Spear School Summary: Spring 2021

Spear LOVED this school year in the 2.5 year old preschool class! He adored his teachers and his friends, especially “Allen” and the toy tractor in the classroom 😉

School has been SO great for him! I truly believed it’s helped so much with his speech development as well as social skills. YES, he’s one of four kids. He gets PLENTY of socialization just in our house but it’s different to be among kids his age and with an authority figure other than his parents.

I’ve always been pro-preschool and will always continue to say that I have zero regrets in enrolling all of our kids in a preschool program!

Spear was slightly more interested in showing off his artwork from the Spring than he was in the Fall (you can see his fall summary here).

His teacher has really gone above and beyond in creating such cute works of art and there are so many pieces with his precious little hand prints that I even struggled to throw things away 😉

Spear did really well in school overall this year with his behavior. We don’t get any sort of reports on his academics which I agree with totally. Preschool, in my opinion, should be about socialization and learning through play – not being tested or graded on skills!

He had a few rough days with his behavior but had MAJORITY of the time happy faces in his folder!

I am very proud of Spear and thankful for his sweet teachers and the positive preschool environment. It was tough when the preschool we loved so much for the older kids closed down but his new school has been a fantastic fit and we are so thankful that he was able to experience a 100% NORMAL school year!

We can’t wait for the 3 year old class! Only two years left of having a preschooler at home. Our baby is growing up quick!

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