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Airplane Watchin'

Monday, September 30, 2013

I never made a legit "Summer To Do" list but I had some things in my mind that I wanted to do during the summer. One of them was to take the kids down to our local airport to watch the plane land and take off. Yes. I said plane. As in singular, just one. Our airport is very, very small and only has a couple flights a day that go to and from Atlanta. I LOVE our airport!!! Security is a breeze, you don't have to show up until like 45 min prior to your flight, parking is free, and it's only like 20 minutes away versus 3 hours away to the Atlanta one!  I called the day before I wanted to take the kids out there and got the schedule for the flights. There was one set to land at 10:30 so I loaded us up and headed down there. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and found out they have a wonderful picnic area set up outside of the airport for this exact purpose! There is a Subway in our airport and one day I do think it'd be fun as a treat to buy subs to eat w

Julia's Visit

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can I just be brutally real and honest for a second? It has sucked, sucked, sucked not having any of my family in my life anymore. And I know "suck" isn't a nice word. I know I should probably rephrase it to sound nicer and that one day my kids will read this and be like "dang mom, you said sucked" but there is no better word to describe it. It SUCKS. Not only is it tough not having my mom. But not having my brother? My cousins? It's been super, super sucky. When I wrote the blog post letter to my mom I didn't really give any thought to anyone else but her reading it. It was to her. For her. That's it. Once I hit "publish post" I got worried. I mean I've had some HARSH comments on some posts in the past. And usually it's the posts that I don't even think will be controversial then end up causing the controversy. But that letter? It could have gone a million different ways. I mean so few people know ANYTHING about what has
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