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Red "Grapes"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

About a week after Kye's last doctors appointment Zach and I noticed a red spot on Kye's made me a little nervous, since that's obviously an area I'm not too familiar with, but we figured it'd go away like the other little skin marks he gets sometimes. No big deal! Well it's been a month and the spot is still there. It's a little bigger than the size of a dime and it's not raised or anything, his skin is just red. I called the dr. last week to cancel his flu shot appointment (I decided WHY give him more shots than he needs? We're very low risk since I stay home with him and I breastfeed still) and I just mentioned it to them to make sure it was okay. Of course the nurse says she needs to ask the dr and then they call me back and said we need to schedule an appointment. Grr. All that did was make me nervous that something was going to be wrong with him! Today was his appoinment. Thankfully it was at 3:30 which was perfect for his s

Nurturing a Healthy Appetite

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've blogged about my issues with the confusion of solid foods before and how I was never going to make my own baby food. Well I'm sort of a hypocrite! While I haven't made actual baby food I have changed my ideas about what I feed Kye. I recently read an article in Parents magazine (Nov 2009) called Make Your Baby a Veggie Lover. The article really hit home to me. I am a picky eater and I really think a lot of that has to do with not being able to smell. For me, food is more about texture than anything else. Well this article talked about why toddlers are known for being so picky...they aren't used to the textures of food! Think about it. I feed Kye all this jarred baby food and then one day BAM it's gone and I expect him to eat real food and like it. That's confusing. It also said that the jarred stuff doesn't even taste like the real stuff. How's he supposed to like it then? The article says that if you give a baby a food repeatedly at this age h

Dog Crazy

So yesterday Kye and I went for a walk and went down to the park to play on the swings. When we walked up I saw two suvs in the park parking lot. As I was walking by them I saw that they were covered in stickers like this one: I didn't really think anything of it and went to the swings. As I was pushing Kye (he loves it by the way) I saw two girls around my age walking identical dogs. The dogs didn't have leashes on and they stayed pretty close to their owners. You could tell they loved these dogs. Both dogs were perfectly groomed and shiny white. The girls were carrying balls and such with them and the dogs were sporting some nice collars. They stopped because something was wrong with one of the dogs and so they checked her out and the other run didn't even run off. When I went to leave I saw that both of the suvs had front license plates that sported their dogs on them and they both had little dog bowls sitting next to their car filled with water ready when they got don

A "Beary" Happy Halloween!

On Saturday Zach and I (well mostly Zach) carved our pumpkins! They turned out awesome! It was his first time ever doing it (they didn't do them at home growing up) and it's fun to see him get so excited at what will be a new family tradition. I'm excited for next year when Kye will be a little more involved! workin' hard! our pumpkins at night, the first one is mine and Kye's and the second is Zach's!   That night our church had their yearly Trunk or Treat get together and I was excited to take Kye. Since our real Halloween costumes were pretty pricey we didn't want to spend money on getting him one just for the Trunk or Treat but since his costume for Halloween doesn't work without all of us dressed up I was kinda stuck. Luckily, Courtney let me borrow Colt's costume from last year. Is it what I would pick? Heck no! And it was a little small (0-6 month sized haha) but whatever. It was free and it worked and he rocked it! Here's our little be

"Wait until he starts crawling..."

Monday, October 26, 2009

People are always asking me if Kye is crawling yet and when I say no they say "oh just wait!" What they don't get is that my child may not be crawling but my life is basically exactly the same as it will be when he does. Kye can get anywhere he wants to go! That child moves lightening fast and is very good at getting around! He cruises around corners, pulls things down, and pulls up on things too. I've had to baby proof his bedroom (which only consisted of wrapping up a cord to his little fan) and started to cover outlets! He always scoots a little then looks back at us to make sure we're watching! He still rolls over a lot too and does a combo of both to get where he wants to go I've heard that babies will creep or scoot but I didn't realize it'd be this hardcore! It's pretty funny and basically he's crawling just without lifting his belly. He will get up on "all fours" and sway like he's going to crawl but he only gets one l

Dropping the Third Nap

Babywise II says that once your baby is 6 months old they can go down to two naps a day instead of three. The first nap you drop is the one in the evening. Kye goes to sleep at 9 (up at 11), 1 (up at 3) and 5 (up at 7 to bed at 8) for naps. The 5:00 one is annoying because it limits what we can do at night so we were pretty pumped about dropping it! All throughout his 7th month (he was 6 months old) he just still seemed to need it. His naps were kinda more random though and sometimes he'd sleep for only 30 min at the 5:00 one and sometimes he'd sleep the full 2 hours and needed to be woken up. It wasn't reliable and that made it even more annoying. It also made his other naps different too and I got to the point that I was over it!   The Babywise Blog I follow talks about dropping naps and says that when other naps are affected it may be time to drop the nap. She has a baby right now a little younger than Kye and her baby sometimes takes the third nap and sometimes skips

New York City: Day 3 and Home!

On Sunday things got a bit shuffled. Aflac had a Political Action Committee breakfast where former president Bill Clinton was supposed to speak but he had to reschedule so we still went to the breakfast but it was over much quicker than we'd planned! This is the day that the rain finally caught up with us and it was not too fun. My anti-umbrella husband actually broke down and used one on our long, wet walk to the Empire State Building. I had purchased our tickets for the Empire State Building online in advance because I had read that there are often 3 hour long lines! We dealt with that when we went to the Eiffel Tower and didn't want to waste our day so we did the advance ticket thing. I totally wish I hadn't done that! First off, if we hadn't already bought tickets we wouldn't have gone during the bad weather. Secondly, there were NO LINES. Since it was raining we walked right in! And thirdly, they give student discounts (even after you graduate, still carry yo

New York City: Day 2

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Saturday we didn't have as hardcore of a schedule because it's was the Aflac "free day" meaning there wasn't a guest speaker or a breakfast or dinner. (They did give us some spending money though!) We would have slept in but since I had to pump we had to get up anyways and after pumping you don't really feel like sleeping so we went and got Bagels! Can't go to NYC without doing that! I got my "usual" bacon, egg, cheese, and peanut butter. Didn't compare to Bagel World in Melbourne but it was still good!   That day was the included Aflac Optional Activity where they pay for one thing you chose from a list of available activities. We decided to do the TV/Movie Tour of NYC. Since we'd been before we didn't really want a normal tour as we've seen the major sites plus we wanted a pretty short one. I'm so glad we picked the tour we did! It was super fun and we learned so many fun facts about New York and all the movies and tv s
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