Spear Summary of Month 15

This post covers all of Spear’s 15th month of life which was the entire month of February. He was 14 months old during this month. 

Eating: Spear is still loving his morning oatmeal (I give the recipe in this post). He doesn’t really “sign” officially for all-done and more but “says” it with sounds like dnnnne and mmmmm. Here’s a video of “all done” and another one!

He also tends to remove his bib often while eating so I have to constantly remind him that we need to keep our bib on to eat. He loves his milk and drinks it well and is still a very well-rounded eater! He’s not been as picky as my other kids at this age. I truly think it helped that he had donated breastmilk from many different sources as it gave him such a variety of flavors! 

I’ve been working on handing Spear a spoon and fork when eating. He tends to LOVE holding it but then still uses his hands to eat!

He LOVES meal time!

Raiding the pantry 😉 

Sleep: Spear continues to be an excellent sleeper. He takes two solid naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night easily! He isn’t always awake when I go to wake him up and when I do wake him up he always wakes up with the sweetest smile!

Spear is my FIRST KID to chew on the DANG crib. Wahhhhhh. I decided not to stress it. Whatever. I do plan to keep our crib for grandbabies and my plan now is just to let him go to town and it can be a fun project for Zach and I to do together to refinish and repaint it when we’re expecting our first grandbaby. 

On top of chewing on the side he also is our first kid to disassemble the crib too. Ugh. He figured out how to pull off the sides of the crib too!!! We just took off one of the sides and keep fixing the side that he pulls up!

The Crib Destroyer!


7:00 – Wake up for Day, breakfast

8:45 – Down for first nap

11:15 – Up from Nap

30 min independent playtime 


12:45 – Down for nap

4:00 – Up from nap

30 min independent playtime 

Dinner and Bath

7:00 Bed for night

Other Things This Month:

With the holidays and then all of our flooring situation Spear had gotten out of the routine for independent playtime but I buckled down and got on it this month and he quickly transitioned back into it. I’m at 30 minutes once a day solid for now but try to fit it in twice when possible. It’s tricky with needing to pick up Tess from school! It’ll be easier over the summer and next school year when she’s at school with Kye and Britt. 

He plays SO WELL during this time. He does cry at first but has started settling down pretty quickly and enjoys his toys!

This month Spear started his survival swim lessons. We go Mon – Thur so it’s been an adjustment to the schedule but he’s doing AWESOME. I plan to do an entire post about it once he finishes up with it. I’m SO proud of how great he’s doing though and feel super confident that we’ll have another starfish by summer!

Spear has only been sick once in his life and it was around Christmas when he was diagnosed with bronchitis and showed NO symptoms. So this month when he seemed sick I did want to jump on it and make sure I took all the right steps. He had the crud so when Zach and Kye woke up one morning feeling bad Zach went ahead and took both boys to the urgent care walk-in to see if everything was okay with him. The urgent care doctors said he was FINE. 

Two days later? He puked all over the place in his car seat. I planned to take him in the next morning and he puked again all over himself on the way to the doctor. He had to go into the walk-in clinic without clothes! #momfail. 


He had a 101.6 temp and tested negative for flu. I was wanting them to do a strep test because I’ve heard that kids puke with the flu. But the dr said he didn’t need it. That he was on the verge of several different things…his cough was almost croup but not fully and that his lungs didn’t sound perfectly clear but also weren’t bad enough to be a legit sickness. 

He got an antibitoic, sterioid and bromfed and was good to go. I hated he was feeling so bad but I loved all the extra snuggles!

Spear is a rashy kid. He’s just always gotten rashes randomly. Kye was the same way so I don’t overly panic about it. He broke out with a good rash everywhere and I was hopeful it meant that his little body was fighting off the infection!

Poor Buddy. 

The meds took AWHILE to really work and make him feel better (again, I feel like it was strep b/c when I had strep recently I felt worse before I felt better). And his little eyes stayed so sickly looking for quite awhile too. 

Spear is always interested in whatever I’m doing. He follows me around and likes to be near me throughout the day during his awake time. He’s starting to be a little helper too!

He is also still very much into EVERYTHING. 

Pulls and pushes everything out and all over the floor!

He thinks it’s hilarious to climb into his bottom drawer!

Spear had his first haircut over Thanksgiving. His hair grows FAST and is SO THICK so by dang FEBRUARY it was ROUGH. I told Zach I was going to start putting his hair in a man bun until Zach would get it cut 😉 When we went skiing and Spear stayed with Mrs Charlotte I told her if she’d like to get it cut that she could cut it however she wanted and I totally didn’t care! I’m so thankful she got it cut!

I’m really wanting to train Spear to sit and watch tv. He’s def old enough for some video time and once the time comes that he drops that morning nap I’d like for him to have a longer chunk of independent playtime and then video time following and I really won’t have TIME for him to do that stuff until he does drop the nap. So I’ve got to figure up a time frame during the day for him to be able to watch a little video time and work on training him to sit still for that time frame. He is getting more and more interested in sitting in a little chair though which is a good sign!

Such a silly boy climbing in and out of his little walker!

On top of the sickness Spear also started cutting his one year molars. Poor guy was a HOT MESS

Even though it was February we had some GORGEOUS weather and something that we value is outside playtime. Spear LOVES it. He did so great swinging (this is the toddler swing we have) and he really likes our new swing too (you can see it here!)


Spear did great staying with Mr Rusty and Mrs Charlotte while we were skiing. He has such a great bond with them which is really sweet!

Britt was the slowest to warm up to Spear but as he’s gotten older and older she’s gotten closer and closer to him. I truly just think she’s not a baby fan! They are so cute together!

So thankful that after the 10 days were up on the meds that he was feeling SO MUCH BETTER! The force is with this cutie for sure 😉 

a summary of 14 months old

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