10 pounds

Last Tuesday I had a dr. appointment, just a routine monthly check-up for the baby! I was hoping Zach would be able to be at every appointment throughout the pregnancy but he’s a working machine right now and couldn’t be there. No big deal as I wasn’t having an actual exam…

Of course I get there and the midwife I was supposed to see had called in sick so some male doctor was going to see me instead. Then when I went to pee in the cup I forgot to pee in it so I had no pee left haha I got a drizzle and just told them I couldn’t go anymore…luckily it worked out ok!

Lately I’ve been (FINALLY) feeling like I look pregnant! So I had on a cute little tight shirt with my new maternity jeans and ballet flats. When they weighed me and said I’ve gained about 10 pounds overall and I was excited! I mean I was 22 weeks pregnant and had only gained 10 pounds total? Pretty awesome if you ask me!

I got into the dr. office and he heard the heartbeat (sounds good! it was like 152 I think). Then he looked over my chart and LECTURED me. ME! The girl who STILL has yet to have a SINGLE stranger say anything about me being pregnant! The girl who always gets “oh my you don’t even look pregnant” from people who I tell that I’m pregnant! I got a lecture about my WEIGHT. Can you believe that?

He said since I gained all my weight within 5 weeks that I’m putting myself at risk for gestational diabetes, a problematic delivery, and a future of obesity! Are you kidding me? He said that most people in my “situation” eat too much fast food. I literally have eaten fast food under 10 times my entire pregnancy! What a JOKE.

I tried to be nice about it and thanked him for his concern. I asked him about this whole eating-peanut-butter-will-give-my-kid-asthma thing and told him that since peanut butter is my main source of protein that I am having a hard time not eating it. He said that a person in my weight “situation” should not be eating peanut butter because it’s a fatty food! Seriously. He said that.

I left that doctors appointment feeling like absolute crap about myself. I literally thought about going on a diet which is NOT a good thing to do while pregnant. My eating habits are FINE. Yes it’s the holiday season (my bday being just a couple weeks ago and thanksgiving and christmas left to come). I ALWAYS gain like 5 pounds during this time (I love me some Christmas Cookies!) anyways then lose it no problem after the season is over. I made a list of things I could do to stop gaining and honestly the only things I came up with are to quit eating waffles (I splurge once in awhile and eat a couple) and to go back to skim milk since I’ve been “living it up” and drinking 2%. WOW I’m sure those changes will make a HUGE difference! My non-pregnant life included a bowl of icecream loaded with toppings almost every night and since being pregnant I don’t even want icecream anymore!

Luckily I have a pretty good self-image and KNOW that I’m not gaining too much for my pregnancy. I googled it like crazy and every pregnancy weight calculator thing I could find says I’m right where I should be weight wise with a perfect BMI. But what if I was like MOST women out there who freak out over weight? What if I looked at celebrities who gain nothing throughout their pregnancy and had that be my goal? A jerk like him could easily make a pregnancy woman freak out and try to lose weight when it’s not healthy for the baby to do that! So screw him!!!

My next appointment is the test for gestational diabetes and I can’t wait. I’m going to rub those results in his face for sure 🙂

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