Kye Monthly Summary – November

Here is everything going on with Kye during November. Fair warning: I didn’t take a ton of pics or videos during Nov and Dec. Hello freshly pregnant mama…welcome to the world of pure exhaustion 😉… View Post

Hambrick’s Tree Farm 2013

Every year we visit Hambrick’s to cut down our own Christmas tree. Did you know that this year we missed a week? Like Thanksgiving was an entire week late. Ugh. I did NOT realize it… View Post

Thanksgiving 2013

Doing a big long post covering several things surrounding Thanksgiving this year! Last year started new traditions for us and we continued them all this year! Kye was SO excited about making our Turkey Cookies…I… View Post

11 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s reeeeeeallly hard for me to believe I’m already almost three months pregnant?!?! I still feel like it’s all SO NEW. Btw YAY for my first actual weekly pregnancy post that is being posted on the… View Post

Elf on the Shelf!

Yes, this is one of those posts. You know the ones…the ones that show allllll the things our Elf on the Shelf did this year. I don’t know about you but my Instagram and Facebook… View Post