nervous about it but thankfully Spear is on the 4 hour schedule which means he wouldn't have to stop and eat because we can for sure make it from our house to the Disney House in under four hours! The Ireland Crew!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 2

Thursday, July 19, 2018

While the first week of summer recap was covering much more than a single week...the second week is covering much less ;) This post is covering Saturday June 9th through Wednesday June 13th!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 1

Since Zach and I were on our romantic Disney trip the first true week of summer we're kicking off our first official family week of summer the week after we got back: May 31st - June 9th! (Yes, it's longer than a single week ha! I just combined the days we got back with the week following) If you're new around here I typically do a monthly summary post year-round of all of our family fun as well as an individual monthly summary post for each kid. In the summer though? I stick to a weekly post that covers EVERYTHING from that week!

Aladdin Movie Theme Day

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sorry I've been a tad MIA. But Prime Day has taken over my WORLD! Ha! If you haven't been following my finds be sure to check out this post here :) Yall know I LOVE some Disney movies and having a movie theme day with my kids is something I enjoy putting together and something our whole family enjoys participating in. To kick off summer this year I did an Aladdin themed morning for the girls!

Parker Family Pictures

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Several years ago we all pitched in for Mother's Day and surprised Mrs Charlotte with family photos, which you can see here. Britt was like 8 months old I think when we had them done. Obviously a ton  has changed in 6 years, including adding several grandkids to the family who weren't represented in the family photos! This year for Mother's Day Casey put together having new photos taken as Mrs. Charlotte's combined gift from all of us. Mrs. Charlotte was SO excited to be able to update her mantel picture frame (also another gift we all got her ha!) with updated photos of everyone. She chose for us all to wear navy, gray or white which worked out well because it's colors we all had in our closets! I did end up buying myself a new dress but who doesn't love an excuse for that ;) Casey has had some photos done with Shelley Jean Smith in the past but this was my first time working with her. She's BEYOND sweet and so flexible to meet us at 7:30 in the m

Spear is 6 Months Old!

Our precious Spear turned 6 months old on June 1st!    I use  What to Expect the First Year  to see where he's at in his milestones and development and I purchased  his monthly stickers here  :) Yall. Has half a year flown by or whhhhhat?!?! I cannot believe it was 6 months ago that he was born!!! 

How to Tell If You Have a High Sleep Needs or Low Sleep Needs Baby

Friday, July 13, 2018

I am a hardcore Babywise mama. I start implementing sleep strategies from birth to help my babies become great sleepers ( Click here for my post on how to start Babywise from birth! ). It's not easy: it takes WORK. When you put in all that work, time and effort and then your baby just isn't sleeping the way you think they should  be it's beyond stressful. Sleep issues can be frustrating and it can be tempting to just say "I GIVE UP!" I've learned over my years of parenting that sometimes there are sleep struggles simply beyond our control. Enter in the high sleep needs vs low sleep needs baby.

Spear Summary of Month 6

Thursday, July 12, 2018

This is a summary of Spear's 6th month of life (the entire month of May). He was 5 months old during this month. Eating:  At this stage in parenting Spear I'm really sad about not nursing him. I know it was the best choice for everyone  involved and I can't fathom actually breastfeeding him. Especially during those tender days in the hospital! But life is easier now with him. He's on a smooth schedule. He eats well. He's happy and content. This is the sweet spot of nursing a baby and it's when I'm really missing it. I still love the snuggles with him while feeding but it's simply not the same as nursing! He is taking 2 6 oz bottles a day (the first two of the day) then I offer between 6-8 oz of breastmilk at his 3:00 feeding and give 8 oz for his nighttime bottle. He went through a period this week where he was fussier with his bedtimes and was fussy right after feeding so I bumped his 6 oz bottles up to 8 oz for a few days and it must have been a

BFBN Week: 5 Powerful Reasons Babywise is Effective for All Babies

Today we continue with our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week topic of sleep. Our spotlight blogger for the day is Christine from Christine Keys . She's posting on the topic of 5 Powerful Reasons Babywise is Effective for All Babies.

BFBN Week: How to Go to No Naps and Staying up Past Bedtime

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Today's posts with the Babywise Friendly Blog Network theme of sleep both work so beautifully together. Both Katrina, from Mama's Organized Chaos , and Kim from, Team Cartwright , are discussing a lack of sleep rather than ways of creating more sleep.

BFBN Week: 7 Ways to Establish Good Sleep Habits from Birth AND Dropping to One Nap

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Today is the second day of our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week on the topic of sleep. We have TWO spotlight bloggers today who both are offering up awesome content on this topic but from two different places in parenting. First up we have Caitlin from Twin Mom and More and her post called: 7 Ways to Establish Good Sleep Habits from Birth . I am HARDCORE about starting as I mean to go on and that means from birth implementing Babywise techniques with my infants. Caitlin offers up wonderful suggestions and simple ways to establish positive sleep habits from the start!  A great read for any mom-to-be :) Natasha from Let's Be Brave is covering the opposite end of the sleep spectrum in her post today: Dropping to One Nap. When is it time to drop to just one nap? And how do you make that happen? Be sure to read her post today on tips for helping through that transition! Sleep is so important. For adults. For babies. For kids. I love that our Babywise Friendly Blog Network

Tess Monthly Summary: May 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

All about Tess from May!

BFBN Week: How to Solve Sleep Problems for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Today is kicking off our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week. The Babywise Friendly Blog Network is a team of bloggers who are all mothers and who all use Babywise techniques in parenting our children. We all offer different views and insights on our blogs and often work together writing on certain topics and guest posting on each other's blogs. Want to learn more about The BFBN? Click here for a info on what the BFBN is and who is in the group! We have a big week twice a year where we each write on the same topic and this time we decided to keep it broad, simple, and the number one think people think about when they hear the word "Babywise" and that's SLEEP ! Each of us will be posting on this topic and this week will be filled with many helpful, relatable, and reliable posts. First up Valerie, from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom , is sharing How to Solve Sleep Problems for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

The Disney Dining Plan - Is It Worth It? {Guest Post}

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Y'all know how much I LOVE talking about all things Disney! However, there are many aspects of planning the perfect Disney vacation that I'm just not able to give a whole lot of input or advice about. One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is regarding the Disney Dining Plan. Which I have ZERO percent experience or knowledge on at all. So thankful for Carrie (from Wiley Adventures ) and her post today: The Disney Dining Plan can be one of the most overwhelming parts to planning a Walt Disney World Vacation, but it can also be one of the best parts if you know how to navigate it well.

Kye and Britt Monthly Summary: May 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

May didn't have enough fluff for Kye to come close to justifying an entire monthly summary for him. Of course he had a GREAT month...and made THE most decision of his LIFE that month :)  So I'm just sticking a few things about him in this post and then mostly covering Britt's May! 

Family Fun May 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

All of our family fun from May:

6 Ways Babywise Has Set My Children Up for School Success

Monday, July 2, 2018

Right now I have all three of my children in school. My oldest is going into 4th grade, my middle is entering 1st grade and my youngest will be continuing with a third year in a 3 morning a week preschool class. Babywise techniques have benefited my family in all areas of our lives but today I specifically want to focus on how Babywise has set my children up for success in a school setting:

Our Romantic Disney Getaway Day 4: Epcot and Jiko

We we both so sad to leave our trip and have to head home! We kicked off our last morning getting all packed up. A nice perk of club level was all the sweet helpers we had throughout our entire stay :) We felt like royalty! Disney always does it right and Yacht Club was an incredible experience. Hit up that VIP snack area for the last time ;) 

Our Romantic Disney Getaway: Day 3 Evening at Yachtsman and Animal Kingdom

We finished up at the pool and headed up to the room to get ready for our last night! We had dinner reservations at our actual resort (The Yachtsman) so it was really nice to be able to take our time knowing we just had to walk downstairs for dinner :) I loved that our view was overlooking Boardwalk! I've actually never visited the Boardwalk area but am super excited to do so sometime soon :) I love that there are practically endless options and opportunities at Disney World, you can go a million times and still have new things to experience!

How to Successfully Travel with an Infant

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Traveling with an infant is not always easy, but it is possible and it is worth it! We have traveled with ALL of our babies at young ages and have seen many benefits of starting to travel with them while they are young (they are all excellent travelers!). Wanting to make a trip with your baby but not sure how? Here are my tips for successfully traveling with an infant:

Our Romantic Disney Getaway Day 3: DHS and Pool

Our third day was also our last full day of our trip! We kicked things off with free food in the Club Level dining area...and coffffeeee too! Then we headed to Hollywood Studios! We totally took our time because we didn't have any ride we felt was worth getting there before opening to RUSH to. Sure, we love Toy Story Mania but this trip was more about taking our time and ENJOYING the days rather than being strategic and having to rush. 

Our Romantic Disney Getaway Day 2: Keys to the Kingdom, Cinderella's Royal Table

The second day of our trip was also our actual anniversary! Monday May 28th which was neat because we did also get married on a Monday :) My big gift from Zach for my birthday was getting to do the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. It's a behind the scenes tour at Magic Kingdom. I've been SO PUMPED for this experience and we booked it on our actual anniversary to make it extra-special :) It's so much easier rolling into the parks when you're kid free haha! No strollers, coolers, a billion kid items. EASY!

Our Romantic Disney Getaway Day 1: Shopping, Yacht Club, Carriage Ride and Cali Grill!

Zach and I have always put traveling together as a top priority in our marriage. We use our trips as a time to really reconnect and to keep our marriage strong. Over the years we've had to switch up when and how we go as the more kids we have...the more difficult it is for someone to keep 'em!  Zach works with Aflac and earns MANY free trips through the company so we try to stick to those as our "trips together" and do smaller, quicker trips other times of the year. We typically do a little getaway at Christmas as well as our Anniversary. This past year for my birthday Zach gave me the gift of an EPIC Disney trip ...but with us not knowing when Spear would be born we decided to hold off on it. Obviously we also didn't do anything for Christmas with Spear being born on December first. So we combined my birthday gift trip with our Christmas trip AND our Anniversary trip!  It really worked out so well because the kids got out of school right before we left

How to Help Relieve a Gassy Baby

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Whew. Nothing will drive you more crazy as a mom of a newborn as much as GAS will. Gas issues not only can cause pain for your little one, but can also reck havoc on sleep. Gassiness is also something easily overlooked as a new parent who is exhausted beyond belief and simply running on fumes. I've dealt with gas related issues with all three of my children when they were babies. With my first I couldn't figure out why he was crying and seemed in pain. I rushed him to the dr, typical "first time mom" move right?, only to find out it was gas pains! By the time I had my second baby I knew gas was a common culprit and had my toolbox of tricks ready to go to help. Many people think of Babywise  as a sleep training book but it's so much more than that. There is actually an entire section devoted to tips on helping relive gas issues for your little one. I have pulled out my book again and again to help me help my babies. I have also learned through the years some ex

Life with Four

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I'm pretty sure most little girls dream about the day they will become a mommy. I remember thinking through it all: how many kids, how many years apart, gender order, names, everything. My dream? Four kids. An oldest brother to look out for the younger ones and so his sisters friends would all have a crush on him. Then two girls so they could share clothes and be best friends. And last, another boy so he'd be able to look up to that older brother with a larger age gap where it'd be a role model type relationship. When I started dating Zach and things got serious he mentioned he wanted two kids. He came from a family of uneven numbers and wanted even. I might have fudged a little tiny bit and mentioned that I wanted six that way when we compromised we agreed on four ;) Now here we are. Not everything in life happens as we hope or dream or plan. But my babies surpass every childhood wish I could have imagined. I can literally look at them and see God's bless

Tour of our Home: Spear's Nursery

Monday, June 18, 2018

Zach and I love putting together each of our children's nurseries. It's so fun coming up with a theme and then making it happen! This room is so special to us. We had such a long wait for Spear and his room gave us something to focus on during that time and to help remind us that God would be blessing us with a baby, the perfect-fit baby who was meant to be ours! I will never forget the moment I read the email saying Mama E had chosen us to be her son's parents. I instantly started sobbing and raced into this nursery and sat on my knees just crying and thanking God for this opportunity. Now I'm here with this gift from God and will always cherish the wait that brought us to him :) We've never known the sex of our babies while I've been pregnant so Kye and Tess's nurseries were both gender neutral and Britt's I waited to decorate until after she was born (um that was a terrible idea haha). Spear was the first baby we've had when we knew he'd b

Tess School Work: Spring 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tess had SUCH a great year in K3. Her teacher this year was the same one that both Kye and Britt have had during their preschool career and I ADORE her. Seriously one of the sweetest people on the planet so I knew Tessie was in wonderful, caring hands :) Tess loved having Carter in her class this year. She talked about him all the time and played with him constantly at recess. It's so sweet that they have each other and I'm hopeful they will get to be together again next year before they go their separate ways in elementary school. Tess had a few social concerns in K2. She didn't like participating in the class activities and would kinda stick to herself and not want to open up. She also did have quite a few disciplinary actions (never pulling her clip past one time but still!) especially regarding not wanting to share and hitting. We didn't have ANY of those issues in K3. She LOVED her class. Her teacher talked to me about how different Tess is from Britt because
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