Stephanie’s Breastfeeding Story

This story comes from my friend Stephanie who I met my freshman year in high school (when I lived in Satellite Beach) and reconnected with through facebook! She’s actually a Stella and Dot stylist too! Her story is short and sweet and I love it as she feels the SAME way I do when it comes to breastfeeding!!! Thanks Stephanie!

I knew from the minute I found out I was pregnant that I would breastfeed. The thing that kept me most interested through my pregnancy was not only the fact that it’s healthier for the baby, but also helps form this special bond that I don’t believe I would have had otherwise. It was really special from the first feeding. Of course, everything ran through my mind, especially what if I wasn’t able to nurse? I realized that it’s mostly a commitment and if I wanted to, I could. I was up around the clock feeding and pumping every 3 hours for the first 8 weeks. We finally got into a good nursing pattern and I also had a good stock in the freezer. It did get easier, but it was certainly tough in the beginning. Alec always nursed for 20 minutes on the right side, and barely ever on the left. I exclusively breastfed him for the first 8 months and then I started incorporating different cereals and solids. My goal was to nurse him for 12 months! That goal was met last October and I still miss it. 🙁

Stephanie with her hubby Mike and son Alec

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