Duck Tub

Now with Kye pulling himself up all the time in his tub Zach and I realized the need to do something else. We debated about getting something so he won’t slide for the bottom and just letting him sit in the tub like the rest of us do. However, he’s just not PERFECTLY steady at sitting up yet and we didn’t really feel comfortable with it.

Mom did us a BIG favor and bought Kye a new tub!!!

It’s super cute! She got it from amazon for only $14.99! It got great reviews and Zach and I thought we’d get one too once we tested hers out over the weekend.

It’s so nice because he can sit up in it and we don’t have to worry about him falling over. I mean yeah he’ll still hit his head on the side of the tub but that doesn’t seem to bother him one bit so far haha! It also has one of those “hot” spots on it where it tells you if the water is too warm for the baby. Super handy!

I think Mom’s favorite part was that the beak squeeks when you press it! Kye enjoys that too! I think we had a wonderful infant tub but with a baby who can sit up, this tub is the way to go! I feel more comfortable leaving him and going to do other things around the house while he’s bathing because I know he’s safe in this (JUST KIDDING haha never leave a baby unattended in the tub…just seeing if anyone was even reading!)

Since this tub is great for travel (it deflates!) Mom told us we could just take hers with us! Worked out great as we didn’t have to wait on ordering one for it to ship!

My favorite feature of the new duck tub??? I has a suction cup on the bottom of it that you can use to let it dry out. It’s great! Zach just sticks it to the side of the shower and it’s dry for the next time we use it and it doesn’t leave a ring in our tub from having something wet always sitting in the bottom of it!

Most of all though if it makes the baby happy it makes Mommy and Daddy happy and it’s so fun to think that before we know it he’ll be in just a normal tub!!!

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