Shower For Neela

It’s official! I’m the queen of hosting showers for the SECOND pregnancy! I had one for Courtney back in April and Saturday I hosted one for Crissy! I actually enjoyed planning for this shower more than Courtney’s b/c I was the only one hosting. Sometimes lots of people makes it more stressful ya know?

I did a GREAT job of not getting stressed out and just having fun putting everything together. I think I was in such a good mood b/c I could actually wear NORMAL clothes!!!! Yay! The skirt I’ve had for ages and the shirt is one of the ones I’ve owned from BEFORE becoming pregnant 🙂 It made me feel like ME again!
I’m so so so glad I got to do this for Crissy. Little Neela will be here soon but she’s been fighting for awhile now to come even sooner! It’s been a rough time for Crissy and she’s been on bedrest for awhile too. She deserved an afternoon of fun and good times with her friends and family! Plus she has done SO much for me both when I was pregnant and as a new mom…I appreciate her friendship more than she even knows!

I loved the diaper cake Zach and I made for her as well…we’re pros in that department if anyone ever needs help making one 🙂

Isn’t this bib adorable? I had several made for Kye with his name on them too as I just don’t like cutesy bibs and when you have a kid who spits up you HAVE to have bibs! I found this lady on Ebay who made me 10 bibs for $30! Great deal huh? I know Neela will have the same issues as Kye…a cool name but never anything anywhere with their names on things…so this way at least they have bibs!

Cute cupcakes huh? I did so GOOD being on my diet! I have allll the extras away so I wouldn’t have an temptations sitting around the house!

I did have a weakness for the fruit pizza though…it’s hard to resist!

My goal was for Crissy to have FUN. We played FIVE games!!! Yes FIVE!!! Bottle Races is one of my favorites…I filled up 12 bottles with 2 oz of water and they raced to see who could drink it all first. Guess who won? Katie!!! What skills haha

We also played a game where they had a minute to draw a baby on a paper plate on their heads! It was a great quick first game to help everyone get in the game mode. Seth’s Mom actually had the best baby which was pretty funny.

Seth’s Grandma, Mimi, is PRECIOUS! She was hilarous when we played the poopie diaper game (you pass around melted candy bars and they have to guess what candy is in each diaper). It was a good one too and pretty tough for everyone. Casey and Ashley both tied and had to use toliet paper to guess how big Crissy is for the tie-breaker and Casey won (Ashley HATES losing haha)

We also played the attribute game which is where you pick what traits the baby will have, either the mommy’s or daddy’s, and you try to match the mom-to-bes answers! Autumn won that game with 14 out of 20 correct!

My favorite game though was Baby Gift Bingo which I hadn’t ever played before but I really liked it. As they brought in the gifts I put a numbered sticker on each one. Then each person got a little bingo board (took me forever to make each one different!) and as Crissy opened a gift we called out the number on the sticker and they marked their boards for bingo! Thank the Lord Ashley won or she probably wouldn’t have been in a good mood the rest of the day!

It was a fun afternoon and I really hope Crissy had a good time and that she got some good stuff for when Neela gets here…hopefully she’ll hold out until Crissy’s scheduled c-section! But I still am excited to meet her!!!!

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  1. Crissy Megow
    June 22, 2009 / 7:09 pm

    You did a great job Ems putting it all together! I told Seth that it was the first shower that I didn't feel akward the whole time and felt the need to feel in the empty spaces. Thanks so much for making this day so special to me!! I had a lot of fun and got some awesome things!

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