Spear Summary of Month 17

Spear Summary of Month 17. This post covers the entire month of April, Spear was 16 months old during this month.

toddler boy summary at 16 months old

Sleep and Eating

This month has been the same regarding Spear’s routine.

He continues to be an excellent eater and sleeper! He still has a full morning nap and has no real signs of dropping it anytime soon.

It is typical to drop the morning nap between 12-18 months but I am hoping Spear will hang onto his longer (crossing fingers) and so far it seems like that will be the case as he’s always sleepy for both naps and still goes to bed tired too at night!


Spear is taking his time with walking. He’s had his first step and has started taking additional steps too.

However, he still chooses to crawl over walk and anyone who sees him crawl in person sees why – kid is FAST!!!

I’m zero percent concerned that his lack of walking is a developmental concern. It’s a choice. He chooses to crawl. He can walk. He does walk. He just will walk a bit and then decide to crawl instead!

I know a lot of it is a fourth kid thing. I simply don’t have time to hold his hand and “walk” with him. If on the go, I scoop him up and carry him!

So I’m trying to be mindful to take that time and have him walk!

Tessie LOVES walking with him too!


Well. Spear was born in December. And so was Britt. So I basically always compare Spear to Britt since he’s the same age she was at the same time of year.

I noticed that Britt had started potty training mid-March after her first birthday. Yes, 15 months old.

So I freaked out and thought it was TIME to train Spear.

Once I started going with it, however, I read back over my own blog posts and realized Britt was my YOUNGEST to potty train and that Kye was 19 months old when he started.

Which would be SO MUCH EASIER on me with Spear timing wise.

So we potty trained a bit. Didn’t have a ton of success with it. (As you see I also didn’t have much success keeping him contained in the kitchen ha!)

And then I decided to hold off and wait until all the kids go back to school in August.

Spear IS showing some signs of being ready (he holds it for a super long time) but with his lack of walking and lack of communicating and the amount of time spent in the car with him it made it pretty dang impossible!

He was so stinking cute in his little underwear though and I feel confident it’ll be a breeze come August 🙂


This month we busted out the sunscreen for the first time since last summer…and had some struggles with Spear.

We went to Satellite Beach for the first time with him and he just seemed off the whole afternoon. His eyes looked a bit swollen and he was really fussy.

The next day we went to Hollywood Studios and on the drive there we realized he was VERY bothered by the sunscreen.

I think he rubs his eyes a lot and it gets in there and bothers him? He was PITIFUL. It was AWFUL.

Moving forward I invested in sunscreen sticks as well as hardcore gentle baby sunscreen AND we will be avoiding putting sunscreen on the eyes 😉

Wild Boy

Spear is the definition of “all boy” (Which, side note, is a phrase I literally LOATHE. What? If a boy isn’t wild is he somehow less of a boy???)

He’s VERY active. ALWAYS on the go. Constantly getting into things. Wild by nature. He keeps me on my toes!

He’s SO brave and strong and fearless.

I took Spear, Kye and Tess to a playground while Britt had gymnastics and y’all he was SO funny.

He climbed up the stairs completely solo and figured out the slides on his own too but was only interested in the BIGGEST slide. And only wanted to go down head first.

It helped that he had two of his big siblings cheering him on! I ALWAYS want my kids to SUPPORT each other and love on each other and encourage each other. ALWAYS.

And fun moment at this outing: random lady and I were chatting and she asked Spear’s name. I said “Spear” and she said “Beer?” haha! Nope. Not Beer. haha

I have to always have an eye on Spear because he WILL get into ANYTHING and everything given the opportunity!

Lip Tie

I am planning a full blog post about this topic. But wanted to mention it here too. Spear had his lip “untied” this month.

He did GREAT and we have NO regrets about it!

spear lip tie

More About Spear:

Spear LOVES to “clean.” He will get into the laundry room and grab the broom and try to start sweeping.

He’s really, really perceptive. He’s always paying attention and is very interested in how things work. He’s always copying us and repeating things we do.

He’ll be sweeping my floors soon 🙂

More pics of my silly, wild boy!

Spear loves to hide right now and play “peek-a-boo” He also loves books and enjoys “putting them away” in his closet.


Spear ADORES his siblings. When he had his lip tie procedure done? As soon as we got home we went STRAIGHT for Kye and would NOT get out of his lap. It was PRECIOUS.

Out of the three siblings Tess is probably the closest to Spear right now.

She is always asking for Spear to sit next to her to eat at meal times and is the only kid that asks if she can play with Spear in his room.

She also LOVES to help tuck him in and wake him up!

It’s beyond sweet!

I am trying to get us back into a nightly walk routine as it’s something we really enjoyed prior to Spear being born.

Whenever we have a new baby it takes a LONG TIME to get back into a regular family routine.

Game time before bed. Walks. Other daily activities. It takes awhile for us to get back into the groove…we ain’t quite there yet but working on it!

I took just Spear out for a walk and it was SO NICE! He loved it and did great!



  • 7:00: Up for the day, breakfast
  • Usually Independent playtime for 20-30 minutes
  • 9:00: Down for nap
  • 11:00: Up from nap, “Help” Mommy make lunch
  • Pick up Tess from School
  • 12:20: Lunch
  • 1:00: Naptime
  • 4:00: Up from nap
  • Try for another round of independent playitme
  • 5:30-6:30: Dinner
  • Bathtime and story
  • 6:45ish: Bed for night

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