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Flashback Friday: Car Accidents

Friday, March 29, 2013

Recently we have had a bit of car issues in our house. First I busted my side mirror on the garage door then r emember about a month or so ago when Zach wrecked my car?   Well last night he and Jordan were on their way home from working in Savannah and were on some country roads when a huge BEAVER ran out and Zach ran it over in his car. Engine lights started flashing and the car broke down. Mr. Rusty was kind enough to go tow him and Big Daddy let him borrow a car. They are at the dealership now dealing with getting a rental and paying our deductible again  to get it fixed. Oh the joys of car wrecks! And we're now on wreck #2 in the span of 8 weeks. Not good!!! While I was SUPER MAD about the trailer wreck, I honestly just started LAUGHING about the beaver. C'mon, you know it's funny. We just keep having random bad luck after random bad luck and now it's at the point where we just have to toss up our hands, dig further into our pocket books, and enjoy the r

The Impossible Task of Sibling Photos

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prior to having two kids I really enjoyed taking pictures of Kye. One kid. Not too difficult. I could handle the task pretty much on my own. I'd put him where I wanted him, call out his name, shake a toy, make a funny noise, and snap the picture.  Now I have two kids.  I think it's totally important to have pictures of them each alone as often as possible. Someday they will grow up and will want old photos for their senior yearbook, their wedding day, to show their kids. And they won't want ALL their pictures from their childhood to be with their siblings. So I still take a lot of pictures of them solo and it's still pretty easy. Kye is a PRO at it and smiles on cue. Heck whenever we do anything fun he actually pauses and waits for me to take a picture ;) Britt is at that wild age where it's hard to slow her down enough to snap a picture and good luck getting her to actually sit still AND look at you AND smile! But when I'm trying to get pics of her alone i

Kye Monthly Summary - February

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here is the summary from February for Kye! His last month being THREE! For some reason I didn't take NEARLY as many pictures as usual that month? I guess we just didn't do much? Don't worry b/c March will totally be making up for it ;) Daddy's Helper:  As usual Kye's favorite activity is helping Daddy work :) They spent a LOT of time outside (in the cold!) working on projects this month. Zach actually made a new dining room table for our back porch (post to come!) and Kye got to help. How special is that? What's even MORE special is the wood they used came from Big Daddy's farm. And was actually used as fencing around his yard many years ago...Zach's dad actually helped put the fence up. So much history! Scissors:  I had some child scissors up in the cabinet and was cleaning it out and found them so I let Kye try them out. Is it a totally bad parent thing that I have NO clue if they are using scissors at school or not?!?! I figured I'd just
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