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8 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't forget! You can win a copy of Water for Elephants! I'll pick a winner Sunday May 1st at 11 PM EST so go HERE to enter!!!! Only like 5 people have entered so there's a GOOD chance of winning :) At this point in my pregnancy with Kye we started telling people I was pregnant so I'm excited to go back over old blog entries since this is about the time I started blogging (My very first blog entry was catching everyone up on my first 8 weeks pregnant! You can read it here ). Here's what's up with Blitzen this week! Baby Growth: Blitzen is about the size of a kidney bean (a little over half an inch) and is constantly on the move even though I can't feel him or her yet! Webbed toes and fingers are poking out from his or her hands and feet and the tail is just about gone. As of right now the baby doesn't have either boy or girl parts so technically any guess people have been having on the sex can't be right yet! If I were able to have an ultra

Two Bachelor Style Dates

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zach and I try to go on dates when we can and I laugh when I remember my goal as a new parent was to still go on weekly dates. YEAH RIGHT. We still go out decently often and having Mom so close has made it even easier. Recently we had two date nights that we both themed from "The Bachelor." The first one was a night on the town. We had dinner at Longhorn's then went to the mall. At first I thought "omg Zach is going to let me SHOP." I mean that's so Bachelor style ya know? (Especially if he bought me some million carat diamond necklace to wear while shopping!) Instead he lead me around the mall tricking me about what my surprise would be. We eventually ended up at the cookie counter and he had ordered a cake for me! He got me flowers when we found out I was pregnant with Kye and I thought this was a SUPER cute idea!!! "1 is great, 2 is better - let's get fat together!" (shouldn't my husband write greeting cards?) It was so sweet and tho

What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday! {Giveaway!}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At this point most of you already play along with these fun weekly themed posts but be sure to link your blog entry with all the rest of us over at This Kind of Love ! Here's what I'm loving this week: I'm loving that there are people in the world who take up for where the rest of us slack. I love animals but goodness I would NEVER be able to handle having 22 foster puppies living in my house!!! Courtnee Palmer is doing just that and she really needs some help! All of these dogs have been rescued and need loving homes. They are ADORABLE and you can read more about them (and see precious pictures like the one below) here ! Please try to help out in anyway you can!!! SUCH a cutie!!! I'm loving our new Samsung Galaxy Tablets . I am NOT an I-Pad fan and never really saw a need to own a tablet but Zach really wanted one. The more we got to talking the more I wanted one too. Won't it be great laying out by the pool? And when we travel so I can keep my blog going stron

First Pregnancy Dr Visit

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The day I told Zach I was pregnant I made an appointment to go see Stacy at Southern OBGYN for my 1st pregnancy visit as well as my yearly. I told everyone I just had my yearly check-up to not get them thinking baby and the appointment was on Friday April 15th. They told me all we would be doing pregnancy wise was peeing in a cup so Zach didn't come with me. We need that dough and there will be plenty more appointments for him to tag along! I also didn't bring Kye as who wants a two year old chillin' during their internal exam? No thanks! Most of the visit was a sit-down talk with Stacy. Reviewing family medical history, stuff like that. I did have a list of questions but not nearly as many as I did the first time around. Since I had an episiotomy the first time, would I have to have another one? Do I have skin cancer? Are all my travel plans this fall gonna be okay? Can she deliver me?  Did I have strep throat? She told me I do not have to have an episiotomy th

New Name For Baby #2 (at least until Dec...)

Thanks for all the fun name suggestions ! I think MANY were a joke right? They were good for a laugh and Zach especially enjoyed that so many of you took his opinion into consideration. He hated the nickname "Clover" the first time around so his opinion weighed heavily in this decision! Here were our top favorites and why: 1. Jingle : My personal overall favorite! Very holiday, very short, and an obvious nickname. Sadly Zach didn't like it. (Sorry Rach!) 2. Ice : Zach's personal favorite. I vetoed it though as it's not holiday-ish and I just can't picture calling my sweet, cuddly baby ICE?!?! 3. Little Elf: We both liked this one, but would simply call it "Elf." It actually ended up being the runner up for the nickname. Zach narrowed down to his final two and I picked the final one, and I just didn't like this as much as the other choice :) 4. Tinsel : My personal second favorite to Jingle. But Zach said it reminded him too much of Ten

Trying to Conceive

Monday, April 25, 2011

When people "accidentally" get pregnant it always surprises me! Zach and I are very well planned when it comes to growing our family and take the necessary steps to grow our family when we are ready to grow it. I do believe that if God felt it was time for us to get pregnant we still would and I don't ever think babies are in anyway accidents. Whenever someone tells me they are pregnant by accident the first thing I tell them is when that baby gets here you'll never remember life without it and that you'll always love it and be thankful for it! Pretty soon after we got married Zach was ready to start a family. We talked about it and decided to get our dog, Levi, first. Zach hadn't really grown up experiencing raising a puppy and it REALLY is good training for a baby someday. Puppies are tough work but when you're ready to go out to eat or to a movie you can just stick 'em in their crate...not so true with babies right? ;) Levi was good for us and w

7 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty excited to start doing my weekly pregnancy posts (and glad Rachael and Danielle have been posting theirs so I can copy the layout)! In this one I'll also cover some stuff from previous weeks, just to be all caught up. Wondering what the heck happen to Kye? I promise he's still here! Lots of blogging to do with all our recent adventures, but also lots of posts to catch up this pregnancy thing too. Barely pregnant and already juggling two, at least in the blogging world ;) Baby Growth: Baby #2 (can't wait for the new nickname...go HERE to help us pick one!) has doubled in size this week and is now the size of a blueberry and is 1/2 an inch long. It still has a tale but is starting to form hands and feet from its developing arms and legs.  Here's what he or she looks like right now!   My Symptoms: I had a few symptoms before I even found out I was pregnant. Several overly-emotional outbursts, very bad skin breakouts, and my pee looked kinda filmy if

Help {Nick}Name Our Baby Contest!!!!

Majority of you were not around for my pregnancy with Kye so I'll fill you in. We do NOT find out about the sex :) We didn't know what Kye would be until he was born and we didn't share our name choices either (In fact, if #2 is a girl we are using the same girl name we had picked for Kye...and no one knows it!). Keeping the sex a surprise is SO fun. There are downsides (no clothes shopping be the biggest one) but overall I think there are more pros than cons. Pros of Keeping the Sex a Surprise: People can't buy you clothes so they get you stuff you ACTUALLY need!!! (and you're not stuck with a bunch of ugly clothes you don't really like haha) There are SO few surprises left in this world, why not enjoy a little surprise when you can? People get SO much more excited when the baby is here b/c they are DYING to know what you're having It makes the moment the baby comes out so special b/c you get to hear the dr say "It's a.....!" By keepin


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Okay...had a blog error at the WRONG moment haha! I was so pumped to share who won too :( I went through each and every comment and checked to make sure no cheating happened and that everyone got credit for their entries. I typed it ALL up (which took ages) and posted it on the blog as proof of who was what number. Well guess what? When I posted it for some reason the post cut off during the list so only some were shown? And of course I didn't save the document! SO now I have no proof that I didn't personally pick the winner but I PROMISE (and I love the Lord so I wouldn't fib!!!) picked entry #148 which is: Bobalu14 1 day ago MAYBE I'LL WIN THIS ONE!! :) CONGRATS BOBBIE!! I have no doubt that you'll contact me within the 72 hours and I can't WAIT to see

Finding Out About #2

I know everyone is excited for our news and I've been getting comment after comment wanting to know MORE. You know me, this pregnancy will not be lacking in details :) I was planning to start in order and do our trying to conceive experience ( not hardcore details there though...SOME stuff is sacred, right?) first then how we found out and shared our news, but I know you guys wanna get to the good stuff so I'll come back to the conception goodies later. On Thursday, March 31st I decided to take a pregnancy test. I kinda had a feeling that I was pregnant (there were some early symptoms...moodiness and acne. Yuck!) and Zach would be out of town until that night so I thought it'd be neat to get to surprise him. I wasn't supposed to even start my period until sometime that following week but figured why not? The test said it had early results and it worked :) I had actually planned to take it the morning before and forgot when I woke up so before I went to bed Wed n

What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I think this will be a weekly thing for me...I sure do love linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love to share what I'm loving each week! I'm loving that you all FINALLY know that we're expecting baby #2! I only had to keep it a secret for a little over 2 weeks but OMG those two weeks felt like an ETERNITY! Didcha miss the big announcement yesterday? You can read it here ! I'm loving that I get to pick a winner for the HUGE giveaway I'm having! TODAY is the last day to enter! Over 132 entries have been posted which makes me excited! If you haven't entered yet here is where you go to do so. Can't wait to see who will be showing off this beautiful bracelet and the other goodies :)   I'm loving that I have badddddd morning sickness this time around. It's no fun but I'm hopeful that it means I won't gain as much weight as I did with Kye haha! And it's a great excuse to be lazy and love on my sweet baby boy right? I'm loving that
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