Two Bachelor Style Dates

Zach and I try to go on dates when we can and I laugh when I remember my goal as a new parent was to still go on weekly dates. YEAH RIGHT. We still go out decently often and having Mom so close has made it even easier. Recently we had two date nights that we both themed from “The Bachelor.” The first one was a night on the town. We had dinner at Longhorn’s then went to the mall. At first I thought “omg Zach is going to let me SHOP.” I mean that’s so Bachelor style ya know? (Especially if he bought me some million carat diamond necklace to wear while shopping!) Instead he lead me around the mall tricking me about what my surprise would be. We eventually ended up at the cookie counter and he had ordered a cake for me! He got me flowers when we found out I was pregnant with Kye and I thought this was a SUPER cute idea!!!

“1 is great, 2 is better – let’s get fat together!”

(shouldn’t my husband write greeting cards?)

It was so sweet and thoughtful and DELICIOUS
(I’m loving getting to wear my Metropolitan Mixed Chains Necklace!)

We pigged out on cookie cake then went to see Hannah at the REAL movie theater. For us the “real” theater is a treat because we typically are too cheap to go there (um $9 a ticket is a JOKE) so we wait for the dollar theater or redbox 🙂 I wasn’t dying to see Hannah or anything but it was surprisingly VERY good. We both enjoyed it and would recommend it!!!

After the movie the Bachelor-ness continued when Zach surprised me by taking me to the CARNIVAL! No, he didn’t close down the whole thing just for us…and I’m so glad he didn’t because the people watching was seriously the most fun part 🙂 We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the fun games and rides. We quickly realized what a straight up rip off the whole thing is and decided not to ride anything…but we did play ONE game. We debated between getting cotton candy or Zach winning me a prize and I chose the prize. What girl wouldn’t? I envisioned my perfect date ending with a BIG stuffed bear in my arms. No such luck. My husband…who wins EVERYTHING…FAILED at the game. I even have the video to prove it 🙂 It was still a fun time so I forgive him for losing.

Wasn’t that so fun? What was even better was when our helicopter landed in the mall parking lot to pick us up for our AMAZING tour over Valdosta then dropped us off at home. So romantic 😉

It’s tough to top that date but the other night Zach did just that! After our Bachelor date we had to have the fantasy suite night right???? I have been SO SICK like non-stop and we had plans for a game night with a former college professor of ours (random, I know) but I seriously couldn’t make it. Who wants to a) play GAMES or b) play games with people you’ve never met when all you feel like doing is PUKING? No thanks. I felt bad canceling but I really didn’t have another choice and with the busy weekend we had planned for Easter I needed my rest. And boy did I get it!

After Kye went to bed Zach ran me a bath (a first in our new tub!) and I sat in that junk for a straight hour. Zach was so sweet and sat in the candle-lit room with me (but didn’t join me in the tub) the whole time and we just had “girl talk.” I loved it. We talked and laughed and gossiped and it was wonderful!!! Once I was literally turning into a prune I got out and we went into the bedroom where he had stripped the bed and put down fresh sheets with candles everywhere for a massage!

He played music and used oil and everything…so legit and gave me a 40 min massage!!! He was so sweet and even had Googled tips for how to give a great massage…they def. worked. I was beyond relaxed afterward and even a bit sore for the next couple of days! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him and it really did help me feel SO much better. He even made me hot tea to enjoy and brought me a glass of ice water afterward. He thought of every little detail (including slippers from a spa we got awhile back and my spa robe from our honeymoon) which made me feel so loved and special.

Who needs Brad Womack when you have Zach Parker???

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  1. rancilnaven
    July 22, 2011 / 6:31 am

    You are both are nice bachelors. It is a stylist bachelors date. I like your idea for the bachelors party. You both are really enjoyed your bachelor date.

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