What I’m LOVIN’ Wednesday! {Giveaway!}

At this point most of you already play along with these fun weekly themed posts but be sure to link your blog entry with all the rest of us over at This Kind of Love! Here’s what I’m loving this week:

I’m loving that there are people in the world who take up for where the rest of us slack. I love animals but goodness I would NEVER be able to handle having 22 foster puppies living in my house!!! Courtnee Palmer is doing just that and she really needs some help! All of these dogs have been rescued and need loving homes. They are ADORABLE and you can read more about them (and see precious pictures like the one below) here! Please try to help out in anyway you can!!!

SUCH a cutie!!!

I’m loving our new Samsung Galaxy Tablets. I am NOT an I-Pad fan and never really saw a need to own a tablet but Zach really wanted one. The more we got to talking the more I wanted one too. Won’t it be great laying out by the pool? And when we travel so I can keep my blog going strong? It’s our big anniversary present to each other…a month early 😉

I’m loving Kye’s Easter Bunny pictures. They went SO much more smoothly than last year for sure! He did SO great with the Easter Bunny and actually liked him…makes me excited to meet Mickey this fall 🙂

I’m loving catching up on THREE WEEKS worth of laundry now that my washing machine is fixed! Turns out it wasn’t really “broken” but that the seal liner was torn due to someone (coughZACHcough) leaving golf tees and pens in his pocket when I wash them. Good lesson to learn right?

I’m loving that I have such sweet friends! I now am the proud owner of Adobe Lightroom and can’t wait to take the time to figure it all out. I’m a faithful Picasa user but I know my pictures can be a LOT better with a little more work. It’s just about finding the time to play with it and learn. Anyone know anything about Lightroom?

I’m loving the little baby countdown widget I found so every time I get on the blog I can see how Blitzen (YUP! We picked a nickname!) is growing and changing and I can see how many days I have until I get to meet him or her. LOVE IT!

I’m loving that Crissy is FINALLY back to blogging. With three babies all born within a three year time span you KNOW she has some great stories to tell. They are the most fun family ever and I’m so proud of her for getting back into the blogging world. Help me continue to encourage her to keep at it by visiting her blog HERE and commenting 🙂

The Megow Family

I’m loving that I just placed a Stella and Dot order last night to freshen up my jewelry wardrobe! I have lots of new, gorgeous, pieces on the way and can’t wait to host some trunk shows and hook people up with FREE jewelry!!! Don’t forget Mother’s Day is right around the corner and jewelry makes a wonderful gift…especially these Garden Party Chandelier Earrings! I have been wanting these FOREVER!!!

I’m loving that the royal wedding is this Friday….JUST KIDDING. I don’t care one bit about it! I think Prince William was super cute years ago but he peaked in his early teens and has gone downhill since! I think Kate is very pretty but I honestly just don’t get why their wedding is SUCH a huge deal. They don’t even live in America people!

I’m REALLY loving a wedding that is taking place in AMERICA this weekend and it’s my maid of honors! Taylor has been my friend since high school and I’m so excited to get to see her marry the love of her life. It’ll be so fun to visit with many of my high school buddies and get to re-live our own wedding moments. As a married couple we always do that during weddings, don’t you? I’m sure Taylor will be a beautiful bride and it’ll be THE wedding of the decade 😉

A picture from MY wedding weekend!

I’m loving that I just finished reading The Lincoln Lawyer (so good! ready to see the movie!) and can now enjoy laying out during Kye’s nap and reading Water for Elephants. I know it’s THE book right now and I’m eager to get started on it…

Who doesn’t love getting to picture Robert Pattenson page after page???

I’m loving that I bought an extra copy of the book to share with one of YOU! I know the movie is already out and many of you probably already rushed to see it but those of you who enjoy reading a book before seeing the movie (like me!) are in luck!

To Enter The Giveaway

  • You must be a US resident (shipping is too high for international readers, sorry)
  • You must follow my blog (click “follow” on the right hand side)
  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite or least favorite book turned into a movie is and you’re entered to win (Sample Entry: “I’m a follower and My least favorite book that was turned into a movie was My Sister’s Keeper b/c the ending was HORRIBLE!”)
  • Giveaway will end Sunday May 1st at 11 PM

Can’t wait to read all about what everyone else is loving and see who will be reading Water For Elephants along with me!!! Good luck!

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