Tess Monthly Summary: September 2016

This is Tess’s summary from September:

Part of the fun of Tess being in school this year is getting to attend her school events! Zach was pumped to get to celebrate BOTH of his girls at Donuts with Dads πŸ™‚ Tess loved having Daddy there (and the class loved his show and tell item : the big talking Aflac duck!).

That face hahaha

School has been GREAT for her. I was nervous having her go at a younger age than the other two but she’s my most “big kid” acting. I know being the third kid she has to keep up with the older two! She’s my most independent “do it myself” child and that has been a good fit for the school setting as well. Since going to school she’s really developed a LOVE for coloring! I have several leftover sheets from Britt and Kye’s preschool days and my hoarding has come in handy πŸ˜‰

This month we found out that Zeke has diabetes. There will be a post to come about it all but, whew, just add that to the long list of crazy things to happen with our family this year. We all love Zeke, but he’s Tess’s favorite. She ADORES him. As in talks to him constantly and considers herself the “cat whisperer” as she will carry his bowl to me and ask me to fill it for him. It’s not looking good for Zeke (He’s 12 years old and we found him as a stray kitten so we aren’t going to be pouring money into insulin shots) and I tried to captured as much Tess and Zeke together time as I could this month!

I know people always say that every kid is an individual and that they will all be different, but it still shocks me when I get surprised by something Tess does. I feel like by now I’ve seen it all! Tess is my first stripper haha. She strips down in the bed. Not just her clothes. Also her diaper. And the actual sheets on the bed too. It’s awesome

As a solution we cut off the feet of a zipper sleeper and put it on her backwards. Works like a charm! Kinda a pain to have to change her into it at naps but well worth it to keep the clothes and diaper on (of course she still strips the sheets haha)

Cute little stinker πŸ˜‰

LOOK AT THAT HAIR! Child has SUCH long hair for her age!

I know I’m loooong over due on potty posts but it’s been great! I was nervous with school how she’d do because I take her so often at home. I had her go in a pull up over her panties for awhile but even then there were very minimal accidents and soon she was fine to go without the pull up! Big girl!

My little animal lover was OBSESSED with the kittens at the vet!

Kye is doing tennis every other Monday and the girls are LOVING getting to play at the park!

When I was pregnant with Tess (VERY pregnant with her) Britt was around Tess’s age now and we were at this playground and she climbed up this ladder and fell from the top rung to the ground. It was SO SCARY. 

It’s like Tess remembers the incident from the womb. Because SHE is obsessed with his stinking ladder. SO annoying b/c now I’m total helicopter mom about it and have to stand right  behind her!

Tess does super well running errands with me! I love all the attention she gets πŸ˜‰

I got this little chair when I was pregnant with Kye. It’s actually his infant baby swing that converted to a toddler chair. I have no clue if they make anything like them anymore but yall it’s AWESOME. It’s probably one of my top three favorite baby items. As my kids got old enough for movie time I use this seat b/c I can buckle them in! Tess LOVES it and insists on sitting in it whenever we watch any sort of movie. Even if we have family movie night she’ll insist on sitting in her chair and doesn’t join us in cuddle time on the couch!

Ok I checked to see if I could find it and they sell just the seats now! This is one very similar to the one we have and it’s awesome πŸ™‚ 

Sometimes she strips down while watching haha 

And she loves to hoard water cups too

Britt has always loved accessories and dressing up and it’s so fun that Tess is just the same way! I love her silly side coming out as she’s def my more serious daughter πŸ˜‰

Britt’s toys are all her FAVS! I’m hoping to convince Britt to let Tess have this doll house b/c she plays with it wayyyy more than Britt does!

More About Tess: 

  • She really had a vocabulary explosion this month. She’s talking in a lot of sentences
  • She calls herself Tessie πŸ™‚
  • She is starting to communicate the need to go poop but will often say “poo poo” and really just have to toot
  • She’s def 100 percent potty trained and now pulls down her panties and tells us when she has to go
  • Sept 26th was a big day for her b/c it was the day she officially stopped crying at school drop off and stopped wearing the pull ups over her panties!
  • She does NOT like wearing her diaper at ALL and fusses when I put it on for nap/nights. I can see her getting sleep trained soon!


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