Tess’s 4th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}


Happy Birthday!!! Its official you are four years old. I am so proud to be your Dad.

I know you will probably hear this a thousand of time in your life, but you are such a beautiful little girl. You look just like your mother.

You are so sweet and have an adorable smile. I know you will grow up to be beautiful on the inside just like you are on the outside.

I love watching you play with you siblings. This year you have really started to follow Brittlynn around a lot. You want to play with her all the time and you get very upset when she doesn’t want to play with you.

You have also taken the roll of big sister very seriously. You are so sweet to Spear and your baby talk is precious when you speak to him.

You have become quite the swimmer this past year. You have gone from playing on the steps, to only wanting to swim to mommy or daddy, to swimming everywhere!

You are just as good a swimmer as your older siblings and you love to jump of the edge. Please remember, no backflips, at least for a while haha.

You became a lot braver this year at the beach as well. You love to run out into the waves and even went boogie boarding a little.

You are becoming a great helper around the house as well. You set the table and clean some things for Mommy. You just want to be a big kid so bad and I want you to stay my little girl forever.

I love your new obsession with rollercoasters!!! It’s so surprising but you really have grown up and want to ride them all the time. Since I am the rollercoaster parent that is something that we share.

I had so much fun on your one on one birthday time at Disney when we rode so many rides. It always fills my heart when I get your undivided attention. You usually are all about your mommy and siblings.

You also love me to tell you scary stories at night before bed. Every time I finish you say “what was the scary part?” I tell you and then you say “that wasn’t scary.” I think I may have gone too far trying to make them scary because you started asking me the ending happy.

I love you so much and hope that as you grow older you can hold on to some of the memories we share, even at a young age.

I cherish them so much and know there are many more to come. I hope I always make you feel safe, and make you feel loved. Thank you for being my sweet Tessie.



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