Tess’s 6th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Tess’s 6th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}


My sweet girl. You are 6 years old and I can not believe it. You have changed more over the past year than any other year in your life. Yes, you still look the same, but your personality has blossomed.

The truth is your since of humor is coming out, and it is like mine! You are so stinking funny. I laugh and laugh at you. You are just like your mommy in every single way except this.

It is nice to know that I have rubbed off on you just a little. Probably my favorite moment was on a river rapid ride at Volcano Bay. You came up over a wave, held up 2 piece signs, and said “gang, gang”. I thought I was going to drown I was laughing so hard.

This year you have also been so adventurous! You are finally tall enough to ride the big rides and roller coasters and you love it. There has not been a single ride you have said no to. You are so brave and always hold your hands up the entire time when we ride roller coasters. It’s fun to have another dare devil to ride with me and Kye. 

My favorite thing this year over all is how much closer we have gotten. You are so close with mommy and I have always been a little jealous. It is awesome that you have wanted to be around me more. More cuddles, more laughing, more making up songs, and a ton of high fives. You give the best high fives. 

Thank you for being my little girl. I am so blessed to be your Dad!!!

Happy Birthday,

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A 6th birthday letter to daughter from father - Tess's 6th birthday letter from Daddy on her 6th Birthday

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