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2009 In Pictures

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saw this on someone else's blog and decided to copy! I made Mom a calendar for 2010 using a picture for each month from 2009 (so January of 2010 is actually a picture from Jan 2009 etc) and I really like the idea, it may become a yearly gift. I think it's neat to be able to look back and see what someone looked like exactly a year ago, especially a baby who changes sooo much week to week! For this post I went through all the pictures from the year and picked ONE (hard to do!) for each month! Looking back over the year it really sank in how truly incredible this year was and how many amazing memories were made in just 12 months :)

Here is our family through 2009, a year in pictures!

Nana and I at Clover's baby shower: January
Our family pre-Kye: February
First family photo: March
Paris: April
Kye's first time at the beach: May
Family vacation to St Simons: June
Family reunion picnic: July
Ashley's bday celebration: August
Kye starting to "read": September
Cancun trip: October
My magical 25th birthday: November
Kye's first Christmas: December

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