Kye’s 4th Bday Letter: From Daddy

Every year Zach and I write a birthday letter to each of our children! Here is Zach’s birthday letter to Kye this year:


    The past four
years have been amazing. The moment you were born I loved you so much. That
love has grown every year of your life and will continue. I have watched you
grow from infant to toddler to my “big man”. I am so proud of the little boy
you are. You have a kind heart, a great sense of humor, and a strong since of
what God wants you to be. Every night I put tuck you in and you squeeze me, to
show me how strong you are. You take care of Mommy and Brittlynn when I am out
of town and make sure they are ok. You always make sure I drive safe. And when
I get back into town, My face lights up with a big smile when I see you run up
and give me a huge hug, and say “ I missed you Daddy”.  I so glad that God has given us such a
wonderful son. I know that all the years to come will be better than the last.
When I was a young boy my dad (Big Papa) used to tell me something that stuck
with me all my life. I want you to remember it too: No matter what you are
doing or who you are around, remember who you are. You are a Parker, but most
of all a child of God. I love you so much. Looking forward to year 5.



I think it’s fun to include ALL the pictures of each of us with Kye alone throughout the year on his letter posts so here are all of the pictures I took of just Zach with Kye from March 4, 2012 through March 4th 2013 🙂

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