Sat at the Park

This weather has been AMAZING and we’ve been doing our best to take full advantage of it every chance we get! The weekend before Kye’s party we devoted to getting the house fully unpacked and party-ready. We have pretty much been putting it off as long as possible 🙂 Saturday morning Zach and Kye went to Lowe’s for the Beginner’s Workshop (adorable post to come!) and on their way home they picked up some subs so we could go on our first picnic of the year!

We used to go to the neighborhood playground all the time as a family and I want us to get back into that routine! Especially now that Kye has SO much fun!!!

using our wagon for the walk

picnic time!

We didn’t buy Kye a sub (why waste the money?) and he ate the sandwich I made him in pieces…bread then meat then cheese

We may not have bought him a sub, but we did buy him a cookie 😉


Kye was so patient during our picnic. He kept watching the other kids playing and you could tell he was dying to go play too but he waited until we were all done to race over!

Isn’t this shirt adorable? I found it at the kids sale and it’s a “K”

We thought the playground fun would help him burn off some energy but instead he wanted to spend practically the entire time swinging. He did not really want us to push him either…he wanted US to swing beside him.

“mommy go wee…daddy go wee”

Daddy pushing and tickling!

Guarding the area where Kye could fall off the playground

stair expert

wearing my new Stella and Dot stuff! The revival tassel necklace and revival bracelet with the soiree studs

We had SO much fun!

Sexy face?

After Kye’s nap we wanted some more outside time! Kye couldn’t put down the race car he made that morning and it gave Zach and I a chance to get some work done in the yard (well…it gave Zach a chance to get stuff done, and me a chance to take pics haha)

We even thought it’d be fun to eat our dinner outside and Kye LOVED it. I’m SO excited for all the great times to come in our backyard by the pool this summer…who’s coming swimming???

If you haven’t noticed we have not been out of town for an over-night trip since DECEMBER and it was like the first weekend in Dec! This is probably the longest we’ve ever stayed in town. I have the itch sooooo bad to go somewhere and I’m really looking forward to this weekend! Finally I’m getting away from Valdosta!!! Zach is heading to Florida for a guys weekend and I’m coming to the Atlanta area to see as many of my friends up that way as I can…if you want to get together and haven’t already contacted me let me know as I’d love to see you! 

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