Week Three Summary

Tess’s 3rd week of life was from August 14th through August 20th. She was two weeks old during this week!

Nursing: I know she’s still a “newborn” but at 2 weeks old a lot of the early stages of the newborn life kinda fade…Tess started to be MUCH more alert and awake for her feedings at this point.

Tess started latching on easier at this age as well. If she came off the breast she would go back on super quickly without much effort from me. She also started being less frantic to nurse. I could tell she trusted us. When it was time to eat she knew we’d feed her and wasn’t in such a rush about it. It was nice to have a calm baby when she first woke up!

I have a “bad breast.” My left one got destroyed with all my nursing issues with Kye. I wish I could put a picture up bc seriously it’s awful. When Tess was born it hurt for her to eat on that side every single feeding. The latching process was just very painful. Enough where anyone in the room with me would have to get a warning from me! I’d let them know about the pain so they weren’t shocked when I was hurting. It was still painful at this point but it wasn’t as bad as when she was first born. It just hurt right when she latched and once she started feeding it felt better.

In order to store up milk for Hawaii I started a daily pump session each morning after her feeding and would get 2-4 oz each time. I also started giving her bottles of mostly Milkies milk. That way I could pump for the missed bottle feeding and get more pumped milk to store for Hawaii!

Schedule: At 2 weeks old it’s time to start implementing a legit schedule! My desired awake time for all my kids is 7. It’s been that way since we first started Babywise back with Kye. At this age You still want to schedule feedings every 2.5 – 3 hours. I read both Babywise and also Baby Whisperer and set up this schedule for Tess:

Eating at 7, 10, 1, 4, 6 and 8. Then dream feed at 10:30 and we crossed our fingers and hoped she slept for a longer stretch at night! I did cluster feeding (feeding closer together in the evenings) to help her “tank up” and stay fuller longer at night.

The first night on this schedule she woke at 2:30 and 5, the second night she woke at 3 and then at 6. Since 6 was so close to our desired awake time of 7…I nursed her in her room and just nursed her enough to get her back to sleep then put her right back to bed.

That Sunday night she woke at 1:30 and would only nurse for 12 min and only from one side. I totally freaked out b/c I’ve never had that happen with my babies!!! I tried for over 30 min to get her to wake up enough to eat and ended up crying (hello hormones and lack of sleep!) and went to bed. She then slept until 4:30 and this time I didn’t stress it when she would only nurse on one  side. I went back to bed and she didn’t wake again! This only happened that ONE night. No clue why?!?!

On Aug 18th she woke early to eat for the df so I fed her at 9:30. She took FOREVER to nurse but then only woke once in the night at around 2!

On August 20th I tried switching up the schedule a bit. I moved the dream feed to 11:00 in hopes of getting her to only wake once in the night. So her schedule then looked like this:

Eating at 7, 10, 1, 4, 6, 8 and then df at 11. It worked and she only woke up at 3 am!

So by the end of the week this was her schedule:

7:00: Up for the day
7:00-7:30ish: Nurse
7:30ish-7:45ish: Awake Time
7:45ish-10:00: Nap
10:00-10:30ish: Nurse
10:30ish-10:45ish: Awake Time
10:45ish-1:00: Nap
1:00-1:30ish: Nurse
130ish-1:45ish: Awake Time
1:45ish-4:00: Nap
4:00-4:30ish: Nurse
4:30ish-4:45ish: Awake Time
4:45ish-6:00: Cat Nap 1
6:00-630ish: Eat
6:30ish-6:45ish: Awake Time
6:45ish-7:45ish: Cat Nap 2
7:45ish: Bath, ready for bed
8:00: Eat with lights low and then straight to bed
11:00: Wake up for dream feed, keep lights low and put straight back to bed
Sometime around 3:00 AM: Middle of the Night Feeding

8:00 is considered Tess’s bedtime at this age. We would give her a bath prior to feeding her. It’s the only time of the day that we reverse the Eat – Awake – Sleep cycle. She gets up, gets a bath, gets in pjs, and then I nurse her to sleep and put her straight to bed. With the set schedule in place it meant she got to start getting her nightly baths! I love that Zach enjoys bathing our children and think it’s such great bonding time for him with them!

Sleep: With her being on a schedule she still did not have long awake times at all. It was pretty much nurse then to bed. I watched for her sleep cues (yawning or fussing seem to be hers) then put her to bed. Typically she’d make it around 40-50 min total awake time (including eating time)

Tess sounded congested this week. I did NOT panic about it because I remember very vividly how congested Britt was at a young age. Instead I just got out the cool mist humidifier and set it up in her room. I also got out the Nose Frida (new gadget for me!) and used that to help clear her out. I ran the humidifier during her naps and night sleep and used the Nose Frida before she ate and then again before she went down for naps. It really made a big difference! By the end of the week I no longer needed to use either one for her!

With the beginning of the life on a schedule, I started to let her fuss at the start of naps ONLY. I did not let her cry at all mid-nap but when a nap first started I’d let her settle into sleep and fuss some. I’d watch the clock and let her fuss for 10 min max…usually she’d fall asleep at around the 8 min marker!

When it’s time to put her to sleep I would hold her upright while swaddled and just sit with her in a vertical position on my shoulder. I didn’t talk or rock or sing or anything. Just sat. I would wait until her body went “limp” and was relaxed then I’d lay her down.

Often Tess would get the hiccups at the start of naps. SO annoying! I felt like it bothered her and didn’t allow her to get to sleep so I would give her some Gripe Water and it helped a TON!

Here’s a sweet little video of her sleeping!

Overall she did super well with the new schedule and many of her naps I had to wake her up in order to feed her!!! Love those baby stretches ๐Ÿ™‚

Mid-nap if she cried I would go in there. You are still considered “on schedule” if the baby eats 15 min prior to feeding time or 15 min after. I would go in and hold her to sleep and then lay her back down in the crib. If she continued to wake and cry then I would just hold her until it was close enough to the scheduled time to eat. I don’t interact with her, I just sit and hold her. My goal is always for her to sleep in the crib the entire nap but at this age…her SLEEPING is the most important so if that means having to hold her then that’s okay too!

This week I also tried the swing for the first time. None of my kids have ever been big on the swing. I know many, many baby wise moms who use them. If the baby wakes mid-nap at a young age the #1 goal needs to be to get them to sleep. At this point Tess was much too young to cry it out mid-nap so I would first try to hold her to sleep but I also have two other kids! Some of the times during the day it just wasn’t possible for me to sit in there holding a baby for 30 min! I pulled the swing over to where I could see it in the monitor and tried to get her to sleep there. I tried the little travel swing we have as that’s the one Britt preferred as a baby (although she didn’t sleep in it much at all!). I would say that Tess was also not a big fan. I did it when I had no other option, but it wasn’t something that worked all that well for us. 

More About Tess This Week: On Sunday August 17th her cord stump fell off! There was still a little piece lingering, but for the most part it was gone. Do y’all keep the stump? Zach’s mom still has her kids…and Casey kept Carters. Um. NASTY. I am truly grossed out by it and have zero desire to keep that?!?! 

Tummy time officially kicked off this week for Tess. I love her perfect little head and really, really hope to avoid it going flat. The more tummy time the better but she HATES it. Which is hilarious because Britt always loved it and Britt also ended up being a tummy sleeper. I have a feeling Tess won’t be a belly sleeper! She did not have very long awake times so tummy time would only be for a few minutes when possible. 

With school back in full swing Tess also got to experience the bouncer seat some more. It’s really a savior when I need to put a baby down to get something done! This week Tess had her first chiropractor appointment so I told Zach I would take the kids to school. That meant getting myself, Tess, and the kids ready and out the door! It was a little crazy but we got it done! 

I don’t think Tess needs the toys on the bouncer b/c she has siblings to entertain her!

My hope was for Tess to sleep in the car seat when we dropped the big kids off. The van is rearranged where the big kids are in the 3rd row, Tess is in the 2nd row, and Zach removed the other 2nd row seats to make a big space to be able to access the 3rd row. Since it’s a BEAST to get back there and unbuckle Britt (yes, she’s still rear facing back there!) I unblocked the kids while in the car drop off line. They thought it was SO COOL to be able to walk around in the van and they were “helpers” in watching Tess sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tess slept great in the car seat. I use a Sleep Sheep for white noise and it really helps. She also did AWESOME at the chiropractor. She slept until the appointment, had her adjustment, then went right to sleep after and stayed asleep in her car seat until her next feeding at 10. 

The FIRST thing people notice about Tess is her hair. I mean she has a LOT of it and it’s already growing so, so fast. Look at how it covers her ears!! I also am still in love with her little “elf ear.” Isn’t it adorable?

More About Tess:

  • I noticed this week that her cheeks were starting to fill in and she was getting chubbier
  • Her face also started to peel some, but not too bad
  • Britt had a little blister type thing on her top lip from nursing and Tess also got it this week.
  • Zach thinks she will end up having curly hair because when he gives her a bath her hair gets all curly!
  • I usually spent her (very short) awake time burping her to get the gas out or just staring and her and talking to her. I cannot get over how gorgeous she is ๐Ÿ™‚
  • This week she started to look at me in the eyes. She seemed very focus and to be taking everything in!
  • I know most babies get some acne in the early days. I was fortunate with Tess that she didn’t have much of it and what she did have cleared up very easily. I just applied Aquafor on it prior to her naps and it helped!
  • Tess moved up to Size 1 diapers this week!
  • Her eyes seem very, very blue so I feel confident they won’t be changing in color.
  • She loves her bath! 
  • Her two least favorite things are tummy time and having clothing go over her head. 

Sweet Feet!

Siblings: Tess is blessed with some awesome siblings! Something that really melts my heart is seeing her with Britt. That sister bond is going to be so much fun to watch grow and develop and I’m so thankful we have two girls and that they are closer in age! It’s already so fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Britt is my helper for sure. She always comes running when it’s time for a diaper change. She likes to get out the new diaper and to throw the old ones away. Here are some pics of my sweet girls together from this week:

Small items are gonna be an issue haha Britt was sharing some “money” with her

My girls!

Kye loves to make up songs for Tess and loves to cuddle up with her all the time. He and Britt both ask me to get Tess to hold their fingers ๐Ÿ™‚ So precious! Kye was mega grossed out by her cord stump too. He did NOT like it and was SO glad when it was gone. 

While I am nursing Kye comes running right up all the time and asks to see her. So I end up having a 2 week old in my arms and a 5 year old all in my face haha

Visitors and Sweet Gifts: Jolee came by to visit with Tess this week! We didn’t get to see much of her at the hospital so it was a nice visit ๐Ÿ™‚ Jolee is SO awesome with all the kids!!!

On Sunday night Katie brought us a FEAST for dinner. We celebrated Zach’s birthday together and had a great time. She stayed and watched Big Brother with us and it was just such a great, much needed, visit. We have been so blessed by Katie’s friendship for so many years. She went OVERBOARD and MADE Tess a blanket! I seriously still can’t believe it! She had been working on it long before Tess was born and it was the first blanket she’d ever made. Is that not such an act of true love or what?!?! So, so thoughtful and meaningful and beyond special. I know Tess (and I!) will cherish it forever

She also brought the big kids some great books…but you know how kids go Haha. The big ticket items were the tissue paper and ribbon!

Tess LOVES her special blanket from Auntie Katie!!!

Isn’t it beautiful?!?! She picked colors to match the nursery! 

Katie also brought us a copy of the paper from the day Tess was born. Total mom fail b/c I forgot to have someone get it that day! I’m thankful the main headline was something positive ๐Ÿ™‚

My sweet friend, Julie, also came by and brought us an awesome dinner. She brought her daughter, EllaKate with her and she’s almost 8 months older than Tess. It’s CRAZY how HUGE she looks next to her. Before we know it Tess will be sitting up too! I hope these sweet girls become good friends ๐Ÿ™‚

We also had very thoughtful cards and gifts arrive in the mail. Amber and I have known each other forever! So long that I don’t even know how long haha. She’s always been such a sweet, genuine person and it was a beyond sweet surprise to get the adorable bow in the mail she made for Tess! It’s Minnie Mouse and is SO CUTE. I love it!!!

“Mommy Tools”: For the first time this week I used the Nose Frida. I’d heard awesome stuff about it and it’s all true! MUCH cleaner way to get that snot than the bulb syringes and easier too! It worked awesome and I truly recommend it! Yes…you suck the snot out. It sounds disgusting but it really isn’t! It’s impossible to suck the snot into your own mouth, I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

As I mentioned earlier I used Aquaphor this week on Tess’s acne spots and it cleared it right up! I also used Vaseline on her as a diaper rash prevention measure. I’d heard to put it on at each diaper change to avoid diaper rash. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work for Tess. Boo. She did end up getting a diaper rash but more on that in a future post!

With both of our other babies we used the same tub but got a new one when I was pregnant this time. It’s by Angel Care and it’s really awesome! WAY easier to keep clean and Tess loves it!

I also started using Vitamin D drops this week. I cannot STAND the Enfamil brand ones that everyone always uses. It’s so much for them to take in and it’s messy and it stains. No thanks. Because of the hassle I never gave my other kids the drop as often as I should have. I know lots of people around here skip the Vit D and say the kids get enough from the sun. BUT I’ve read a lot about how auto immune diseases are linked to Vitamin D deficiency. The way Zach’s family tends to work out genetically along the family tree would predict that our daughters will be the ones affected by an auto immune disease so ANYTHING I can do to help prevent that from happening, I’m going to do! I bought this brand of Vit D drops and it’s WAY better than the Enfamil ones. You just put one drop on your nipple prior to feeding then she gets it off while nursing. EASY and no mess!

Other Pics of Tess: Everyone loves baby pics, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Postpartum Update: I can tell my stomach is for sure going down more! This week I was able to start zipping my Bellafit by myself with no issues…no more having Zach help me ๐Ÿ™‚ I completely stopped taking the Colace stool softener this week in hopes of helping Tess’s gassiness. It did make going tougher for me and made it quite the process as I just had to take my time to get the job done haha!

I was craving Hostess white powdered donuts. How random is that? I wasn’t worrying about what I was eating or about losing weight or anything like that. I was too tired to be concerned about those things! I grubbed out haha!

I had my first mega emotional day on Sunday. It just all hit me how TIRED I was and I was very very emotional. I couldn’t stop crying and was just completely worn down. Not having a big chunk of solid sleep is very, very hard. Especially, I think, now that I’m older and now that I have SO much more on my plate!

Monday night was my first solo evening with all three. Zach had to work late so I held down the fort! It was also, thankfully, Tess’s first PERFECT day of napping! The only nap I ever had to go in for was her last one, which is normal. Everything went very smoothly with all the kids and I felt like super mom ๐Ÿ™‚

It was time to take off my gel nails. I had planned on taking them off the “right way” but just ended up peeling them off. They really did damage my nails so I def won’t be doing that again for awhile! I had to up my lotion usage this week as my skin was SO itchy. I did notice my lumps in my arm pits getting smaller.

Even though I was tired…I felt like my time management was on point! I was still getting ready every day and my house was SO CLEAN! 

This week I FINALLY went on one on one dates with the kids! I took Kye out for lunch and then Britt and I went to get dessert after dinner. It was SO awesome! Kye and I went to Steak and Shake and he was hilarious. He was so proud b/c I let him squeeze his own ketchup haha. I had sweet tea to drink and I asked him if he wanted to try it. He’s NEVER had it before and I figured now that he’s 5 it might be a special treat to let him have a taste. He told me that sweet tea is NOT good for you and that he doesn’t want to even try it because he shouldn’t drink it! Hello maturity!?!?! Totally awesome response and it def made me proud!

We also hit up The Mix for some froyo and it was so funny b/c the people who worked there didn’t know I had other kids. Since it’s the place Kye and I always go together they thought he was my only child ๐Ÿ˜‰ I made sure to show them pics of the girls and brag on them a bit too!

Getting to read story together and cuddle up!

With My Newest Blessing!

Comparison to Siblings: You can read about Britt’s 3rd week of life here! And you can read Kye’s here! I love these chances to look back and remember what life was like when my older kids were sweet newborn babies ๐Ÿ™‚

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Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, Facebookย and Pinterest!

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Week Three Summary

Brittlynn’s third week of life was from December 20th – December 26th. Here is what Brittlynn was up to during her third week!

Nursing: She was rather fussy on the breast at times during this week. She would have this piercing scream sometimes that would totally break my heart and freak me out at the same time. It seriously sounded like a velociraptor! It typically meant one of three things…either she wanted more food, she was pooping or she had gas. Even after having her tongue clipped she still ate for at least 45 minutes each feeding. She was also very sleepy while eating and I found the pretty much the only things that would wake her up would be to rub her feet mega hard or get her semi-naked and tickle her side. Basically I’d mess with her until she became annoyed/angry then she’d eat more!

Sleep: Still an amazing night sleeper. Only would wake once in the middle of the night to eat. She fell into her own natural eating schedule of every 3 hours right at 10 days old which is when Babywise says it will happen! During her third week we were able to finally start a schedule! (More on that in a second!). Even with the schedule and with me hardcore watching her for sleep cues at naps…she was still waking every hour into her nap. Then she’d sleep on and off (like in 10 min increments) for the rest of the nap. I thought newborns were supposed to do nothing all day except sleep and eat? Well not this child!

Schedule: I started her on a schedule when she was one day shy of two weeks old so the beginning of her third week of life was the adjustment phase. When setting up a schedule it’s critical to chose a time to start the day and this becomes the time your day will start for a long time. We picked 7:00 for her since it’s also Kye’s time and that makes the most sense. Yes, Kye wakes up EVERY morning at 7! At her age it was still important to have 7-8 feedings a day. We would wake her to eat at the appropriate times if needed and hold her off to eat if she was already awake. It is fine to go 15 min early or 15 min late on each feeding when needed so if she was not sleeping I’d feed her earlier, if she was really in deep sleep I’d feed her later. Here is what her schedule looked like:

7:00: Wake up for the day, 1st feeding. We change her diaper after each feeding and have some awake time with her during the day.
8:00-10:00: Nap (put down for nap at first sign of sleepiness)
10:00: 2nd feeding
11:00-1:00: Nap
1:00: 3rd feeding
2:00-4:00: Nap
4:00: 4th feeding
5:00-6:30: Nap
6:30: 5th feeding (Here I went 2 1/2 hours instead of three because this is a babies toughest time of the day and the most fussy)
7:30-9:00: Nap
9:00: Massage/Bath bedtime routine (I reversed the bedtime routine to be before she ate her last “meal” so she could go straight to bed after and I would nurse her to sleep basically at that feeding. All other feedings I made sure to keep her awake and have awake time after the feeding! For the night feedings we change her diaper before she eats so she could go straight to sleep after eating)
9:30: 6th feeding then straight to bed
Whenever she woke up (typically around 3:30 or 4): 7th feeding, then straight to bed

I was pretty happy with just having a schedule. It was a VERY easy transition because she naturally fell into close to a 3 hour schedule by 10 days old (if you’re a nursing mother use the first couple of weeks to focus on FULL FEEDINGS and your baby will do the same thing). I realized quickly that I HAVE to have a schedule. I don’t function well without one!!!

With Kye I would have never reversed the bedtime routine. It was ALWAYS eat-awake-sleep. Never awake-eat-sleep! But my wonderful babywise buddies (Kelly and Laura) convinced me to give it a try and we liked it right away. She always fell asleep during that feeding and it made putting her to bed easier, although she was typically fussy during the bedtime ritual. Better a little fussy then straight to sleep than to accidentally overstimulate her with the bedtime stuff and then make it hard for her to fall asleep (which was what was happening prior to us reversing the order)

Typically she wouldn’t even make it to these nap start times. Ume. It was frustrating because neither Zach or I felt like we knew her and it made me feel sad b/c I wsually she’d eat and soon after start to fuss so I’d put her down. She’d literally have MINUTES of awake time! It made me a little sad b/c I worked hard for this baby and didn’t even get to really enjoy her! I had to keep reminding myself that it’ll all pay off soon!!!

Here are other things I learned about Brittlynn during this week:

  • She moved up to size one diapers (she went through those newborn sized ones so much faster than her brother!
  • She started responding to voices and would turn to find you when you were speaking
  • Love to stare at the lights
  • Skin started shedding less
  • Her nails got harder where I couldn’t trim them by biting them during her feedings anymore, so I pulled out the nail trimmers!
  • To me, she’s starting to look less like Kye
  • That beautiful baby acne started showing up
  • Her top lip looks like it has a little blister at the center, Robyn said LL had it too so I assume it’s normal
  • She LOVES tummy time and I think she’ll end up sleeping on her belly once she can roll herself over
  • Still VERY gassy and we found that we like Mylicon drops better than the Gripe Water
  • We put the sleep wedge in her pack and play (it goes under the sheet and fits across the width of the crib/pack and play so it is not a SIDS risk) hoping the incline would help her gas issues.

Some pictures from this week!

I let Kye watch a movie in our room while I nursed and he wanted Britt to sit with him after she was done!

She was much more interested in Mommy than the movie

I LOVE this girl!

Enjoying bath time with our new routine

FINALLY got some girly swaddles!

I gave her her first bottle on 12/22 prior to leaving to meet Santa. She did really well with it but I only gave her the amount I pumped and it was only 1 1/2 oz! I realize now that was not enough since at the same feeding time on 12/24 she drank 4 oz. Live and learn ๐Ÿ™‚

She celebrated her first Christmas! I love this picture of our sweet Christmas baby!

Postpartum Update: At night I was getting about six hours of broken sleep. That’s it. I was pretty much a walking zombie as we all know that broken sleep isn’t very good quality sleep. Especially since she took so long to nurse, I would be awake for a LONG time between those sleep moments. My eyes looked horrible with HUGE dark bags under them. I was always starving and pigged out waaaay too much (I’m sure I GAINED weight that week with all the holiday food). My skin was super super itchy. Especially fresh out of the shower (I think b/c it’s winter so it’s dry and then a hot shower bothers it?). I noticed that some of my hair started falling out and I’d find a lot of it on her while nursing. I was also still bleeding heavily and would still have to change my padding every time I used the bathroom. On the positive side of things my skin started to clear up..it looked ROUGH this pregnancy for some reason! And when I went to Steel’s to let the kids meet Santa I had my push present ring sized. Zach bought it at a 6 1/2. They put a sizer in it for me while I was pregnant at a size 6 and that was only a week before she was born! After her birth my ring size went down to a 5!!! Guess I was more bloated than I realized!!! 

Even though I felt pretty cruddy I did my best to keep pushing through, especially because I wanted to have wonderful memories of the holidays. I did a good job and don’t think you can tell in any of the pictures or videos how out of it I really was right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, Facebookย and Pinterest!

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


  1. Crissymegow
    January 21, 2012 / 1:46 am

    her bath time pic is soooo stinkin cute!

  2. Ashley Troutman
    January 21, 2012 / 8:36 pm

    Every time I have seen you, you have looked beautiful! ย Yes, really! ย That blister is totally normal, whether breastfed or bottle fed. ย Preston had one too, it's just the skin toughening up from the friction of eating. ย Your babies sure have big appetites! ย Preston didn't drink 4 ounces until he was around 3 months old! ย I guess he just has a small tummy. ย I agree with Crissy too! ย That picture of her out of the bath is adorable!

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Week Three Summary

Like everyone says, it gets easier and easier with time. The third week has been a lot better than the second! I hope the fourth is even better!!!

I’ve started to go walking everyday for at least 30 minutes with Kye. He sleeps, no surprise there, but I still think he enjoys the outdoors and it’s good for him to get some vitamin D since breastfed babies often don’t get enough of it through the milk. For me, it’s my exercise. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing this. For some reason pushing a baby in a stroller and sweating like crazy is a lot less embarrassing then going for a run alone. The construction workers even enjoy it when I walk by! haha! I’m hoping it will help burn off some of this baby weight, but so far no luck. ๐Ÿ™
Breastfeeding has gotten much, much easier. He actually has latched on himself a few times without me having to force him! I’ve done away with all the extra pillows and now just use the Boppy. I have to sit Indian style for the boppy to be high enough but at least I don’t have a million pillow scattered everywhere! He’s a funny eater though. During the day he’ll do what he “should” which is 15 min per breast but at night he barely wants ANY. I have to force him awake to eat longer than 5 minutes and he typically only wants one breast!

I’m pretty sick of tv. I watch it every time I nurse so it’s gotten really old really fast. Luckily, we have cinimax (it’s a penny a month..that tells you about its quality haha) so I record a bunch of movies to keep me occupied. During the late night feedings though I HAVE to watch romantic comedies or light-hearted tv shows as dramas make me fall asleep!

I’m also sick of laundry! I do so so so much laundry! I have figured out an awesome trick to getting breastfed baby poop out of things. Spray and wash it, then wash it in the washer and if the stain is still there then lay it out in the sun! Seriously, the sun makes it completely go away! Even if it’s cloudy out it will work ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome huh?

He looks like SUCH a dude in this picture…

Kye really recognizes me which makes me feel so good! He will stare at me, make eye contact and will stop crying whenever I pick him up! He KNOWS I’m his Mommy! He knows Zach too but it makes me feel good that he knows me ๐Ÿ™‚

He picks his head up constantly and looks around all the time. I try to walk him around the house a lot so he can look at different things. He smiles so much! I know it’s “just gas” but it’s precious and everything I read says we’ll “just know” when his smile is real but he does smile in responce to things we do so how will I know?

Our favorite time of the day together is getting the mail. Checking the mail has been a highlight of my day for awhile haha! When you are super pregnant and too ugly to go out in public it’s pretty much the only exposure to the outside world. Now I include Kye in my daily enjoyment! We sit out on the front porch and open the mail together. It is so hot outside but just for a few minutes it’s a nice break from the house!

Speaking of mail, it was so neat to get mail that was addressed to “Candler Kye Parker” His social security card came!!! Pretty exciting! I wish they sent out a copy of the birth certificate but I have to go get it at the health clinic…annoying. I’m a little worried about his social as it’s super easy to memorize and his last four digits are all one number! Kinda cool huh?

Since his umbilical cord fell off he gets “big boy” baths now! We were pretty pumped about it and he LOVES them. We bathe him every night and it’s one of mine and Zach’s favorite parts of the day. It’s quick, easy, and fun. I think it will be one of those things I let Zach do since he doesn’t get to spend as much time with Kye as I do but so far I just want to be part of it because it’s so fun!

Since he is such a big boy now, we’ve said goodbye to the mittens. I just make sure I bite down his nails really well and so far no major scratches to mention! And he loves his hands being free (especially because he loves to suck on them) ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the weekend Zach wanted to give me a “break” so I layed out. It was not what it used to be. I only got to lay out there for like 30 min total so I got zero sun. Plus I STILL can’t lay on my stomach! When your boobs are filled with milk it’s not too comfy to be on the tummy. It was a nice gesture of Zach to let me do that but I think I’ll just stick with my “i-bod” tanning system for awhile. We tried putting Kye in the little UV protected tent we got him for when I go to the pool and such but he hated it. Oh well! Maybe he’ll like it more when he gets a little older…it’s not like I’ll be going to a pool anytime soon with this body!

After the laying out adventure we got ready for Stevie’s first birthday party! I felt bad because we got there an hour late but I’m very strict on his feeding schedule (I’m doing Baby Wise…more to come in another post) and of course the party started right when he was supposed to eat! I’m still so glad we went though. Stevie was precious and we got to see her eat her cake! It was also so so so awesome to be around other young parents. Seth and Crissy have Stevie and another one on the way, Autumn and Danny have Alina who is about a year old, Blake and Felicia have twins who were born in Jan I think, and I met Cami who has a baby who is almost 2 I think. Crissy is SO lucky to have all these friends with babies! All we have are THEM so I’m hoping I can get to know her friends better too ๐Ÿ™‚

We decided to tough it out and go to church Sunday morning. It was rough for me to get ready and feed him and everything but we did it! Of course his feeding time is at 10 and church starts at 10:30 so I fed him early but we were still a half hour late! Zach was embarrassed to go that late but I told him I didn’t get ready for nothing! We sat in the back but I’m still so glad we went! It was nice for some people to get to see Kye and it just felt GOOD to be at church. It will be AWHILE before we go to class or to night church but at least we went to half of morning services! We get points for that right? haha

This was not my idea, someone told me we should get a picture of our first time with him at church so duh I took them up on it ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday was a REALLY rough day for me. Zach had to go to Macon to work a prison so he left at 3:45 in the morning! Of course, Kye picks the day that I’m exhausted with no help to be horrible. He cried constantly. I got really worried because he just seemed so miserable. I read up on acid reflux and I was worried he had it because he was spitting up a LOT (and breastfed babies aren’t supposed to spit up very often) and he was so so so grumpy with the hiccups too! One of the preventative measures everything said was to give him a pacifier. I’d been holding out until the pediatrician gave it the “okay” but I caved! I gave it to him! The kid has been a constant sucker since Day 1..if he’s not on the breast then he’s sucking on his hand or arm and I don’t want him to be a thumb sucker so I figured it’s easier to get rid of a pacifier. Plus they are supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS. For some reason though I still feel guilty about giving it to him…he LOVES it though. Even though I do wish I could tape it to his face because whenever it falls out he bawls again (like he is right now!).

This is the moment I lost it and just caved in! He’s laying on the carpet haha that’s how desperate I was. I layed the kid down and popped that junk in!

When Kye was born Zach and I didn’t really know who he looked like. During the first two weeks I didn’t see Zach in Kye, but I saw Kye in Zach! Zach would make a face and I’d be like, “that looks like Kye!” haha! A lot of people said he looks like Zach which is natural being that he’s a boy and that most babies do look like their daddies! Well this week his face has REALLY filled out and now more people are saying he looks like me! It’s really nice to hear that although I’m sure it won’t last long ๐Ÿ™‚

This is me RIGHT after I was born…at least we know where he got the huge cone head from haha! Now looking at this though I do see some similarities! The hair, nose and cheeks!

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  1. Elizabeth
    March 26, 2009 / 1:25 pm

    He is so adorable! I love all of his pictures. If you want to meet friends with kids then you are going to have to get out and find them! Damian and I started Gymboree when he was 5 weeks and it was the greatest decision ever. I have met so many friends there and two are even some of my very best friends now. Damian loves all of his little friends and we all go really fun places together. Plus, it’s really nice to have someone to talk to who knows exactly what your going through. I would definitely see if you have a Gymboree in your area.

  2. Crissy Megow
    March 26, 2009 / 4:10 pm

    This was about the age that SETH gave Stevie a pacifier, he did it when I was out of the room. I NEVER wanted her to have one, because they were so annoying and I didn’t want it to delay her speech. I freaked out when I walked in the room, but he said, “Awwww, but Honey look how much she likes it!” She ONLY liked the Soothie kind (from the hospital). She liked it for about 2-3 weeks. Our dogs kept getting them and chewing them up, so she never really got a chance to like it bc they were always stealing hers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some speech therapists where I work say that a paci actually helps with speech bc it gives the baby oral stimulation which increases the mouth muscles, but who knows? We just kinda quit giving it to her, I never was really big on giving it to her, so it wasn’t that hard for her to adjust. Since she only liked the big, bulky, ugly soothie ones I wasn’t going to have her looking all cute in her sweet outfit and then have this BIG bulky paci in her mouth. We were trying to invent a thing to help the paci stay in so we didn’t have to keep putting it in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus, at $4 every time the dogs got a hold of it,it was a habit that needed to be broken AND they were only sold at Target on the other side of town.

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