Thanksgiving 2013

Doing a big long post covering several things surrounding Thanksgiving this year! Last year started new traditions for us and we continued them all this year! Kye was SO excited about making our Turkey Cookies…I actually had issues loading the site on how to make them and he remembered ALL the steps from last year!!! So awesome! It was neat because he was able to do pretty much the entire thing on his own. Next year we will include Britt in on the Turkey Cookie making…I can already see the arguing and mess to come so I savored my last “easy” year of doing these! 

 She didn’t help but she REALLY wanted to get to sit on the counter for the picture πŸ˜‰

 We were much more careful with the handling this year and none broke πŸ˜‰

On Thanksgiving morning we took our time getting things ready to head to Mema’s. No one knew I was pregnant at this point but I was TIRED and having the back pains at this stage so it took me awhile to get ready to go πŸ˜‰ We turned on the Macy’s parade to let the kids watch while we got ready…um did yall watch it?!?! When Kye and I turned it on it was men dressed in drag and one of them said “Ladies! Gentlemen! And those who have not yet decided!” Um….seriously?!?! I turned that junk off immediately. Kye was upset that we had to stop watching it but I just told him that sometimes things on TV are not okay to watch. He asked what they were wearing and I just said that they were playing dress up! I mean I’m not ready to have that conversation with my four year old and cannot believe that “family friendly” television like the dang Macy’s Day Parade had that on it?!?! Yall know I’m ALL about loving each other and being respectful and such of other’s views but I do feel like that was appropriate at all for that time of day or on that type of event! 

It was FREEZING outside. I mean I know we live in South Ga so most people think it’s hot year-round but we get the most random weather. It’ll be super hot one year at Christmas and then we’ll be all bundled up the next. It’s unpredictable in winter time. Last year I spent a lot of money on winter clothes for the kids and then it was too warm to even need any of it! So this year I was “being smart” and didn’t buy my kids big winter jackets. Um, that was dumb!!! 

Anyways, rather than doing outside pics (which I prefer) we stayed inside to avoid the cold!

I have been really finding good deals at JCP lately…Kye’s whole outfit was from there and I paid under $15 for both the shirt and pants! Britts dress was from Zulily and I got it forever ago but saved it for Thanksgiving. I messed up and washed it without realizing it was hand was only (which, btw, is SO DUMB for children’s clothing?!?!) and it shrunk. So now it’s a top…but that day it was a dress πŸ˜‰

 LOVE when Britt gives a cute smile!

Courtney and her fam go to Brad’s family for Thanksgiving. Casey and Jordan alternate Thanksgivings between his family and her family. Zach, Courtney and Casey all are hardcore about having Christmas each year with the Parker’s so when they all got married they compromised a lot on Thanksgiving. We had agreed to spend everything Thanksgiving with my family. This is the second year now that I’m not spending it with them and, as I mentioned in this post, it was a tough day for me. Zach’s family is all wonderful and we had a nice time, but it was just tough

Right when we got to Mema’s Zach went to set up the kids bed stuff. Last year we had a TOUGH time b/c Britt didn’t sleep well at nap at her house, it made it hard for Zach and I to enjoy everyone! So this year we brought along ALL of our sleep stuff. Our fans, monitors, everything. We wanted to insure good sleep for our babies!!! While Zach got all of that set up we busted out the picture taking!!!

Isn’t Jolee just getting more and more beautiful?

 Britt giving Jordan (aka “Joey” as she calls him) kisses!

 Attempt at a G-Mama picture!

 Jordan is SUCH a wonderful uncle! So hands on and so fun and he will be such a great daddy!


 Our attempts at a family photo hahaha

 Over It…get ready dude b/c you’ll be having to take your fair share when Baby Branch is born!

 We finally got out some treats and used bribery…

 Perfect haha πŸ˜‰

Mema’s house isn’t super mega “kid friendly” as far as there aren’t a lot of toys and such. And Colt and Payton weren’t there for playtime! Plus the adults had the tv going in one room and I didn’t want any more mishaps occurring like that morning! So we turned on a movie for the kids and the cuddled up while we got everything ready to eat!

 Kye wanted to wear his Indian Outfit for the occasion!

 Turkey Cookie time!!!

We visited with everyone and had a nice time! Since the kids napped there we stayed at Mema’s for a long time. Zach and Jordan and Mr. Rusty went to practice for the big Cat Creek Classic game. Casey and I fell asleep and napped πŸ˜‰ Everyone did go around and say what they were thankful for and I just felt uncomfortable? It’s not something I’m used to feeling and it was one of those “I’m not with my family” moments for me. It kinda just put me in a funk and I couldn’t really get out of it.

After the kids woke up we went over to Little Mama’s and Big Daddy’s to visit with them for a bit. It was a nice time and a good visit, as always!!! When we left we ran by Zach’s parents’ house b/c Mrs. Charlotte had a thick coat of Payton’s from back in the day that would fit Britt (told ya I didn’t buy any dang warm jackets!). While I was in the car with the kids waiting I saw the coolest thing…it was like a double sun? Or a rainbow next to the sun? Or some strange reflection of the sun? Whatever it was, it was beautiful. And instantly made me think of Austin. I snapped some pictures of it and called Little Mama to tell her to go outside and see it. I didn’t say anything about thinking of Austin but she instantly started to cry when she got outside and said it was a reminder from him that he’s with us. It was truly so cool to see and I’m glad she was able to see it too πŸ™‚ 

Once we got home it was close to dinner time and we continued our new tradition of ice cream for dinner!!! Britt didn’t get to participate in it last year b/c she was too little but she LOVED it this year!

 Kye even got to pour his own sprinkles! 

 Yes, they were SPOILED!

Last year I went on my first Black Friday shopping experience…but once we got home this year I just couldn’t go back out. I didn’t have a big break down or anything, but I was just sad. And I’d kinda “reached my limit” on being around Zach’s family. I know that SOUNDS super MEAN but I love them and love being around them and they know that…I just needed to be alone and couldn’t handle that outsider feeling anymore. Not that they make me feel like an “outsider” but you know how it is. When you grow up in a family you share stories and memories and a bond that people on the outside, no matter how close they become to you, just can’t fully be part of. I probably explained my feelings better here πŸ˜‰

I did stay up and get ALL my shopping done that night online which was fun! And a good distraction from my debbie downer feelings! The next morning Zach and Kye went golfing with Mr. Rusty for their annual Thanksgiving golf outing (Mr. Rusty actually won!!!). It was FREEZING so we bundled Kye up big time (he also wore a jacket on top of all of this and had a blanket!). He tagged along the whole time though and was a trooper and had a great time. He was most excited about the hot chocolate that Big Papa got for him πŸ˜‰

While the boys were gone Britt and I worked on making dinner. I need to do a better job including her more in the kitchen. She is such a busy body and likes me to hold her so much that it’s just easier to distract her with stuff and do it solo but when I do include her we have a GREAT time!!! She loved sitting up on the counter and especially loved sneaking my carrots haha She was adorable and it was one of those moments that brought me such joy πŸ™‚

Also that weekend we had a family outing to go see Frozen! I have to be honest, when I first saw ads for it I didn’t want to see it. The snowman guy looked annoying to me haha. I thought it was going to be dumb! But ohmygoodness was I WRONG. It is truly AMAZING. Even if you don’t have kids, go see it. The music is awesome. The storyline is great. The characters are great. The singing legit made me feel like I was at a Broadway show! I told Zach it got us ready for our big NYC trip!!! All four of us LOVED it and it was well worth the money we spent to go! I did bring our own popcorn which I will totally be doing from now on b/c the kids loved it! I also glanced over at Britt during the movie and saw the creepy naked baby staring back at me haha. She was ALL about this dang baby that weekend (it was actually a gift from Danielle and her mom back when I was pregnant with Kye!!! See it in this post?!!? Creepy then and now haha)

We had a really great Thanksgiving this year! I love traditions and it’s fun to have a second year of the new ones!!! I also love time with my sweet little family and we fully enjoyed it all! 

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