Brittlynn and The Sippy

Just like I wasn’t in a rush to start Britt on solids, I also didn’t hurry into using the sippy. I KNOW it’s important to get her going on it but I just want to… View Post

Whole Milk

As you know my pediatrician gave Kye the okay to introduce whole milk at 10 months old. I’m so glad I didn’t do that! I have heard from many people since then that their pediatrician… View Post

Summary of Month 12

So I didn’t do so great on one of my goals last month…my kid is still sporting the diaper-only look in most of these pics! I swear someday I’ll start making him get dressed every… View Post

Summary of Month 10

Wow, seriously..month 10?!?! I have a little calendar that I keep next to the computer where I write down all the little things Kye does throughout the month so I can keep track of it.… View Post

Goodbye Bottle, Hello Sippy!

The sippy cup has been somewhat of a struggle for us. I started when Kye was a little over 6 months old to offer him some water in a Nuby sippy with handles. He took… View Post