Spear School Summary: Fall 2020

This school year is sorta kinda Spear’s first true year of preschool. All of the other kids we waited until age 2.5 to start preschool and Spear we did enroll for two mornings a week last school year to help with his speech development.

When everything shut down last March that included his preschool so when he started back this fall it felt more like his legit first experience to me but he had the advantage of already being acclimated to the school and staff 😉

Spear was ALL about watching the older kids show off their school work but had very sporadic interest in displaying his own – perks of an older brother to help out 😉

Spear LOVES school! He has had the smoothest transition into preschool out of all my kids. NEVER sheds a tear about leaving me. Typical last baby right? Mama wants to cling on and he has no interest haha!

I am thankful not only that Spear is able to be in-person for school but especially that his school day is very much the same as it would have been pre-Covid life. I’m thankful he’s able to experience playing with friends and not having to be socially distanced or wear masks the way the older kids have to!

Spear loves school and his teachers and is doing awesome! He is really picking up on things he’s learning at school like color recognition and he’s starting to count higher and list his ABCs. I truly look at preschool as a chance for fun play and socialization and don’t worry about my kids learning things academically at this age, I’m just glad he loves it and it having fun!

I also miiiiight be in it for the cute little projects they do! Mama doesn’t have that kind of patience 😉

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