Daddy Attends a Bday Party

Over the years I’ve taken the kids to quite a few birthday parties on my own. Zach and I will often split up the duties (as usually Britt had to nap!) and since I’m usually friends with all the kids mommies, I am the one that takes Kye. πŸ™‚ 

When Crissy contacted me about Titus’ and Neela’s joint party this year I told her we couldn’t go b/c we would be at the beach with Zach’s family that weekend. Well…things changed and the trip didn’t happen. With everything going on I completely forgot about the party and made plans with Robyn to go to Tallahassee for the day. I just needed a day away. A day with a good friend. A day to find a stinkin’ dress to wear to my reunion πŸ™‚ (Which btw I can’t BELIEVE we didn’t take a single picture!!! Other than the struggles to find a dress, we had a GREAT time!)

I talked to Zach about taking the kids to the party himself…I’m SO glad it was a Seth and Crissy party b/c, duh, he loves them as much as I do so he was in πŸ˜‰ It was at Jungle Jyms which used to be a skating rink but now has several bounce houses and games and such. I’ve haven’t been yet since the remodel but the kids had a BLAST at the party! Zach even said he had a GREAT time which made my heart super happy πŸ™‚ I love me some Megow birthday parties and I was honestly pretty bummed that I had to miss out but I’m so glad Zach got to have some fun times with his good friends (and his kids too of course!). I stole some pics from Crissy and appreciate her snapping some for me of my crew enjoying themselves!

All the party fun!!!

When I went through my pictures to make this post I also found these on my camera from that day! It’s SO cute to me that Zach took some pics while I was away πŸ˜‰ I’m not only the typical party-parent, but I’m also, duh, the photographer parent too! Such a sweet daddy taking my place!  That afternoon they actually went down to the lakes to swim with the whole Parker family. I wanted to get back in time to join them but that dress hunt was no joke. I’ve lived in Valdosta since 2004 and have NEVER been to “the lakes” before!!! In all that time this was also Zach’s first time going since I’ve known him I think! I heard everyone had a wonderful time and Kye has asked multiple times to go back as he enjoyed riding on the boat! I had SUCH a wonderful day with Robyn and am so thankful Zach understood my need to do that and was so supportive about it AND did so many fun things with the kids!!! 

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