Tour of Our Home

We built our home in 2010 with the goal of keeping it simple, cost effective, and making it a place we could see ourselves staying in forever.

It was our first time building a home and whew it’s true what they say about how hard it is!

In our case my mom was living with us and Zach had a piece of bone broken in his back that ended up requiring surgery about a week prior to our big move. Oh, and we had a toddler!

We have been living in our home now for 8 years. We love it.

We have very few things we’d do differently if we were to do it all over again.

We are so thankful for the blessings to have contentment in our home.

We don’t plan to move, but aren’t completely closed off to the idea either.

If finances worked out and we wanted to build again, we aren’t opposed to it.

But we aren’t in any kind of hurry about it and still consider this to be our “forever home.”

We also don’t consider our home complete.

Zach is very handy and creative and we both have lots of improvements we plan to make throughout our home.

When we built the house we kept it simple, so there are lots of areas that can be improved on for sure! 

Currently our projects are more focused on some smaller things that after 8 years need some TLC (furniture, minor repairs etc).

The next big project is probably going to be an outdoor kitchen but we aren’t in a rush for that either.

I really want all the furniture up to standards (a LOT of our furniture is from 2008 when we first got married and was cheap then and is basically junk now haha) and some other indoor stuff taken care of before that project starts…but we’ll see 😉

I did a tour of our home back in 2012 so there have been some changes to some of the posts but nothing major, I’ll include links to updated rooms as well 🙂

Here’s our home:


Foyer, Dining and Living Room

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Original Playroom

Current Playroom

Guest Bedroom

Zach’s Office

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Kye’s Golf Room

Kye’s Football Room

Britt’s Nursery

Britt’s Mermaid Room

Tess’s Room

Other Areas of our Home

Outdoor Updates as of July 2013

Indoor Updates as of July 2013   

Tess Big Girl Room

Britt Princess Room

Spear’s Nursery 

Study Room / Homework Hang Out Room

Tess’s Treehouse Bedroom

Going through all these posts makes me want to walk around the house and see things that need updating!

It’s been 2 years since I posted a house update post and I’m def due to do another one here soon 🙂

I love making memories in our home and continuing to change it as our family grows!

You can see a lot of my inspirations for our home in my Pinterest Boards…also be sure to follow me on Facebook! 

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