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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just got done watching the latest Grey's Anatomy episode (I know I'm behind but Katie and I watch them together and tonight's the first chance we got) and it really bothered me. The whole episode was revolved around grief and the grieving process and as a person who is going through those motions it really hit home. The show had a counter of the days and it shocked me that the episode spanned 36 days. 36 days of grief. It's been a little over that since Nana died and I find myself feeling foolish when I get hit with a wave of sadness. I tell myself that it's been long enough and that I need to push forward. It's such a hard thing. You constantly are left feeling guilty. You either feel guilty for not being sad enough. For not stopping your life because they are gone. For not constantly thinking about them. For forgetting. OR you feel guilty for stopping your life to be sad about someone who is gone. For not enjoying every moment that life has to offer because it

Gap Contest

I'm on the Gap mailing list (no surprise there) and I got an email last week about the Baby Gap Photo Contest. I know it's a very, very long shot but it's free to enter and I take SO many pictures so why not give it a shot? Personally I think Kye is pretty photogenic and is a cute little baby. I think if he had hair he'd have a more decent chance but we can always enter him again next year and I think he'll be like his mommy and only get better with age haha! You can enter in 5 photos so these are the 5 I chose. I went with ones that showed his range of facial expressions because I feel like that's one of his strengths. Do I expect to win? Heck no! But I figure the runners up (I think there are several of them) get $500 Gap Gift cards and that would be awesome! Also they split it up into 4 categories: baby girls 0-4, baby boys 0-4, boys 5-10, girls 5-10. If all the babies were lumped together you know a girl would win (you ALWAYS always always see girls in ad

The Perfect Saturday

Monday, September 28, 2009

Zach and I are doing the Love Dare (from Fireproof the movie) and I WILL be posting about it sometime soon but for one of the dares Zach gave me a little certificate that was good for a $75 shopping spree! I was THRILLED!!! My favorite thing in the world to do is shop and I never get to do it, especially not for myself. It was so sweet of him and so special to me. I asked him who I should invite to go with me (thinking a friend or someone) and he said he'd go! That made it an even better gift as he is my favorite shopping partner and I can't remember the last time we went shopping for clothes together, baby stuff yeah but stuff for ME nope! We started off the day by taking Kye to Mrs. Charlotte's. It was the first time they've kept him for an entire day so I gave them quite a list of instructions as they will be keeping him for 5 days when we go to New York and I want them to know his routine. On the way back we stopped by a local nursery to get a new plant. Back when

6 Month Well Visit

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thursday we had Kye's 6 month well visit. I know, I know the kid is closer to 7 months than he is 6 months but come his 9 month appointment we're getting back on the right schedule! The appointment was at 10:45 which is a little tricky since he eats at 11:00. We decided to go up there very early for the appointment and it worked to our advantage! We gave him a bottle after the nurse took his vitals but while we waited on the dr. then we fed him the solids in Zach's lap after the dr. left but before the nurse came back to do the shots! It all went pretty smoothly really :) I didn't have very many questions at this may sound bad but I don't really value much of what the pediatrician has to say. I know they are dr. but I trust myself, my mother, my friends, and Babywise more than I trust them! Oops! First thing they weighed Kye in and I liked that it was BEFORE he ate so his tummy was empty and it was more of a true reading! He weighs 18.14 lbs!!! Y

Duck Tub

Now with Kye pulling himself up all the time in his tub Zach and I realized the need to do something else. We debated about getting something so he won't slide for the bottom and just letting him sit in the tub like the rest of us do. However, he's just not PERFECTLY steady at sitting up yet and we didn't really feel comfortable with it. Mom did us a BIG favor and bought Kye a new tub!!! It's super cute! She got it from amazon for only $14.99! It got great reviews and Zach and I thought we'd get one too once we tested hers out over the weekend. It's so nice because he can sit up in it and we don't have to worry about him falling over. I mean yeah he'll still hit his head on the side of the tub but that doesn't seem to bother him one bit so far haha! It also has one of those "hot" spots on it where it tells you if the water is too warm for the baby. Super handy! I think Mom's favorite part was that the beak squeeks when you press i

Relaxing Melbourne Weekend

Friday, September 25, 2009

So I'm learning this whole new way of writing the blog and I love it! The picture feature is SO much easier!!! Anyways this past weekend we went to Melbourne to visit Mom. It's been a month since Nana passed away (although it's hard to believe it's been that long already) and we won't have another free weekend to visit until Thanksgiving so we thought we should go now! It was nice to just spend the weekend with Mom and do things together. We went to Bagel World first thing Saturday morning and Kye wore a shirt Mom bought for him back when we FIRST found out we were pregnant! I know I said I hate sayings on shirts but this one was just too true (hahaha) Zach and Mom went to Habitat for Humanity to check it out as Mom is having to do a bunch of work to her bathroom due to water damage and we got such good deals at our local Habitat place. Of course the one in Melbourne ended up sucking which stunk! So Mom and I tried our luck at JoAnn's Fabrics for stuff for

Enjoying Our Backyard "Pool"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm slacking! I just uploaded the pictures off my camera and realized I forgot to post the ones from two Saturdays ago! Oops! It was a nice day and we had ZERO plans so we thought it'd be fun to let Kye play in our blow up pool. We did it back on Father's Day in June but Little Guy has changed a lot since then and we knew he's love it! We brought out some of his bath toys (meaning his ducks as it's all the bath toys the kid has) and let him go to town. He and I played in the pool for an HOUR and he had a blast!!! I tried to get him to wear his new beach hat we bought him for Cancun (b/c the sun there is intense) but it didn't last least I got a couple pics of it :) Trying to reach the duckies was the favorite game of the day. Here's a video of him "swimming" to the duck! When he wasn't splashing around trying to "swim" he was enjoying his yummy kisses! Doesn't he look like he's in deep conc

New Favorite Toy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So I tried to make a collage of these pictures but I just don't like them! They look great on other people's blogs but I hate how SMALL the pictures are! No fun! Plus since I'm making blog books it'll show up better to have individual pictures! Anyways... A couple weeks ago I went to Mathis City Auditorium for a Kids Sale (thanks Crissy for the tip!). While the clothes, in my opinion, were very used looking and very over-priced, the toys were awesome! I got this for $4 and it looks brand new! I decided to buy it because Kye is sitting up so great now and I wanted a toy he could play with without having to hold it in his hand. The downside of this new toy? It's WAY too loud. It also doesn't have an off option so if we ever accidentally hit it it starts making noise! I wiped it down really good with some sanitizing wipes (a mom's best friend haha) and let him play with it. He adores it! It's so fun that Kye's finally at an age where we can see hi

Milk Supply Issues

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who would have ever thought that with my mega milk supply that I'd have to worry about not having enough!!! I have always had WAY too much!!! Well I've been experiencing what the rest of the nursing moms out there typically deal with early on in their babies lives...worry about them getting enough. Everything you read about baby food will tell you that milk should remain their MAIN source of nutrition for the first year of life. Everything you read also says to let the baby decide how much they want to eat. So that's what I've been doing. Once Kye started on solids I nursed him completely THEN offered the food. Some things say to nurse one side, then solids, then the other but since milk is supposed to be the main source of his calories I wanted to give him ALL the milk first. He eats solids second and he chows DOWN. I seriously can only think of maybe three times that I've known for sure that Kye was saying he was full. He will just eat and eat and eat. Here is

6 Month Pictures

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We took Kye's 6 month pictures on Friday and I was so excited and nervous. He was super fussy for the 3 month ones so they weren't mega awesome..but he was in a pretty good mood for these and Autumn captured some wonderful ones!!! I am so glad he's able to sit up now as that made for many more cute pictures, I hope there will be MORE HAIR by the 9 month ones! Enjoy my 6 month old boy who is filled with many, many expressions :) Here is a link to the entire album of pictures!
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