Spear Summary of Month 11

This post covers the entire month of October, Spear’s 11th month of life. He was 10 months old during this month. 

Eating: Spear continues to LOVE TO GRUB. He will eat and eat and EAT. He doesn’t really use signing, even though I’ve been working with him on it, and usually says “mmmm mmmm” for more. 

Sleeping: Spear also continues to sleep well and wake up happy. Even if he doesn’t sleep for a full nap he will just play happily in his bed. We plan to keep using a sleep sack for quite awhile and even with it he’ll occasionally get a limb stuck in the slats!

Tess LOVES to help tuck Spear in at nap time and wake him up in the mornings before school. She is all about her baby brother! 

Schedule: Spear’s Schedule remains the same this month. 

7-7:15: up for the day, 6 oz formula, solids for breakfast

9-11: nap

11-11:15: 6 oz formula

12:00-12:30ish: solids (with Tess when she’s done with school)

1-3:30ish: nap time. Then 6-8 oz bottle of breastmilk

5:30-6:30: solids with dinner with family

6:45: bath then 8 oz formula and straight to bed for night

Other Things This Month:

This month we finally invested in Spear’s big boy car seat! Tess is still able to use hers (and Tess, at over 4 years old is still rear facing) so we needed to get a new one for Spear. It was important to me to find a seat that would allow for extended rear-facing. 

We ended up getting the Graco Extend2Fit. I really, really trust Car Seats for the Littles and their review was very positive so I felt confident in purchasing this seat for Spear!  

Last day in an infant seat!

Yayyyy for big boy seat!!!

Teething: I’m not joking when I say that my friends on Instagram are THE JAM. I swear I can post a story on ANY topic and people always chime in with awesome advice and insight! If you follow me on IG never, ever hesitate to shoot me a dm in reply to any of my stories! I do my best to respond to every single one and always, always appreciate it. 🙂 

And yes, this has to do with teething haha!

Spear started having this WEIRD bubble type blistery looking thing on his gums. To be honest it freaked me and Zach out. I was worried he’d somehow gotten hurt?!?! But several people commented to me that it’s a common thing and is like a little blood filled blister that pops once the tooth breaks through the gum. I tried not to stress it and just leave it alone and, sure enough, when the teeth came through it cleared up on it’s own. 

The blister was completely gone with the first top tooth erupting but the second one coming in freaked me out even MORE because it didn’t look like as obvious of a blister and almost looked like discoloration of the tooth or bleeding in the tooth. SO. WEIRD. But just like the first one, once the second one came in it was totally fine and any weirdness went away. 

Hair: Often in certain lighting Spear gets comments that his hair appears to have a red tint. An interesting thing about this is that Zach’s facial/arm/body hair looks red in certain lighting too. Spear’s hair is def NOT red and is very much so brown in color with a LOT of SUPER light mixed in too. 

All of Spear’s full bio siblings have SUPER blonde hair. Like toe-head blonde. So I’ve assumed the dark would fade out and be replaced by light but so far it’s all just sorta blending together. I’m interested to see how it plays out long term! 

Also when it’s wet it curls all up! I know once we cut it he will probably lose all the curl but it’s a sweet baby thing right now!

Shoes: Mrs Charlotte was needing Christmas ideas for the kids and I struggle with what I should even buy Spear…let alone items to add to a wishlist! I don’t do shoes on infants. I just don’t. And yes people LOVE to buy them so I have a billion pairs of baby shoes that never get worn! Since Spear is almost a year old I figured it was time to see about shoes for him since walking is around the corner! 

Y’all Spear has SUCH FAT FEET. Which would stress me out…but it’s actually a HUGE blessing. Because guess who else had mega fat feet? KYE. 

So when Kye was a toddler we had to buy super fancy expensive shoes in order to find some wide enough. Sure enough when I pulled down Kye’s walking shoes they fit Spear so well! He’s a 4.5 WIDE in shoes and pretty much will be stuck with brands like Stride Rite and Pediped for awhile. Once Kye was a confident walker I was ALL about some Crocs so I can see those in Spear’s future too! 

Independent Playtime: 

This month I bumped up independent playtime to 30 min and Spear did AWESOME! He started truly ENJOYING this time to play on his own! If you’re looking to start independent playtime here’s my post on it 🙂 

Cruising/Crawling: Spear is def cruising some but still mostly crawls due to it being the fastest way to get around. He is into EVERYTHING and it’s hard with THREE older kids around to keep things out of his reach. Especially when it comes to small stuff. 

He had an incident this month where he reached through the slats of the gate on our stairs and got ahold of something small of Britt’s that she had on the stairs to take up to her room and had it in his mouth and was truly choking on it. I’m so thankful I wasn’t home. Zach handled it well and it was a GREAT reminder/lesson for us ALL to be super mindful of little things…even if we THINK they are out of his reach. Kid is CLEVER and will find a way to get what he wants! 

Speaking of finding a way to get what he wants…I tossed these crackers (still in wrapping) that Britt didn’t finish for her lunch into the tall kitchen trash can. I turn around to clean up and Spear got ’em out AND started eating them haha It reminded me of our dog, Christy, growing up. She was a German Shepard and my dad said one day he came home and she’d caught and killed a baby deer and was eating it. He just let her eat it because it was her prize after all…Spear earned those dang crackers too 😉 

Siblings: The older Spear gets the more smitten Tess is with him which is super sweet as really I was worried once he got more mobile and into everything that he’d annoy her. But she talks about him even when he’s not with us and I can see them having such a special bond. I just love the birth order of our children. I love seeing how different kids interact with each other. Kye and Britt are the older boy, younger girl. Britt and Tess are older girl, younger girl. And Tess and Spear are older girl, younger boy. I def think she is more into Spear than Kye was into Britt at this stage and I’m sure part of that is the natural nurturing side to girls!

If Spear could talk and tell us his favorite person in the family…he’d say Kye and we all know it. He LIGHTS UP when Kye is around and literally laughs at every single thing Kye does. Kye can smile and Spear erupts in laughter. (Here’s a video!) It’s precious and adorable and I’m the MOST excited about their bond. I just think the 8 year age difference is going to be SO special and awesome. Well, it actually already is! I LOVE seeing them together!!!

Look at the way he’s watching his older brother!

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