Tess Monthly Summary: November 2017

This was Tess’s last month of being THE baby of the family πŸ™‚

And truly it’s hard for us to see her as a “big kid.” I’m sure it’s b/c she’s the youngest but I also think it’s because she’s so little? Britt was always SO TALL that she looked older than she was! I have to always remind myself that Tess is THE oldest “baby” we’ve had. When we planned solo time with the kids before the baby was born I had to make sure I carved out time for Tessie too! She’s old enough to enjoy “dates” and I’m so glad I did. We went to the mall to visit the Pet Store and get a treat and just walked around together. It was a fun morning!

My animal lover!

She picked an icee as her treat!

Little Miss Sass πŸ˜‰

I had someone ask recently at what age you stop waking your kids for the day…my older two NEVER sleep in (okay well they rarely sleep in) but Tess does have occasions where she SLEEPS and it’s pretty awesome! 

Really though? If my kids sleep late, I let ’em sleep because it probably means they needed it. Tess slept that late the morning after she puked all in our car on the way home from church. She didn’t feel well and needed that rest! A good lazy couch day helped her feel better too πŸ™‚ 

This month we went to Jacksonville as a family to spend time with Mama E and her children. We had THE BEST day. All of the kids played so well together and it was SO adorable seeing Mama E’s three year old with Tess. They look SO MUCH ALIKE that it’s crazy! One of her daughters got a slushie at the gas station and of course Tess remembered so on our way home we all got one. It was a surprise when we went to check out that a nice man offered to pay for all of our kids to have their slushee. So sweet and such a random act of kindness! Of course Tess picked RED haha like the worst color for a car ride. 

Tessie reminds me so much of myself in many ways when I was little. The animal loving thing is a big way that she’s like I was and her shy demeanor with people (yup, I was shy. Totally grew out of that ha!). She also cracked us up when we ate pizza this month b/c all she wanted to eat were the Saltine crackers. I LIVED off Saltine’s as a kid!

Tess may be quiet and more “shy” around new people but she LOVES her friends. Carter especially. He’s HER BUDDY and the two of them are simply ADORABLE together!!!

Tess and Britt are very alike in their friendships. Everywhere we go they make friends and Tess will see any child her age and point and say “my friend!” I love how social they are! 

Kinsley was trying to get Tessie to smile πŸ™‚

Stacy is my FAVORITE mid-wife. I’ve used her since I got pregnant with Kye and she had her babies at the same time I had all of mine. We’ve always said we should get together but you know how that goes, it’s hard to make that happen. We lucked out and our girls have gymnastics at the same time so Kye and Tess get to hang with her oldest and youngest while we wait for Tess to start her class.

A big reason Tess’s delivery was so perfect was that Stacy was able to be there to deliver…ONE DAY prior to her delivery of her own baby!

Will and Tess are a day apart and they were INSTANT friends. I told Stacy it’d be so, so awesome if they got married one day. What a cool story to be able to say that Will was technically in the room when Tess was born πŸ™‚ Plus ohmygoodness they are so cute together you just know they’d give us some adorable grandkids. Let’s lock this thing down!

Tess LOVES to read. She will sit on her own constantly with a book in her hands. It’s precious and I know it’ll make her an excellent reader someday! 

She is SO excited to get to sit next to the baby πŸ˜‰ 

Look and Find books are our FAVORITE for the car!

We also LOVE Disney Figurines. We use gallon size bags to let the kids (especially Tess) choose some to bring with us places. They are perfect for on-the-go entertainment. 

Tess is one of those people who wakes up and isn’t hungry AT ALL. She never really wants to eat breakfast and many mornings it’s a struggle and sometimes I just let her skip and wait for lunch. 

Waiting in the drop off line at school she loves to sit in the big kids seats and pretend to be them πŸ˜‰

She is fully potty trained and has been for awhile now. No accidents. Sleeping great without ever having an issue. She STILL gets treats though for pooping in the potty. Which I mean I should probably phase out, especially b/c she gets THREE treats. It’s one of those third kid she’s spoiled things haha!

This jacket yall. It’s SO ADORABLE. I started calling her “Marshmallow Tessie” and made up this whole song about it and now I sing it to her pretty often. I just love how cute she is in a big puffy coat!

She loves to draw…and is very hardcore about her colors and lines!

Moana modeling πŸ˜‰ Always way finding!

A couple videos from this month:

Just being her cute self!

Pro fake sleeper

She thinks if she asks nicely for treats that I’ll say yes πŸ˜‰

I love my BIG GIRL! 


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