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Monday, March 30, 2009

Melbourne oh Melbourne!

Zach and I love going to Melbourne (Florida...obviously not Australia)! We love that we can hop in the car and in 4 hours have an instant cheap vacation! As soon as Kye was born we wanted to go plan a trip to Melbourne not only so he could meet Nana but also so he could get used to traveling!

We picked this past weekend to go because the month of April is PACKED for us and we didn't want to wait to go down there until May! Really though, we probably should have tried to wait a couple of weeks. Right now he eats every 3 that means I fed him at 4, we hit the road, had to stop to feed him at 7, then got there at 9:45 so I had to feed him at 10! That is a crap load of feeding for me! We should have waited until after he was 5 weeks old because then his feedings will be spread out to 3 1/2 hours which means we'll probably be able to make it down there without stopping to nurse plus after he's 4 weeks old I can offer him a bottle on the trip! Duh..I'm stupid to take him when he was 3 weeks old but oh well!

He was a great traveler in the car. I know a lot of moms will think badly of me for this but I don't sit in the back with him. For one, I get car sick. But also we decided a long time ago that a baby will add to our lives, not change our lives to revolve around it. Shouldn't I sit up front to be more comfortable and be able to visit more with my husband? Yup...I should! We did leave a seat next to him empty just in case I needed to crawl back there but it worked out great! The dogs loved it too because they finally got me all to themselves!

Kye slept the entire way. We stopped in St. Augustine and I got fitted for another bra (and yes, I'm a 36 E now but I bought a 38 because I'd rather have a little wiggle room when my breasts are filled with milk! She said it's a DD in regular, non-nursing bras and that after I'm done nursing my new size will probably be a D...I'll miss my 34 Cs but I don't think Zach will! haha). Then we pulled in behind a dumpster and I fed first time nursing not at home! It went pretty well even though it took like an hour off our travel time he still got a good feeding in! He slept the rest of the way and then was WIDE awake when we got there. NOT GOOD
Mom was thrilled to see him and couldn't believe how much he's changed in just two weeks! He's got some chubby little cheeks now haha!
We usually put him to bed around 9. He didn't go to bed until after 11. It was his first time not sleeping at home, going to bed that late, and sleeping in his pack and play for the night. Needless to say, it was AWFUL. Zach and I literally got 3 hours of broken sleep!!! Worst night I think we've ever had sleep wise because even the first night with him home we got more sleep than that!

Saturday we somehow managed to still be alive! Zach got me Bagel World (so amazingly yummy) and Uncle Jeff, Aunt Lauri, and Sabrina stopped by to meet Kye! They were so sweet! Uncle Jeff got tears in his eyes (like always..those Bublitz men are emotional) and they even brought us an adorable outfit and little blue rattle! We really want a family like theirs as they have 2 boys and 2 girls and spread out their ages. They are a great family and it meant a lot to me that they stopped by!
After lunch we went over to Nana's house. We decided to visit her there so she could have lots of time with her new great-grandson! Aunt Becky and Lonnie were nice enough to come over too! It was a really special time! Aunt Becky and Lonnie bought Kye a little rabbit (it's going in his Easter basket though haha) and Nana gave us an AWESOME wooden rocker for him! We don't have a place for it right now so Mom is keeping it at her house but I love it!

Seeing Nana hold him was really precious to me. She just loved on him and kept putting his feet at his mouth which was cute. Of course he didn't sleep all night so he pretty much slept the whole time we were there but it was nice and relaxing and gave us all a chance to catch up too!

After Nana's Mom babysat Kye and Zach and I ran to Dad's house. Dad has moved and will be getting rid of his house so we have to get allllll my stuff out of the two storage units he has there. We got started but plan to take our truck and my suv down next time to get it all! if Kye had been a girl he would have had enough Barbies for him and allll his friends! I'm still saving them for when we DO have a girl though! While a lot of the Barbie stuff didn't hold the test of time (the houses and the furniture got REALLY discolored but all the actual dolls were still in GREAT shape) all my Little Tikes stuff (a doll house and baby carriage) still looked brand new! Zach and I are planning to buy Kye and all the future children lots of Little Tikes things! They have a VERY fitting slogan haha
It was nice just relaxing at Mom's. It gave me a great break because she kept him and I could just relax! He did get his first bad diaper rash though :( I know SO many people warned me about Huggies wipes...I didn't buy any for my house but someone got some for Mom so I figured we'd just try them because if we never try we won't know if they do mess him up or not! So we tried them and OMG...his little butt is so so so raw. We all felt so sorry for him and vowed NO MORE HUGGIES!!!

Mom said when he goes cross-eyed that he's focusing! Looks like he's focusing on his Gramma!
So sad about his diaper rash :(
He slept so much better Saturday night, thank the Lord. We were more planned out when we left on Sunday and I fed him and we walked out the door RIGHT after. We stopped at a random gas station and I fed him but we got home with plenty of time before his next feeding so I was able to shower and get all the stuff put away! Speaking of unpacking...I was proud of myself for how well I did packing for Kye for the weekend! Remember when you pack for a baby..bring TONS of clothes! He spit up on so many things I was thankful that I "over packed" on the clothes. I also packed 25 diapers and had 6 left over so I did well with that too!

While we probably should have waited awhile before we went down there I'm glad we made the trip, got to see my family, and got Kye used to his future life of lots and lots of traveling!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meeting the Pediatrician

Monday was Kye's "2 Week Well Visit" with his pediatrician. I didn't have a clue who to choose for a pediatrician so I asked Stacy and she said she uses Dr. Griner and that he's the best in town but hard to get an appointment with. She was right and wrong. I thought hard to get an appointment with meant that they'd schedule you far away or have a hard time finding a time to put you down for. I quickly found out that "hard to get an appointment with" actually means it's hard to get HIM to show up for your scheduled appointment!

They called me on Friday and told me our 8:30 appointment Monday morning wouldn't work because Dr. Griner wouldn't be in. So we rescheduled for Tuesday at 1:30. Keep in mind that Kye feeds at 1:00 so this was going to be a pain in my butt, but she told me that 1:30 was a quick appointment because it was the first time after lunch so I should be able to get in to see the dr. super fast.

Monday was my horrible day with Kye when I broke down and gave him the pacifier. I was feeling pretty guilty about it and worried what the dr. would say or think of me. I've been facebook-messaging Kecia as she had her son (Kale) about 10 days or so before I had Kye. She is using Dr. Griner as well and she said that he told her she needed to be careful taking her baby out in public until after his 6 week shots. Great. So I felt even MORE guilt because I've already taken Kye out plenty of times!

I revolved my entire night Monday night and morning Tuesday morning around the dr. visit. I made sure to shower Monday night to make getting ready easier. I fed Kye earlier than 1 (12:30) and rushed to get the dogs out and get him changed and get to the dr. on time. Then I couldn't find his office. Grrr. So I was late. I ended up doing like 6 u-turns in the middle of traffic and had to call the office (and wait until they were BACK in the office from lunch so I couldn't even call until 1:30) for directions. Then I missed the entrance and had to do another u-turn. So annoying!

I got in and waited in line to sign in. And the lady said to me, "Dr. Griner has been called in for an emergency at the hospital so he can't be at your appointment, can you come back tomorrow?" I begged her to let me see someone, anyone. But she said that he had to see Dr. Griner since that is who saw him at the hospital. UGH!

Luckily Ashley was with me so we took advantage of the time together! We ran a couple of errands and then sat in my car and talked. I hate that I don't have as much free time as I used to so I could be with her more often but it's nice knowing we have the type of friendship that we catch right back up after not hanging out for awhile.

So on Wednesday, when Kye officially became 3 weeks old, we finally went in for the 2 WEEK visit! I did the same routine as before but this time was on my own. I was hoping Zach would be able to go but he had to deal with a speeding ticket situation from awhile ago. I did manage to get there before 1:30 and I was the only one in the waiting room which was nice.

It's so so so awkward going to the dr. for someone other than yourself. And I'm in there with this nurse lady and I kept wondering if she was judging my mothering skills. Keep in mind, I didn't handle babies much until I had one so I was nervous that she may think I wasn't holding him right or handling him right or something. Your kid is really a reflection of your parenting and that freaked me out. What if he had something wrong with him? I was also nervous that they'd want me to change his diaper and that I'd mess up somehow...I guess you can tell I'm not the most confident parent!

It was Kye's first time officially being called Chandler. I just went with it. This bugged Zach when I told him later but why correct the nurse? Who cares! So his little sheet they gave me with his vitals on it says Chandler haha. And wouldn't it have been more confusing if I was like,"No I'm sorry his name is Candler not Chandler but we call him Kye." haha!

The nurse measured him and he's 21 inches so he's only gotten a fourth of an inch longer since he was born. She put a thing around his head and his head circumference is 14 (inches I guess?)Then she had me strip him down (why did I bother with a cute outfit?) to weigh him. And I had to take off his diaper and of course he had peed in it so I did end up having to change him in front of her...awkward.

But guess what? The kid weighs 9 POUNDS! He weighed 7lb 6 oz at birth, dropped down to 6 lb 13 oz when we went back up to the hospital for his check up and now at three weeks old he's 9 lb! I didn't know if that was good or bad and the nurse wasn't very nice so I just waited. She told me to leave him naked (thankfully I had a blanket!) and wait for the dr. About 15-20 min later a lady came in and said that Dr. Griner was stuck in a meeting and that we had a couple options. I interrupted her and said, "well we're not leaving." So she said we could see Stephanie, his assistant or something. I think she's kinda like how Stacy is a midwife and not a dr.

So she came in and was super nice. She just had a baby boy 6 months ago and breastfeeds and looks awesome too. I felt a lot more comfortable with her and she explained to me that his weight gain is AWESOME. She said most babies at 3 weeks old are lucky if they gain back to their birth weight! It made me feel so good because his weight directly comes back to me and my feeding! So I must be a pretty decent mom if my kid put on that much weight! :)

We talked about pacifier use and she said she uses one for her son. I asked her about it before admitting that I already gave it to him just to see what she said. Haha. She said it's fine and that I shouldn't feel guilty about it at all and that he'll quit wanting it probably in a couple of months once that hardcore sucking reflex wears off. I also asked her about taking him out places and she said she did it too! Then I admitted that I already had and she said just to not let people touch him and stuff!

She checked out his circumcision and said it looks great but that we need to use Desitin "down there" because he has a little bit of a rash. She also said, "don't worry about his belly button." Um...I wasn't worried at all until she said that! She said it's common for it to look like that (look like what? I thought it looked normal...but I didn't admit this) and that it's actually part of his intestine or something? Whatever...I have no clue what she was talking about!

My main concern was that I thought he had acid reflux because of how much he spits up. She said that babies with acid reflux do not gain the kind of weight he's put on and that he's probably spitting up so much because he's getting SO much to eat. She said that at night it's okay if he only eats for a few minutes then wants to go back to sleep (I've been making him wake up and eat more...well no more of that which means more sleep for me!). She said since I have so much milk that he may get enough after a few minutes. He still eats for about 20 or so during the day but I'm letting him just stop when he wants to now. And it seems to be fine. She said that having him sit up for 20-30 minutes after he eats will help with the spit up (it did, I did it today!) and that Gripe Water will help with his constant hiccups.

Other things we talked about included: baby wise (she used it too!), Tylenol (she said to give it to him before his shot appointment), breathing (he pants like a dog a lot and she said that's normal), thrush (I wanted to make sure he didn't have it since with my antibiotic he had a higher chance of it but she said he's good to go!), gas (she okayed giving him Mylicon if needed) and his hairy body (he has TONS of hair on his ears and on his shoulders and back...and she said it may not EVER go away!!! gross!).

His next appointment isn't until May 11th. And that's the SHOT appointment...I told her I hate needles so Zach will have to come with me to that one because I don't plan to be in the room. I don't want Kye to hate them like I do and if babies are like dogs then he'll be able to tell how uncomfortable I am and it will affect him! I made the appointment with the Stephanie girl. I don't EVER plan on seeing Dr. Griner. Three strikes you're out and I liked Stephanie so why not just use her? We'll see how it goes but I have the name of another pediatrician in case I want to make a switch.

He was such a good boy and I'm glad I decided to do the pacifier...when we got home he was sucking away on that finger :)

Becoming Baby Wise

I've heard Crissy mention Baby Wise before but I never really asked her much about it because I was pregnant and couldn't even begin to think about when the baby would actually arrive!

When she was over here two weeks ago she told me about Baby Wise again and suggested that I read the book. I ordered it on and read it right when it arrived (Kye and I got some more fun mail time outside!). Really, you don't have to buy the book. It's pretty repetitive and could be summed up in a short couple pages.
The goal of the system is to get your baby to sleep through the night. Don't we all want that? At first I was planning on not having Kye on a schedule because I didn't want to be on one. I thought a schedule would tie me down and I don't want that! I'm too busy and travel too much to be stuck to a schedule. Well once Kye was born I realized that having a schedule doesn't tie you gives you freedom. It's like when you become a Christian you hear all the things you can't do (can't drink, can't have sex before marriage, can't cuss, etc, etc) and you think that limits you but in reality it gives you freedom. When you know your boundaries it's easier to live within them. Having a schedule will allow me the freedom to do anything I want because I'm not stuck at home waiting for him to want to eat. He eats when I feed him! He sleeps when I put him down! Sounds great to me!

Right now, and until he's eight weeks old, I'm in Phase One. He needs to eat (counting from the beginning of one feeding to the beginning of the next) every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. From weeks 5 to 8 I'll be changing it up a little bit and feeding him every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. So far it's working out really well! Baby Wise recommends feeding him, then changing him, then having play time (keeping him awake) then putting him down for a nap an hour to an hour and a half before his next feeding time. And I have to wake him up for each feeding! That can be tricky!

The only time you don't follow that schedule is at night. After his last scheduled night feeding you put him straight to bed and let him decide when to wake up through the night (putting him back straight to sleep after the feedings) then wake him up for his first morning feeding!

I started Baby Wise one week ago and he's really catching on. I think spreading out the feedings those first couple of days was the toughest part because he had gotten used to eating every two hours. At this point I'm trying to get him used to playing then sleeping as he prefers to sleep right after a feeding and play later!

Here is our schedule, which follows what Baby Wise recommends:

7:00 Morning Feeding!
after that feeding I wait an hour and pump
10:00 Next Feeding
after that feeding we typically go for our 30 min walk
then I pump an hour after the feeding finishes
1:00 Lunch Feeding
this is the best time to run errands! haven't done it much yet but that's my plan eventually!
4:00 Feeding
If I didn't go on the walk earlier I go on it after this feeding so I can shower when Zach is home
We eat dinner once he goes down for his nap after this feeding
7:00 Dinner Feeding
bath time
10:00 Night Feeding
I will sometimes go to bed after the 7:00 feeding and let Zach keep him until after this feeding then we all three go to bed!

He typically wakes up twice during the night before the 7:00 feeding. Once around 1-2 and once around 5ish. Last night though we got him to sleep through the 5:00 feeding! He was awake and it was annoying but he didn't need to eat yet!

Our nightly routine is that Kye sleeps in the bassinet next to Zach's side of the bed and if he's fussy and needs to eat Zach wakes me up. Then while I use the bathroom (and brush my teeth I do it before each night feeding to wake me up and prevent me from snacking haha) and Zach changes his diaper (it helps Kye wake up). Then I feed him and put him back to bed afterwards! I'm getting around 6-7 broken hours of sleep a night and Zach's getting close to 8. We learned early on that Zach requires more sleep to be able to nicely function so it's important that he gets those 8 hours! I can function on less than he can so, so far, I'm okay with how much I'm getting. It will only get better once Kye sleeps through the night!

Supposedly by week 7 to week 10 Kye will be sleeping through the night and will be getting around 6 feedings a day. Won't that be wonderful? Of course, I will keep everyone posted on how it goes but so far the whole thing just really makes sense to me! It's a little tough to keep him on the schedule when things conflict (like church) but eventually I will be able to give him a bottle at the times that it's not convenient.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture Crazy

On Sunday we had Kye's first photo shoot! My plan is to get it done 4 times this year then twice a year after that. I know they change a lot the first year and I'm hardcore about pictures..I love them but I'm not good at taking them so hiring someone just works out best.

Autumn did such a great job on the delivery room pictures that we used her again for the baby pics...and I ADORE them! Here is the link to them (it will also be in the top right corner of the blog for easy access).

Almost all of them are my favorites but here are the best of the best in my eyes!

I ordered his birth announcements and will be sending them out sometime next week so check your mailbox :)

Also now is a good time to mention...I may be a HUGE picture taker but I have vowed not to overwhelm everyone with a million pictures of my baby. Yes, to me he is precious. To me, all the pictures are super adorable. I could look at him all day! But to you, he's just another baby! Cute for a second but who wants to see a million pictures of some baby? I will not be putting up EVERY picture I take on here or on Facebook!

I have, however, created a Picasa site for those of you (MOM is probably the only one!) that would like to see every single picture I take! The link is located in the top right corner of the blog, but here is a link as well:

I will add pictures to it as I take them so check it often!

Week Three Summary

Like everyone says, it gets easier and easier with time. The third week has been a lot better than the second! I hope the fourth is even better!!!

I've started to go walking everyday for at least 30 minutes with Kye. He sleeps, no surprise there, but I still think he enjoys the outdoors and it's good for him to get some vitamin D since breastfed babies often don't get enough of it through the milk. For me, it's my exercise. I'm pretty proud of myself for doing this. For some reason pushing a baby in a stroller and sweating like crazy is a lot less embarrassing then going for a run alone. The construction workers even enjoy it when I walk by! haha! I'm hoping it will help burn off some of this baby weight, but so far no luck. :(
Breastfeeding has gotten much, much easier. He actually has latched on himself a few times without me having to force him! I've done away with all the extra pillows and now just use the Boppy. I have to sit Indian style for the boppy to be high enough but at least I don't have a million pillow scattered everywhere! He's a funny eater though. During the day he'll do what he "should" which is 15 min per breast but at night he barely wants ANY. I have to force him awake to eat longer than 5 minutes and he typically only wants one breast!

I'm pretty sick of tv. I watch it every time I nurse so it's gotten really old really fast. Luckily, we have cinimax (it's a penny a month..that tells you about its quality haha) so I record a bunch of movies to keep me occupied. During the late night feedings though I HAVE to watch romantic comedies or light-hearted tv shows as dramas make me fall asleep!

I'm also sick of laundry! I do so so so much laundry! I have figured out an awesome trick to getting breastfed baby poop out of things. Spray and wash it, then wash it in the washer and if the stain is still there then lay it out in the sun! Seriously, the sun makes it completely go away! Even if it's cloudy out it will work :) Awesome huh?

He looks like SUCH a dude in this picture...
Kye really recognizes me which makes me feel so good! He will stare at me, make eye contact and will stop crying whenever I pick him up! He KNOWS I'm his Mommy! He knows Zach too but it makes me feel good that he knows me :)
He picks his head up constantly and looks around all the time. I try to walk him around the house a lot so he can look at different things. He smiles so much! I know it's "just gas" but it's precious and everything I read says we'll "just know" when his smile is real but he does smile in responce to things we do so how will I know?
Our favorite time of the day together is getting the mail. Checking the mail has been a highlight of my day for awhile haha! When you are super pregnant and too ugly to go out in public it's pretty much the only exposure to the outside world. Now I include Kye in my daily enjoyment! We sit out on the front porch and open the mail together. It is so hot outside but just for a few minutes it's a nice break from the house!

Speaking of mail, it was so neat to get mail that was addressed to "Candler Kye Parker" His social security card came!!! Pretty exciting! I wish they sent out a copy of the birth certificate but I have to go get it at the health clinic...annoying. I'm a little worried about his social as it's super easy to memorize and his last four digits are all one number! Kinda cool huh?

Since his umbilical cord fell off he gets "big boy" baths now! We were pretty pumped about it and he LOVES them. We bathe him every night and it's one of mine and Zach's favorite parts of the day. It's quick, easy, and fun. I think it will be one of those things I let Zach do since he doesn't get to spend as much time with Kye as I do but so far I just want to be part of it because it's so fun!

Since he is such a big boy now, we've said goodbye to the mittens. I just make sure I bite down his nails really well and so far no major scratches to mention! And he loves his hands being free (especially because he loves to suck on them) :)
Over the weekend Zach wanted to give me a "break" so I layed out. It was not what it used to be. I only got to lay out there for like 30 min total so I got zero sun. Plus I STILL can't lay on my stomach! When your boobs are filled with milk it's not too comfy to be on the tummy. It was a nice gesture of Zach to let me do that but I think I'll just stick with my "i-bod" tanning system for awhile. We tried putting Kye in the little UV protected tent we got him for when I go to the pool and such but he hated it. Oh well! Maybe he'll like it more when he gets a little's not like I'll be going to a pool anytime soon with this body!

After the laying out adventure we got ready for Stevie's first birthday party! I felt bad because we got there an hour late but I'm very strict on his feeding schedule (I'm doing Baby Wise...more to come in another post) and of course the party started right when he was supposed to eat! I'm still so glad we went though. Stevie was precious and we got to see her eat her cake! It was also so so so awesome to be around other young parents. Seth and Crissy have Stevie and another one on the way, Autumn and Danny have Alina who is about a year old, Blake and Felicia have twins who were born in Jan I think, and I met Cami who has a baby who is almost 2 I think. Crissy is SO lucky to have all these friends with babies! All we have are THEM so I'm hoping I can get to know her friends better too :)
We decided to tough it out and go to church Sunday morning. It was rough for me to get ready and feed him and everything but we did it! Of course his feeding time is at 10 and church starts at 10:30 so I fed him early but we were still a half hour late! Zach was embarrassed to go that late but I told him I didn't get ready for nothing! We sat in the back but I'm still so glad we went! It was nice for some people to get to see Kye and it just felt GOOD to be at church. It will be AWHILE before we go to class or to night church but at least we went to half of morning services! We get points for that right? haha
This was not my idea, someone told me we should get a picture of our first time with him at church so duh I took them up on it :)
Monday was a REALLY rough day for me. Zach had to go to Macon to work a prison so he left at 3:45 in the morning! Of course, Kye picks the day that I'm exhausted with no help to be horrible. He cried constantly. I got really worried because he just seemed so miserable. I read up on acid reflux and I was worried he had it because he was spitting up a LOT (and breastfed babies aren't supposed to spit up very often) and he was so so so grumpy with the hiccups too! One of the preventative measures everything said was to give him a pacifier. I'd been holding out until the pediatrician gave it the "okay" but I caved! I gave it to him! The kid has been a constant sucker since Day 1..if he's not on the breast then he's sucking on his hand or arm and I don't want him to be a thumb sucker so I figured it's easier to get rid of a pacifier. Plus they are supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS. For some reason though I still feel guilty about giving it to him...he LOVES it though. Even though I do wish I could tape it to his face because whenever it falls out he bawls again (like he is right now!).
This is the moment I lost it and just caved in! He's laying on the carpet haha that's how desperate I was. I layed the kid down and popped that junk in!
When Kye was born Zach and I didn't really know who he looked like. During the first two weeks I didn't see Zach in Kye, but I saw Kye in Zach! Zach would make a face and I'd be like, "that looks like Kye!" haha! A lot of people said he looks like Zach which is natural being that he's a boy and that most babies do look like their daddies! Well this week his face has REALLY filled out and now more people are saying he looks like me! It's really nice to hear that although I'm sure it won't last long :)
This is me RIGHT after I was least we know where he got the huge cone head from haha! Now looking at this though I do see some similarities! The hair, nose and cheeks!

Summing up the Rest of the First Two Weeks

I really think we adjusted pretty quickly to having a baby! By the end of the first two weeks I was starting to feel like I had a grasp on things.

As soon as she got back in town, Stacy called me. It was so nice to hear from her. She said when she got back she just had a feeling and checked to see if I'd given birth. She was sorry to miss the big event! We talked for like 20 minutes and she wanted to know all the details..isn't she sweet? I told her, if it's not weird, that we should do something sometime. We're both new moms (she had hers in Sept) and both have sons! It's tough to find friends, especially ones that have babies!

The church set up a meal plan for us so every other night someone stops by with dinner. It's been a big blessing for us! Even though I'm a picky eater, it's given Zach a TON of lunches :) The tough thing for me is keeping up with everyone who stops by so I know who to send thank yous too! haha.

The whole Christian Student Center actually came over with dinner! We had over 10 people in our house! It was a little bit overwhelming but it was very thoughtful of them and most of them hadn't even seen our house Zach got to do his favorite thing and give the tour!

One thing I won't forget was one night after a night feeding Zach and I were changing Kye's diaper and he was being ADORABLE. He was looking right at us and really making eye contact. It was such a sweet moment and really one of the first times he was truly awake! We took full advantage of it for sure!

I love little moments with him. The best time of the day is after I changed his morning diaper and we just spend time in the nursery. The room gets so much natural light, I love it! I don't even have to turn on the lights...I can just play with and cuddle with my baby!

Mom came back up again the weekend after she had just left. I'm glad it's only a four hour drive! I'm really glad she came again because in just a week he'd changed so much and things were getting so much easier that I knew she'd get to ENJOY him instead of just having to be figuring things out the whole time!

Who here looks like they need some sleep? haha Zach's hair is awesome!
Kye LOVES his Gramma!

She got to experience more firsts too! We decided on Saturday to run errands with him. Nana bought us a beautiful houseplant that I wanted to put in the nursery but I needed a little table for it. So Kye's first outing was to Pier One! It'll also be his last time there as they do not have shopping carts and they have super skinny aisles so it was a pain! Lucky for me Mom carried around his car seat for me! That thing is HEAVY. That plus the huge diaper bag...I look hilarious! This little girl carrying all this junk!
We also went to Target (and found the table...I actually carried it around the store) and to Old Navy. It was tough at Old Navy because I needed to get a couple things to wear while I lose the weight but it sucked discovering I needed larges and extra larges. It did make me feel good though because some women asked Mom if I had adopted the baby because I didn't look like I just had him! Yay!

We were out for 4 hours and the child slept the entire time. It was pretty awesome! He didn't wake up once! It felt good to go out but it also WORE me out. You kinda forget that you need to recover too ya know? I did have so so much fun though and it was worth being sleepy!

4 Hours of Shopping and STILL asleep...
She also got to be there for his first visit to The Parker's on Sunday. We weren't nearly ready to try to go to church but going to Charlotte's was a good tester. It was kinda intense because a lot of people were there. Charlotte, Rusty, Casey, Courtney, Brad, Colt, Mema, Little Mama, and Big Daddy. And everyone wanted to hold him. He was super cranky but I think it's because he wasn't used to a lot of bright lights, loud noises, and so many people! He'll have to deal with it though.

I adore Mr. Rusty (he's my favorite!) and I truly hope that Kye looks up to his Daddy as much as Zach looks up to Mr. Rusty. They have such a special bond that I really want for Zach and his son!
Big Daddy is my second favorite :) He's so precious!

My deal with breastfeeding is that I refuse to do it in public. I know a lot of people don't mind, but I feel like I am already sacrificing a lot for this baby and if I actually GET the privilege (because it is a privilege now!) to leave my house I'm not going to spend that time in a bathroom, off by myself, or having to adjust a hooter hider in order to feed him. So until I can give him a bottle (of my pumped milk) I will be revolving my schedule around his feeding times. So far it's working out fine. We left Charlotte's when he started getting cranky and fed him when we got home!

One thing I've decided I can't stand is when people say "he's hungry." Like my mom pointed out, he's my child and I know my child! I don't know if others feel this way or not, but with breastfeeding if someone says he's hungry I can FEEL my milk letting down (a tingly feeling in my breasts) and it makes me feel stressed and urgent to feed him, even if I know he doesn't need it. I know I just have to learn that people say that kind of stuff and I just have to grin and bare it and learn to not let it bug me but I'm not to that point yet!

I was supposed to get my hair done the day after Kye was born...obviously I couldn't go. I wanted to make an appointment for as soon as possible but Mom had a good point. She said why bother getting my hair done when I'd be sitting at home for awhile anyways! So I waited and got it done once he was 2 weeks old and I knew I'd be going out more often. It felt AMAZING to have it looking root-free again! It was a little tricky figuring out how to deal with him so Mema and Mrs. Charlotte met me at the hair place and took him with them to eat while I got some alone time with my hair :)

Also on the 18th (2 weeks old) his umbilical cord fell off! We wanted it off so badly and were pretty pumped about it! That's one less thing to mess with when changing his diaper! His circumcision being healed has also made it easier! Now all we have to do is wipe, little bit of baby powder, and re-diaper! Soooo much easier than having to alcohol the umbilical cord and petroleum jelly the penis!

As far as I go, I'm still getting used to not being pregnant. It feels awesome to bend over! I painted my toe nails! I can let the dogs in and out of their crates! It's a wonderful feeling! I can't imagine if he'd been born late...2 or 3 more weeks of what I felt would have been horrible. I have so so so much more respect for women who go past 40 weeks of pregnancy! Better them than me though haha

Speaking of the dogs, we still love them. A lot of people have told us that we'd stop loving them once the baby got here, but so far they are wrong! Things have changed, of course, but so far the dogs are adjusting really well. They have each other to play with which is nice. Also we have let Levi sleep with us every night (he usually sleeps in his crate) and he's been SUCH a sweet cuddler! I do, however, wake up with him on me or near me and panic thinking I fell asleep with the baby on me and I am killing him! Levi is about the same size as Kye and so it makes sense that I would think that! Once I actually picked Levi up in my sleep and started to sit up to nurse him haha
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