Tess’s First Haircut {Harmony Barber Shop}

A couple years ago I first learned about Harmony Barber Shop. To be honest, I’d never even seen it before! It’s well hidden on Main Street USA inside Magic Kingdom (it’s to the left when you enter the park…by the fire station). I heard a lot about it on several Disney groups and had a couple friends say it’s awesome so I knew I wanted to book Tess’s first hair cut at Magic Kingdom as part of her first visit! How many people can say they had their very first hair cut at Disney World, right?!?!

The Barber Shop is very small but they will cut anyone’s hair! It can be a child or adult…we even saw a baby with literally hardly hair on his head get a “haircut” while we were there ๐Ÿ™‚

You have to call to make reservations. I called 180 days out but I don’t think it books up super quickly. We scheduled ours for 2:45 in hopes of watching the 3:00 parade pass by during the cut. I honestly didn’t notice if the parade came by or not because all my attention was on Tess. The seats also aren’t super close to the windows and the Barber Shop is set back a bit so I honestly don’t think you’d have all that great of a view of the parade from inside anyway. Although it is a good spot to watch the parade from outside! 

We got there early for our appointment and had a LENGTHY wait. They only had three or four chairs in the place and they do also take walk-ups. So just be prepared to possibly wait a bit even with an advanced reservation! 

The prizes from that morning came in handy ๐Ÿ˜‰

We saw some high school bands come by and this super pumped couple ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tess is a more reserved child and doesn’t warm up to new people very easily. I fully expected tears and clinging to Mommy. But nope, she surprised us all and was totally chill about the whole thing!

First cut!!!

How crazy LONG is Tess’s hair?!!? She’s not even 2 1/2 years old!

G-Mama was seriously THE golden ticket for it being a successful experience ๐Ÿ˜‰ She kept Tess occupied and smiling!

I was very specific with the hair dresser. Tess had SUPER dark hair as a baby and as her new hair grew in super light, the darker hair still stayed dark. So she’s had this reverse ombre affect and I love those darker pieces of hair. That’s my little baby’s first hairs and it’s the sweet fuzzy crazy hair I’ll always remember from her infant days. I wanted to make sure to get to keep some of that specific hair. 

I legit had tears when I realized a week or so later that I must have accidentally threw away the hair since it was just wrapped in a napkin! I’m thankful she just gave her a little trim and that she DOES still have some of those darker pieces left. Whenever hair cut #2 happens I WILL keep that junk!

The package for the first hair cut was $25 and included a certificate AND Mickey EARS!!! Whhhhat?!?! I’ve never bought Mickey Ears for my kids before and now I regret that b/c OMG THEY ARE SO STINKING ADORABLE. 

We saw some kids finishing their hair cuts before it was Tess’s turn and Daddy was HARDCORE against the pixie dust. It’s straight glitter and a TON of it. My original plan was to let the big kids get sprinkled with it (and Tess too of course) but I had to compromise with Zach…we just asked the hair dresser to lightly sprinkle Tess’s hair. It’s a good thing we said lightly because that stuff STAYS. I’m talking weeks later I was still finding little glitter pieces on her scalp!

How precious is this?!? She was making sure to close those eyes tight for her sparkles!

Yes, her hair is still long! We went for a little trim, mostly just to say she had her first haircut at Disney. It did help it look healthier too but I love it long! Tess rocks a pony like no ones business and you gotta have long hair for a top knot ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus she has her mama’s round face which I’ve learned from experience looks HORRIBLE with short hair. You’re welcome Tess ๐Ÿ™‚

The haircut itself was pretty short. We got there at 2:30ish and were done by 3:15ish, even including the wait time!

I was VERY impressed with the entire experience. For $25 it’s really a great value! You do have to have cash to tip (which we had some, thankfully) and I felt like 20% was plenty…however a couple next to us tipped their hairdresser $20. On top of the $25 they paid for their infant child to get like one hair cut off his tiny fuzzy head. So I’m not sure if we under tipped or they over tipped but I was still happy with the value of the experience and it’s something we’ll totally do again with Tab! I’d be down to let the older kids get cuts their too if it was something they were wanting to do (heck, it’s a TON cheaper than BBB for sure haha) I’m super proud with how well Tess did and it was awesome to have such a big milestone be extra special!

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