Airplane Watchin’

I never made a legit “Summer To Do” list but I had some things in my mind that I wanted to do during the summer. One of them was to take the kids down to our local airport to watch the plane land and take off. Yes. I said plane. As in singular, just one. Our airport is very, very small and only has a couple flights a day that go to and from Atlanta. I LOVE our airport!!! Security is a breeze, you don’t have to show up until like 45 min prior to your flight, parking is free, and it’s only like 20 minutes away versus 3 hours away to the Atlanta one! 

I called the day before I wanted to take the kids out there and got the schedule for the flights. There was one set to land at 10:30 so I loaded us up and headed down there. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived and found out they have a wonderful picnic area set up outside of the airport for this exact purpose! There is a Subway in our airport and one day I do think it’d be fun as a treat to buy subs to eat while we watch but for this day I packed lunches for the kids! I also packed up all the toy airplanes I could find around the house to make it a themed adventure 🙂

The plane was a little late landing but we didn’t mind the wait! It was a pretty morning and the kids just enjoyed being outside and running around in a new place. Another mom with her kids came up to watch too. Her husband was on the flight that was landing so her daughters were super excited. It was really sweet, but also annoying b/c they had a big bag of candy they were sharing so of course my kids were a little jealous! Seeing the plane come in and land was REALLY neat. Both kids LOVVVVVED seeing it and, honestly, so did I!

We were able to watch them roll up the stairs and see all the people get off the plane. Then we got out our lunch stuff and ate while we waited to be able to see it take off again. Since it was late coming in, it was also late leaving and the wait for take off was not as exciting as the wait for landing had been. Once it took off, it was kinda a let down. Surprisingly though several other small planes landed and took off during that time period? Maybe they were private planes or ones used for farming or something? I assumed we’d only get to see the ONE plane so that was a treat!

Kye enjoyed it but found a lot of it boring. All the waiting got pretty old for him pretty quickly. But Britt? That child was laughing and smiling the ENTIRE time. I expected Kye to be the one who fell in love with the airplanes, but really she was the one who had the best time of all! She ran back and forth over and over again laughing and yelling out “plane plane vroom vroom!” I LOVE how excited she gets about everything. She makes all the things I plan and all the adventures we go on so much fun and makes all the effort that goes into them well worth it!!! 

 He had a GREAT time too, don’t get me wrong, but he just wasn’t as CRUNK about it as his sister was 🙂

Of course, Britt being Britt, we couldn’t leave without an injury. While we were waiting on take off she fell on the concrete slab where we were standing. It wasn’t that big of a fall and she got right back up, shed a few tears, then was right back to running around. I didn’t even think it looked that bad?!?! But ohmygoodness did it take FOREVER to heal. So random! She is our walking Aflac Accident Policy Claim for sure!!!

 Pitiful girl!

When the plane did, finally, take off it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the landing! I thought it’d be really neat but it had to circle around so slowly and everything that it just wasn’t as big of a production as I’d expected it to be. We said “bye bye” to the plane as it took off then went inside to hit up the bathrooms before driving back home! I’m really so, so glad we went out there as it was a GREAT thing to do!!! We all three really enjoyed it and I think it’s the beginning of a new annual tradition 🙂 I bet we end up with some more friends with us next year 😉

 It was SO fun that Britt totally CASHED on the way home! It shocked me as she so rarely falls asleep but that girl played HARD!!!

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  1. Catherine McEver
    September 30, 2013 / 6:50 pm

    Easton fell and somehow scratched the skin above his lip, but still under his nose, kinda like Britt's. It took forever to heal too! Must be the area. This sounds fun, if we weren't so far away from the Atl airport I'd do this with my kids! Well, maybe not at the Atl airport….! 🙂

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