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2013 In Pictures

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2013 was a year filled with many wonderful memories and blessings for our family, as well as many times of sadness and heartbreak. I tried very hard to find the good in all things and I feel like those difficulties we faced only brought us closer together and closer to our Lord. I feel like I "grew up" a lot this year. I've become stronger emotionally than I ever thought possible, I've become more confident in my faith and better able to seek Jesus in all aspects of life.

It's hard to believe how far we've come in just one year!!! I love this chance to take a look back over all of our biggest moments from each month!

I had my foot surgery (hopefully my only foot surgery...)

I am so thankful for all of our many blessings this past year and am looking forward to the many amazing memories that are sure to come in 2014!

You can see past years here, can I just say I LOVE how long I've been blogging now?!?! It's SO awesome to be able to go back over the past five years of our lives!!! 

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  1. I really love doing these posts for myself AND reading them from other people! Looking back, you guys really did have a great year! And it shocked me how much Britt has changed!


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