Red “Grapes”

About a week after Kye’s last doctors appointment Zach and I noticed a red spot on Kye’s testicles…it made me a little nervous, since that’s obviously an area I’m not too familiar with, but we figured it’d go away like the other little skin marks he gets sometimes. No big deal!

Well it’s been a month and the spot is still there. It’s a little bigger than the size of a dime and it’s not raised or anything, his skin is just red. I called the dr. last week to cancel his flu shot appointment (I decided WHY give him more shots than he needs? We’re very low risk since I stay home with him and I breastfeed still) and I just mentioned it to them to make sure it was okay. Of course the nurse says she needs to ask the dr and then they call me back and said we need to schedule an appointment. Grr. All that did was make me nervous that something was going to be wrong with him!

Today was his appoinment. Thankfully it was at 3:30 which was perfect for his schedule. We got there at 3:15 and the place was packed. I figured it’d be fine since we’ve never been in there and waited longer than 20 min. Well I was wrong. We waited for his name to be called for an HOUR then waited in some back hallway for an actual room for another 20 min. REDICULOUS!

Thankfully a lot of other nice people were in the waiting room with us. This cute little boy was sitting beside us and Kye just loved him! He was 5 and wanted to teach Kye how to talk. It was adorable. He’d tell Kye to say something and then Kye would actually say something but not the actual thing the kid was wanting obviously! It was a lot for me to keep Kye entertained that whole time, especially since I didn’t want him on the floor or playing with any of the other children or toys b/c it was a doctor’s office where SICK people are and I don’t want him catching something! He really did behave better than I would have expected. He was a little squirmy but you can’t blame the kid for that. He also got pretty loud at times but he wasn’t crying, just “singing” (when he basically grunts wildly in public I tell people, sarcastically obviously, that he’s singing and that he got his beautiful voice from me haha).

They did weigh him while we were there and my child weighs over 20 lb now!!!! 20 lb 5 oz to be exact! Crazy! He was a good boy for the dr. and she said that it looked fine and is probably just a birth mark that may stay with him forever. She said “who cares” Which was kinda funny. I mean that’s true, it doesn’t matter that he has a red mark on his junk b/c no one will really know that (although it’s funny to think about him being married someday and me still knowing that he has a little mark there haha) but still it’s odd for a doctor to say “who cares” when they tell you some news on your child!

I was annoyed. I know I should be relieved that he doesn’t have something serious, and I am. We’ve been praying about it a lot this week and I’m so thankful he’s fine but after all that hassle you kinda want them to at least say to put some diaper rash cream on it or SOMETHING ya know?

I wasn’t going to have the whole thing be a complete waste of my time so I asked her about when to stop breastfeeding and when he can have cows milk and she said at 10 1/2 months old I should start giving him a mix of breastmilk and cows milk then at 11 months I can just give him cows milk. I’m going to add up all the milk I have in the freezer and see when I should start the weening process because I don’t want to have gone through ALL the hassle for that milk for me to not even need it!!!!

I’m glad Kye’s manhood is okay but I wish the dr wouldn’t always say to come in for something so small. And I wish they would stick to their “no waiting longer than 30 min” policy. At least he was good, I’m proud of that. What I’m super nervous for is his 9 month check up that the appointment (only time they could get me in) is smack in the middle of his afternoon (most important) nap. Should be very very interesting!

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