Spear Summary of Month 20

Spear Summary of Month 20.

This post covers the 20th month of Spear’s life, the entire month of July, and he was 19 months old during this month!

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Sleeping and Eating

I’m so super thankful that Spear is still clinging onto the morning nap for so long.

Y’all he’s a WILD MAN and wears us all out. I’m so thankful he made that morning nap last till back to school 😉

He is pretty much always awake when I go to get him up and is still very happy and content in his crib.

He is also still my kid that WILL fall asleep in the car!

I want Zach and I to test it out by driving to or from Disney at night. I’m thinking he’d sleep the whole way rather than fuss!

Spear is my moms adventurous eater out of all my kids!

He will try anything and tends to like the most random things.

The girls can’t stand food touching but Spear is allll about it!

We have started watching Star Wars with the kids and it’s worked out great to have Spear just eat his dinner in the living room – he watched the movies while a newborn so why not as a toddler 😉

Spear randomly found this super old sippy cup of Kye’s from when he was a toddler and he instantly got super attached to it! He LOVES drinking water and constantly wants to be carrying it around.

Car Sickness and Iron

On our way down to the beach Spear threw up in the car. Everywhere. Like 20 min away from our condo.

Ugh it was SO BAD.

While he doesn’t do this on a regular basis, it’s happened enough times now in the car that I assume he struggles from car sickness.

Add that to another new thing this fourth kid has brought me haha!

So far what has worked has been to just make sure there is a LOT of time between him eating a meal and us traveling.

We did that on the way home from the beach and it worked and no throw up.

I’m also putting together a kit to keep in the car before our next long road trip!

I also mentioned in his 18 month well check up that his iron levels came back a little low.

We did the iron supplements (just once a day though) and had the levels re-checked and it came back fine! Whew, one less thing to deal with!

Sibling Time

Between the beach for a week, Disney for a week and the downtime days of summer Spear had a LOT of quality sibling time!

Tess continues to be the most obsessed with him and Britt is def stepping up her Spear game too!

Tess, Spear and I had the chance for just the three of us to go to the store so DUH I had the wear matching shirts and it was fun having an outing with just the youngest two!


With all the fun sibling together time this month we also had a bit of an issue with Spear biting.

Tess is ALL OVER HIM and he can’t communicate that he wants her to stop, so he started biting her.

Thankfully this was a very short-lived phase and really just took me sitting down with Tess and explaining that Spear can’t tell her to leave him alone and that she needs to respect his space and look for signs that he’s done.

Like he will kinda stiff-arm and that’s the signal – I’m done.

She’s adapted really well and the biting stopped!

More About Spear

We had a BIG DEAL moment this month! Spear made it through the ENTIRE church service (yes, it’s only an hour ha!) without having to be taken out!


Spear does well with swimming (Love the pic of him and Kye swimming together) but he prefers to play on the playground over swimming in the pool.

He has learned how to climb up the ladder and play but he’s still too intimidated to go across the bridge to the slides.

Spear LOVES bath time. He loves having the water hit him and loves to drink from the spout and now loves to climb.

UGH. I just let him do it and when he fell I was hoping it’d teach him a lesson, but nope he got right back up and did it again!

Spear does 30 min or so of independent playtime and then has a bit of video time.

He does so well for both of these things and enjoys them usually as well!

Spear does not prefer playing with toys…he typically goes for either older kid items they don’t want him to have or goes for stuff around the house.

He loves putting on clothes – on his head, around his waist, it’s super cute.

He also figured out HOW TO OPEN THE BABY GATE.

I mean whhhhhhat?!?! NONE of the other kids figured out this gate. NONE. But here we are and Zach had to add an additional reinforcement lock!

So I know so many people are probably like “Finally…Emily Parker got her WILD CHILD.”

And I totally, totally did. He’s wild. Into everything. “All boy.” Yup. I got one! 😉

He also is my most common sense kinda smart kid. He loves figuring things out and it didn’t overly shock us that he figured out how to open the gate!

I did a few fun collabs on Instagram this month and Spear has loved the attention as well as the awesome play table he got!

Videos from Month:

Schedule at 19 Months Old:

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Sibling Comparisons:

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