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Spear is 3 Months Old!

Spear turned 3 months old on March 1st! I use What to Expect the First Year to see where he's at in his milestones and development and I purchased his monthly stickers here :) I also love the little bibs I used for his pics this month... I got those here :)   At three months old Spear is doing the only item a baby his age should be able to do  and that's lifting his head up 45 degrees when on his stomach. He is also doing everything a 3 month old will probably be able to do  including: laughing out loud on stomach, lifting head 90 degrees squeal in delight bring both hands together smile spontaneously follow an object being held 6 inches above his face and being moved 180 degrees (watching the whole way) He can also do all the things a baby his age may possibly be able to do including: hold head steady when upright on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms roll over (one way) grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers pay attention to a

Big Kid Summary: February 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We had such a busy February that the kids didn't actually do a whole lot individually and I can't justify doing individual summary posts this month (plus I have this hardcore goal of catching up so why not combine 'em into one!) Kye came home this month with a fortune teller! It brought back SUCH great memories of childhood! I used to love making these, didn't you? The big thing for poor Kye this month was that he came down with THE FLU. We tried so hard to avoid it but it happened. Bless him. It was the most pitiful sickness I've ever dealt with thus far as a mother. It was MISERABLE for him. He missed almost an entire week of school and it took him a SOLID MONTH to fully recover.  AND it was THE WEEK leading up to his birthday. It was a tad mega stressful.  AND he "only" had Type A AND we all had flu shots!!! I was EXTREMELY cautious about Spear especially but really I didn't want ANY of us to have it! Poor Kye had to be

Family Fun: February

This is a VERY brief recap of our February :) The BIG NEWS obviously was the announcement of our Disney Rental Home purchase ! We went to Disney twice this month and also put a lot of work into getting the house ready to rent. Even though our purpose of the house purchase is really for a financial investment, it's also all about a family investment and we enjoyed it SO MUCH this month. It makes me so excited to have a place where our family can make memories together over the years :)  Another biggie this month were appointments. Spear and Britt had their well check ups together and Kye and Tess had their dental visits together. And all four appointments? On the SAME DAY. I already blogged about Spear's and Britt's appointment here but haven't chatted it up about the dentist one ;)  It worked out great having it all on the same day because it meant both Kye and Britt had excuses for missing school and that Zach was already missing work for Spear&
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