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I’m on the Gap mailing list (no surprise there) and I got an email last week about the Baby Gap Photo Contest. I know it’s a very, very long shot but it’s free to enter and I take SO many pictures so why not give it a shot? Personally I think Kye is pretty photogenic and is a cute little baby. I think if he had hair he’d have a more decent chance but we can always enter him again next year and I think he’ll be like his mommy and only get better with age haha!

You can enter in 5 photos so these are the 5 I chose. I went with ones that showed his range of facial expressions because I feel like that’s one of his strengths. Do I expect to win? Heck no! But I figure the runners up (I think there are several of them) get $500 Gap Gift cards and that would be awesome! Also they split it up into 4 categories: baby girls 0-4, baby boys 0-4, boys 5-10, girls 5-10. If all the babies were lumped together you know a girl would win (you ALWAYS always always see girls in ads and hardly ever boys) but since it’s divided it’s nice that some little boy will win something.

They also have a category for FAN FAVORITE and I’d appreciate YOUR VOTE!! You can vote every day now through November 17th. We’d win a free trip to a Sandals resort as a family if we win that category! I’m always down for a free vacation haha! You can vote on any of the five pictures but they don’t combine the votes so here is a link to vote for the last one of the five so all the votes will go to that one!

Thanks! I guess we’d never know what could happen if we don’t try right??? haha!

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  1. Elizabeth
    September 29, 2009 / 9:21 pm

    Those pics are too cute! Now that he is getting older his little personality is coming through. He is such a good combo of the two of you. In some pics I completely see you and in others he looks like a mini Zach.

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