Muffins with Mom

Last year I had such a nice time at Mom’s Day at Kye’s school and I was looking forward to the event again this year as well! I was SO blessed to be able to have someone keep Britt for me so I could go solo and just enjoy Kye. I can’t imagine the distraction she would have been!!!

Since Mrs. Charlotte ended up needing to come to the event in place of Courtney…Mr. RUSTY volunteered to watch Britt for us. I told Zach to guess who was babysitting Britt during Mom’s Day at school and seriously he went through a list of like 10 people before he guessed his dad haha Mr. Rusty is an awesome Big Papa…just not one that you’d expect to offer to babysit solo 😉

When I got to the school they had us wait in the hallway then our kids came out one by one to lead us to our special seats. Kye was SO proud and SO excited, it was precious!

All kinds of precious goodies were waiting for me at the table!

The picture is precious of Kye but also makes me laugh b/c it was one of those rare days that I just sent him to school in something random b/c I had too much going on to pick out something cute and of course it’s the day they take the picture for my card!

My mommy’s name is Mommy. She is four years old and has blue eyes and white hair. Her favorite food is “toasties” (my regular lunch of whole wheat bagel with peanut butter haha) and smoothies (my regular breakfast of Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes). I love my mom because she always lets me eat stuff I like (see, told you the healthy lunch challenge paid off!) and I love her!

Sweet Payton with her presents for her mommy

Isn’t this trivet so cute? Love it!

We had an assortment of muffins, which Kye was SUPER pumped about! I had my first ever scone. Um, DELICIOUS!

Chowing down!

Kye and G-Mama

We enjoyed our yummy food (Kye even went back for seconds…) and then the kids all lined up to sing a song for us. I was SO proud of Kye’s behavior. He stood still, listened to instructions, and waited patiently. He also kept a pretty much constant smile on his face for all the cameras that were flashing 😉 Natural celeb haha! Here’s a video of the song

1. I think it’s funny how Kye gets bossy with the child next to him 2. It’s also funny how the first go round of the song doesn’t go so great (notice my sarcastic “yay…that was greeeeat” at the end of it haha 3. I love how right when the second try of the song is finished that Kye yells out “come on guys let’s go outside!” He was CRUNK about some playground time!

Kailyn and Kye!

So sweet…Payton loves Kye so much!

After the song we all did go outside and play. Some of the parents went ahead and took their kids but since Britt was at Mrs. Charlotte’s house napping and eating lunch with Mr. Rusty I wasn’t in a big hurry to leave. It was neat to get to sit back and just observe Kye with all of his school friends.

I gained a lot of insight into who he is around each school day and that’s valuable knowledge to have. Something I really noticed it that he is at an age where the girls are starting to want to play with girls only. His best friends at school are Payton and Kailyn so I get why his feelings might sometimes get hurt. We don’t teach the whole “girls have cooties” thing. And I have never tried to discourage him from playing with girls or having girls as friends.

But since witnessing this I have tried to explain to him that sometimes girls just want to play together and, since I got to see the other boys in his class interact, I have been able to suggest some of the boys he could become friends with on the playground instead. It’s tough because in a class of 12 there are only 4 boys!!! 

He and Payton did play a good bit together which was cute. It’s so funny how things work out. Courtney and I both were very nervous about Kye and Payton being in the same class together…but it has been WONDERFUL.

We have never had one single issue come up! If anything it’s been a positive experience! Kye and Colt always buddy up whenever we’re all together and poor Payton gets left out (I can’t wait for Britt to be old enough so the girls can play together!). Now Kye and Payton have become super close at school and this has brought them closer outside of school as well. I don’t know how Courtney feels about it but personally I hope they ARE in the same class again next year!

It was a wonderful time and I’m so appreciative of the school as well as Kye’s teachers for putting such a great day together! I LOVE my card and trivet and have them both still sitting out in my kitchen 🙂 

When we got to Mrs. Charlotte’s house to pick up Britt she was playing happily in the living room while Mr. Rusty was doing some work. I was VERY impressed that he did change her diaper!!! I was VERY appreciative of him taking that time away from the office to keep Britt for me so I could enjoy my special day with my special boy 🙂


  1. Catherine McEver
    March 25, 2013 / 6:46 pm

    So cute!!!

  2. Katie Roberts
    March 25, 2013 / 10:28 pm

    What a cute idea!

  3. Anonymous
    March 26, 2013 / 9:43 am

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  4. Danielle Eckerle
    March 26, 2013 / 2:34 pm

    I was thinking "Kye looks a lot like Mrs. Charlotte" then I saw the picture of the two of them and I think they have a lot of the same features, their smiles are very similar. It's so sweet. 🙂

  5. Sara Watkins
    March 27, 2013 / 1:42 pm

    Since I teach four-year-olds (and am lucky enough to get to see Cooper playing on the playground almost every day) I can definitely tell you that you're right about the girls playing with the girls and the boys playing with the boys. Coop's best buddies used to be girls. Most of them are still in his class now, but he pretty much just plays on the playground with the boys. And the girls stick together, as well. It's weird how that starts around three and gets even worse at four. It will be interesting to see if it stays the same next year in kindergarten. Love all the pictures…so cute!

  6. Rachael_Copponex
    April 1, 2013 / 12:13 am

    You always look so pretty

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