Dog Crazy

So yesterday Kye and I went for a walk and went down to the park to play on the swings. When we walked up I saw two suvs in the park parking lot. As I was walking by them I saw that they were covered in stickers like this one:

I didn’t really think anything of it and went to the swings. As I was pushing Kye (he loves it by the way) I saw two girls around my age walking identical dogs. The dogs didn’t have leashes on and they stayed pretty close to their owners. You could tell they loved these dogs. Both dogs were perfectly groomed and shiny white. The girls were carrying balls and such with them and the dogs were sporting some nice collars. They stopped because something was wrong with one of the dogs and so they checked her out and the other run didn’t even run off. When I went to leave I saw that both of the suvs had front license plates that sported their dogs on them and they both had little dog bowls sitting next to their car filled with water ready when they got done with their walk.

When they would walk by Kye and I they didn’t say a thing or stop to comment on the baby like most people do. I started thinking about how funny it is that they are probably my age or maybe even a little older yet we live very different lives! Don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs but they are DOGS. It made me kinda laugh inside to see how crazy these chicks were about dogs!!! It made me think two things…either 1) they will never have children b/c they love their dogs too much to have to worry about the poor dog not getting enough attention or 2) when they DO have kids those dog stickers will be gone and they will be replaced with all kinds of mommy crap. I can just see those girls with some mega strollers out there walking and then going back to their suvs sporting “Baby on Board” signs and those little stick people stickers haha.

I guess having a kid puts things into perspective. A dog is just a dog. A car is just a car. Things matter a lot less than they used to. TIME is more important than THINGS. And it’s one of those things that you really just can’t understand until you’re a mom. I hope someday those girls get to understand it too 🙂

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  1. Danielle
    October 28, 2009 / 2:16 am

    This is so true..all of it!

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