Summary of Month 7

Here’s some of the changes Kye’s gone through this month!

Jumperoo: I love having toys that grow with my child! Kye started out loving to look up at the birds on the jumperoo and now he can officially pull them down for a good chew! And even more exciting is that he can FINALLY touch the ground! My child is in the 90th percentile for height yet he couldn’t reach the ground all the way in this toy until he was close to 7 months old…such stupid design!

New Sleeper: After being freezing on our beach trip with the Parker’s Zach and I went and bought Kye a fleece sleeper for him to wear at night. We keep it cool in our house at night (72 degrees) and lately we’ve been running a little fan in his room for white noise and he’d been waking up feeling a little cold. Warm babies sleep best and so far the fleece sleeper has been a big help! I’m just so glad I could find one that zips as I cannot stand the snap kind! Why do they even make them since the zipper ones are sooo much better?

9 Month Clothes: Kye’s in a strange clothing size now. His 6 month sized stuff from Carter’s doesn’t fit so he’s wearing 9 month size (hard to find) and he’s wearing 6-12 month sizes from other places. I was sad to pack up his 6 month sized stuff as it was all so cute! I’ve still managed to find him some cute stuff for this size but it’s just hard to do especially considering that we’re in the season of fall yet the weather screams SUMMER still! Here’s one last pic of him in his cute little 6 month gear 🙂

And to further prove that he’s a strange size right now here is a picture of his little coin slot, showing because his shorts are too big haha!

Big Boy Bites: Solid food is going great, he LOVES to eat! He’s so great at opening wide and chomping down! I know he doesn’t realize it but to me it just seems like he enjoys being a “big boy.” I am still signing “more” to him and a lot of the times he’ll open his mouth wide as soon as he sees me do that because he has learned that it means food is on its way to his mouth! If he ever has a rough feeding time (as sometimes teething causes that issue) I will sing “I like to eat eat eat” over and over again and it always calms him down and helps him focus. Solid feeding is one of the few things that he really does prefer Mommy to do over Daddy! Man he’ll sleep awesome when Zach goes in his room but he’ll eat awesome for me. I like for Zach to feed him often hoping it’ll help him eat better for him but I think a lot of it has to do with my higher pitched voice.  Here’s his big boy bite and a video to go along with it (he doesn’t usually put the hands up but he was annoyed that I hadn’t fed him yet)!

Paci: It’s official! Kye can put the paci in on his own and, most importantly, let go of it. He was super close to being able to do this for such a long time. He could get the paci in his mouth but then he couldn’t figure out to let go of it so he’d just keep taking it back out, then putting it in, then taking it back out. This is wonderful that he’s able to do this on his own but he will still fuss when he can’t find the paci in his crib (typically he can’t find it b/c he’s laying on top of it somehow). I wonder what age we’ll stop with the paci? Since he only uses it for sleep I don’t think it’s that big of a deal!

Hair: While my child doesn’t have anything close to a head full of hair, it’s getting more and more everyday. It’s so cute and fuzzy. Zach really wants some kind of baby gel because he doesn’t like how it sticks up all crazy but I think it’s cute!!! It’s super hard to see in pictures because it’s so light but here’s the best one I could find:

Laughing: Kye loves to laugh and it’s so cute when he does it. He adores being tickled, here’s a video of his daddy tickling him! He’s starting to learn cause and effect and he knows when Daddy bring his hand near him that it means he’s about to get tickled!

Fruit: We’re now officially through all the Stage 1 foods. He’s done really well with all the fruits. I’d say his favorite foods are probably sweet potatoes and prunes! Least favorite would be peaches. I mix the fruit with rice cereal at breakfast and dinner then he gets fruit on it’s own at lunch. My favorite thing about solids is the cute fruit face he makes…he does this the first couple bites of eating fruit on its own! So precious!

Sippy Cup: The sippy is still going well, but not as well as I thought it’d be by this point. I now typically give him a little water in it after each feeding and let him drink it while in his high chair. He still doesn’t get much out of it. He loves drinking from it but just doesn’t drink much. I don’t know if it’s because of the sippy or the water though! I have started giving him some of his bottles in the sippy cup and he’s done well. I haven’t yet given him a sippy in the high chair with milk for his milk feeding. I let him sit on the floor or support him with a pillow in case he has to lean back to get it all out. Here’s a picture of his first time having his bottle from the sippy cup! I hoping in the next couple months we’ll be saying goodbye to the bottles for good!

Naps: We’ve really gotten into a good groove on the naps. Kye sleeps SO much better now than he used to. In the mornings he’ll sleep about a solid 1hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min and in the afternoon he’ll go typically the full 2 hours but sometimes just 1.5. By now with Babywise he’s supposed to have dropped his third nap but he’s just not ready to let it go yet. I’ve had him skip it a couple times and he didn’t sleep as well at night without it. I put him down but let him get up whenever he wakes up. Sometimes he’ll sleep 30 min, sometimes 2 hours! The other night we put him down early because he was fussy (so at 4:30) and he slept until 7:15! We had just gotten back from Cancun and he was so tired but still! I’m hoping this time next month we’ll be free from the third nap but I’m not stressing about it either.

Your Baby Can Read: Kye now watches the second video of the series and does it once a day with some days watching it twice (if he’s fussy it helps big time!) I also do the flashcards with him once a day. I know he’s not responding in this video of the flashcards but I think it’s good to tape him doing it so we can see how much he’ll change! He really enjoys reading through them and is always so patient and just sits there while I show him and read to him the words! I also took this video of him while watching the movie. He is always pretty much silent through the whole movie just watching except now during the verse of “If you’re happy and you know it” that they do the HOORAY! part. Every time he will make some kind of noise when they say “hooray!” I don’t know if he’s trying to sing it too but it sounds like it to us!

Sitting: Kye is a pro at sitting now and rarely falls over. It’s so neat because when LL, his little friend who’s a month older than him, plays with him they can BOTH sit up! It’s so much better than when they had to lay down and I’m excited at all the cute pictures we’ll be able to get as they get older and older and interact more and more together. Kye being able to sit is such a blessing because I can just sit him down anywhere instead of having to lay him down which he never really enjoyed. It makes playing with toys so much more fun for him too as he can lift them up and play with them instead of having to hold them above his head while he laid on his back! Here’s the two sitting kids!

Crawling: Nope, not crawling yet!!! He’s super close though and is at that point where he gets up on his arms and knees and rocks but then just falls forward. I pray he doesn’t start crawling while Zach and I are in New York next week!!! But honestly, I just have this feeling that he’s going to take awhile to actually crawl. He’s pretty content right now with how mobile he is. He rolls like crazy and scoots so he gets around pretty well. Here’s a video of him getting around, and getting frustrated with it too! It’s funny because we started doing blanket time (post to come!) and one afternoon Zach and I were in the kitchen and Kye was on his blanket. I turned the corner to check on him and didn’t see him anywhere! I was like “ummm where’s the baby???” Turns out he’d rolled and squirmed his way in between the bar stools! I think it’s time to get out our little baby gate!

Nursing: It’s still going so so wonderful. He now finishes ultra fast, I’m talking cleaning out both breasts in a total of seven minutes flat! He also is so long that he doesn’t fit as well in the rocking chair when I nurse him. I used to do the football hold when he was a tiny baby but then he got too big for that and now I do cross-cradle (where he lays across me) but he’s getting too long for that. What is another position I can put him in??? Kinda clueless on that one! I never thought I’d be nursing him this long! I still enjoy it but he’s getting to the point where he’s quick to finish and then wants to get down and go go go. He’s not very interested in sitting and cuddling with Mommy anymore! I miss those days already!

Shopping Cart Cover:  Finally I can put this thing to good use! We’ve started using it as restaurants and last week I went to Target and decided instead of pushing Kye in the stroller we’d use a cart for the first time! He did really well and I’m thankful that this cover (it’s by Boppy fyi) has little loops to hook toys on for him to keep him busy. He got pretty fussy after a little while because it’s still hard to sit up straight in that kind of seat but overall he was a cutie! And taking him in public in an actual cart gets him a LOT more attention which is nice too 🙂

Bump on Leg: Just to prove Kye’s dr. wrong I’ve been using Aquaphor on Kye’s “permanent scar” on his theigh and it’s almost gone!!! It’s seriously a light pink color now and looks like a little freckle, I’ll bet money by next month it won’t be there at all so HA HA HA on the dr! 🙂

Poop Face: Is this wrong of me to post???? Probably! But Kye has become very regular on the #2s. He’s a go-while-I’m-eating kind of kid which I think is great because I know after he eats he’ll need a clean diaper. You can always tell he’s going but the funny faces he makes. I know someday he will KILL me for posting these but it’s hilarious so I can’t help myself. Forgive me son!!!

Me: This month is the first month of Kye’s life that I really went “where did the time go?” It seems like it flew by and I didn’t even realize it! I know it’s only going to go quicker and quicker and I”m trying to enjoy this time the best I can. He’s at an age where he is on the verge of so many milestones: about to (someday? Please???) get a tooth, soon to crawl, soon to pull himself up. It’s an exciting time but a frustrating time too because he gets frustrated with not hitting those markers yet and wears himself out trying! It makes my job a little bit tougher because he hasn’t been his normal happy self through all this but we’ll get to the other side and look back and it won’t even matter then!

I’m still doing good with my weight and have actually lost another couple pounds. I’ve accepted my body for what it is but I’m curious to see if it will change anymore once I’m done nursing. I’ve heard my breasts could stay big (good for Zach! haha!) or get even smaller than they were before. I’ve heard I could also lose more weight or I could gain too. It should be interesting. I know I haven’t been pregnant now for 7 months but I don’t think I’ll feel 100% back to ME until I’m done with nursing. There are still so many yucky things while nursing (like having to wear these awful nursing bras 24/7 and worrying about leaking and messing with pumping) that I just don’t feel fully myself yet. While I know it’ll be sad when the day comes to stop, it will be nice to get to get back to being EMILY too!

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