Tess’s 4th Birthday Slideshow

Today Tess is FOUR!!! Our sweet little baby girl is growing up quick πŸ™‚

Four years ago today you captured our hearts and have filled our days with joy ever since. πŸ’•
Happy Birthday to our sweet Tessie! πŸ’

Every year I put together a slideshow for the kids on their birthdays that shows all the special moments from their year. I’ve always used the program called Smilebox. It not only costs money but it also is VERY frustrating to work with and not user friendly at all.

Since I started up a YouTube Channel recently I’m slowly learning how to use iMovie and thought I’d put together Tess’s birthday video there! It still took a LOT of time but I’m sure that’s mostly because I don’t know much about the program and am not the least bit tech savvy πŸ˜‰ There is an added bonus to using iMovie because the birthday video can be easily uploaded to YouTube which makes it easier to share but also easier to keep track of for the kids to watch over the years.

The downside of YouTube? The copyright rules regarding music. I usually let the kids choose their favorite songs for their slideshow and wasn’t able to do that for this video due to those copyright restrictions. So the songs are a bit funky but we’re rolling with it!

You can enjoy her video here:

You can also watch past videos from Tess’s birthdays here:

Third Birthday

Second Birthday

First Birthday

We’ve had a GREAT day showering our girl with lots of love and I’m so excited to see all the FUN the year of being 4 will bring to her life! 

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