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The Places Kye Has Traveled

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zach and I love to talk about all the places we have traveled! It's fun to re-live old memories and to count allllll the different places life has taken us. What is tough though is trying to think back to every single little trip we've ever taken. It's impossible! My goal is to update this post everytime we take Kye somewhere so someday he'll have a list of everywhere he's traveled. Hopefully his list will be even longer than ours one day! 1. Melbourne, Florida (13 times) 2. Gainesville, Florida 3. Brunswick, Georgia 4. Jekyll Island, Georgia (2 times) 5. St. Simons Island, Georgia 6. St. Augustine, Florida (10 times) 7. Daytona Beach, Florida (2 times) 8. Panama City Beach, Florida (4 times) 9. Atlanta, Georgia (5 times) 10. Cancun, Mexico 11. Orlando, Florida (10 times) 12. Greenville, South Carolina 13. Gainesville, Georgia (2 times) 14. Jacksonville Beach, Florida 15. Tallahassee, Florida (2 times) 16. Big Canoe, Georgia 17.

It Takes Three Months

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I really, stupidly, believed that I'd have my baby and the baby would just somehow magically fit into the life I was already living and things would continue on as normal. Duh, that didn't happen! I know now that it takes about 3 months to get back to "normal." I don't know if that is a norm for all new parents but it was for us! Before the three month marker I was still figuring things out. Still had milk issues. Still was healing from the birth. Still had a LOT of weight to lose to feel pretty again. Still had lots of nap problems. Still didn't quite KNOW my child. Sure, he was on a schedule but I didn't know all his little cues. A hungry cry versus an attention cry. His sleepy cues of yawning, eye rubbing or being fussy. When you don't quite know your baby yet it all the guessing takes a lot out of you! Up until around three months I felt EXHAUSTED if I just did one thing out of the house during the day. Getting myself ready was an effort. Getting

The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Naps

It's no secret that for quite awhile I had some major issues with Kye's naps. I have followed Babywise for majority of Kye's life but yet I still had nap problems. Babywise discusses something they refer to as "the 45 minute intruder" which is when the baby will sleep awesome the first half of the nap and then wake up 45 minutes into it and have a difficult time going back to sleep. What's happening is the babys sleep cycle hits a transition phase at about 45 min when they are moving from lighter to a deeper sleep and many babies are very sensitive during that time and can be easily waken. Kye was, and actually still is, this baby! Babywise is well known for the CIO (cry it out) method. It's recommended to let the baby cry themselves back to sleep as this will teach them not to rely on their parents or a sleep prop in order to sleep. While I follow EVERY other guideline BW suggests, I do not do cry it out. I felt like when he had GERD (or did he ever

Cuff Links

Monday, June 22, 2009

For Zach's first Father's Day I wanted to get him something meaningful. It took me like 5 seconds to think of the idea! I got him cuff links with the Parker family crest ingraved in them! I know it's kind of a "lame" gift because who wears cuff links very often? But for big events in Kye's life I thought he could wear them and then someday pass them on to Kye. And Kye can then do the same thing someday! Cool idea huh? My mom is really good at writing little poems for things, but it's not something I'm super good at. I did my best, however, and wrote Zach this poem to go along with his gift! These are just little cufflinks Something you may rarely wear They will sit in their box Sheltered from all wear and tear They are meant to be used On occasions special to your son His big days and moments A whole life ahead that he’s just begun Wear them when he makes big choices Like deciding to live his life for the Lord Wear them when he graduat

Zach's First Father's Day

Since I was having the shower at our house Saturday we had to decide what Zach would do and what he could do that included Kye since I didn't want Kye here (I just feel like baby shower's are to honor the baby to come...not to show off the babies who are already here!). Zach decided that he wanted to do something with HIS dad as a pre-father's day celebration. And what did they want to do? Golf of course! The easy-going-mom in me said SURE take our 3 month old baby out in 100 degree heat and have a blast! It was really cute how excited Zach was to take Kye with them even though Kye will NEVER remember his "first" time golfing, I know Mr. Rusty and Zach won't ever forget it! The cutest thing about their golf trip? I laid out Kye's outfit and then Zach came out asking if his outfit looked ok...and I asked him if he was trying to match the baby and he said yes! SO adorable that he wanted to kind be coordinated with his son! I gave him the camera to take lo

Shower For Neela

It's official! I'm the queen of hosting showers for the SECOND pregnancy! I had one for Courtney back in April and Saturday I hosted one for Crissy! I actually enjoyed planning for this shower more than Courtney's b/c I was the only one hosting. Sometimes lots of people makes it more stressful ya know? I did a GREAT job of not getting stressed out and just having fun putting everything together. I think I was in such a good mood b/c I could actually wear NORMAL clothes!!!! Yay! The skirt I've had for ages and the shirt is one of the ones I've owned from BEFORE becoming pregnant :) It made me feel like ME again! I'm so so so glad I got to do this for Crissy. Little Neela will be here soon but she's been fighting for awhile now to come even sooner! It's been a rough time for Crissy and she's been on bedrest for awhile too. She deserved an afternoon of fun and good times with her friends and family! Plus she has done SO much for me both when I was pr

Baby Gear: Birth ~ 4 Months

I know I made a list awhile back of all the things we bought and what I thought was worth having, but now that I've been a Mom for almost 4 months I feel like I should dish out what is really good to have for this age and I plan on doing a similar list every couple of months. I'm linking to Amazon whenever possible (and those links are affiliate)! For Breastfeeding: I highly recommend that everyone breastfeeds! It may be hard at first but it's so, so worth it. That being said, yes breastfeeding is WAY cheaper than buying formula but there is still a lot of stuff you need: Medela Freestyle Pump: Yes, it's over $300 but worth every penny. I've used it everyday and haven't had any problems with it. It pumps me empty in around 9 min, which is really awesome if you think about it. It's also hands free which is great because every morning I can blog or check email while pumping! Lansinoh Bags: They make the best breast milk storage bags. I've stor

A Little Brown Spot

Friday, June 19, 2009

Isn't funny how you can look at something every single day and still not know every little detail of it? I've had Kye now for about 3 1/2 months and I just noticed that in his blue eyes he has a spot of brown! When I first noticed it I thought maybe it's his eyes turning color but I looked back at old pictures and yup, it's there! You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it in order to see it but it's his right eye top right side of his pupil! Isn't that neat? I plan to ask the dr. about it but I really hope it never changes because it's such a neat little thing that one day a girl will notice and love that only she really knows that about him ya know? This picture was taken about a month ago and you can see it there too! How did I never notice this before?

A Love That Grows

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something I have learned in becoming a parent is that people aren't always honest. I've known that for sometime, obviously, but I never realized how much people say what they think is the "right" thing to say instead of what they actually feel. This happens A LOT in relation to pregnancy and babies. You never hear someone say "it's a girl but I was really hoping for a boy" or "we're pregnant and we aren't excited about it" There are lots of things like this that we say because we think we should feel a certain way. You hear mother's all the time say they quit breastfeeding because they didn't have enough milk supply when really maybe they just didn't want to deal with it. You hear new mom's say that they never miss the days "before baby" when in reality they may day dream about a time when they had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. You hear parents say their child is the most precious thing on earth
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