New Name For Baby #2 (at least until Dec…)

Thanks for all the fun name suggestions! I think MANY were a joke right? They were good for a laugh and Zach especially enjoyed that so many of you took his opinion into consideration. He hated the nickname “Clover” the first time around so his opinion weighed heavily in this decision!

Here were our top favorites and why:

1. Jingle: My personal overall favorite! Very holiday, very short, and an obvious nickname. Sadly Zach didn’t like it. (Sorry Rach!)
2. Ice: Zach’s personal favorite. I vetoed it though as it’s not holiday-ish and I just can’t picture calling my sweet, cuddly baby ICE?!?!
3. Little Elf: We both liked this one, but would simply call it “Elf.” It actually ended up being the runner up for the nickname. Zach narrowed down to his final two and I picked the final one, and I just didn’t like this as much as the other choice 🙂
4. Tinsel: My personal second favorite to Jingle. But Zach said it reminded him too much of Tenley (like from The Bachelor Jake’s season) and he actually kept saying “Tenley” anytime we mentioned it.
5. Tidbit: Zach’s personal second choice. It IS super cute. But I like doing each of our kids a nickname like the holiday nearest their due-date. I agree with MANY of you that technically baby #2 will probably be born closer to Thanksgiving, but since it’s a Dec baby I like sticking with Christmas themes.

The winner of the $20 giftcard is…..


Baby #2 will be nicknamed BLITZEN! Zach really, really appreciated that Danielle put honest thought into her suggestions and really took his perspective into account. I like that it’s very holiday without being overly holiday themed. And I like that it’s an obvious nickname so (hopefully!) people won’t get confused and think we’re legitimately naming our kid that haha. Zach also said it just goes to show that Danielle REALLY knows me super well since she picked the winning name 🙂

I haven’t bought the gift card yet for the prize so since you’re going to be decorating a new home soon let me know if you’d rather have one to Pier 1 🙂

Thanks again everyone! It was a fun thing that we’ll have to do again when #3 comes around!!!

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