I’m baaaaaack!

Yesterday was weigh-in day. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t do as well as I probably should have on our trip! When I weighed in though I was pumped!!! I FINALLY weigh my pre-pregnancy… View Post

What To Pack For Hospital

I waaay waaay waaaaaaay over-packed for the hospital. We did this because I hate hospitals, we wanted to have entertainment in case I had a slow, long labor while in the hospital, and I didn’t… View Post

Post Baby Body

I heard many, many horror stories about the postpartum period. I am not saying that I have had a textbook postpartum period, but this is my experience! I’m now 15 days past the date of… View Post

14 Must Haves During Pregnancy

I think I am far enough along in my pregnancy to dish out some advice. These are all the things I found (and am still finding) essential to surviving the 9 months of carrying a… View Post

First Outfits

First I must update about my earlier blog entry this morning: One detail I forgot to leave out (blame that placenta brain!) was the reason I woke up to begin with…my panities were too tight!… View Post