Kye is 20 Months Old!

This time around for Kye’s monthly pictures I thought it’d be fun to get pictures of him enjoying his new home.

It was so neat to get to see him running through the walls and playing in an unfinished home knowing that this will be the same place where he will make all his childhood memories.

Makes me so excited! Here’s a little video from our fun at the house as well.

According to What to Expect the Toddler Years Kye can do everything a 20 month old “should” be doing including:

  • use an object in imitation
  • use a spoon/fork, but not exclusively
  • run

Kye is doing everything a 20 month old “may possibly” be able to do including:

  • combine words
  • identify one picture by naming
  • name 6 body parts
  • throw a ball overhand
  • speak and be understood half the time
  • use 50+ single words

Kye can also do everything a 20 month old “may even” be able to do including:

  • identify 4 pictures by pointing
  • build a tower of 6 cubes

One of the topics I found interesting in this chapter was aggressive behavior.

Kye does not hit or bit out of anger (the only time he honestly hits us is when we are rough house playing and that’s only because he doesn’t know how else to play rough with us…kinda hard to teach him!) but he does show aggression with his toys at times.

He will often throw them and when he gets frustrated he’ll take out those emotions on his toys.

This chapter says that it’s actually a safe way to deal with anxiety and aggressive feelings. It’s effective, satisfying and much more socially acceptable than hitting another person due to his feelings.

I don’t 100% agree with allowing him to take out aggression on his toys (as who wants a bunch of broken toys…or in my case a scar on my nose?) but I do like the idea of getting him a punching bag toy to take that aggression out on!

None of the rest of the chapter really applied to anything we are dealing with right now.

Most of it was devoted to aggression issues and fears and Kye hasn’t discovered fear yet (or he is just fearless).

I did like the section on teaching your child how to be giving to others. I know personally I need to work on having more of a servant heart.

I’m SO busy all the time that I am only giving to others when it fits into my schedule…but that’s not what giving is about is it? We are called to be servants to others and I want to teach my son to be a cheerful giver.

The only way to do that is to be a giver myself! I remember watching The Duggars show and they talked about teaching their children to say “it’s my pleasure” instead of “your welcome” because it SHOULD be our pleasure to do something for someone else. I really like that and I need to work on that for sure!!!

Especially with the holidays coming up it’s a great opportunity to start doing more for the people in our community.

he will point to the outlet and say “no no”

Overall this month was tough. I feel like most of Kye’s schedule has gone out the window and I can’t WAIT to get settled in the new house and get him back on track!!!

I think we’ll BOTH be happier once life is a little more structured 🙂 Here’s Kye’s current schedule:

7:15ish: up for day, use potty, breakfast
(take to potty every hour)
11:00: use potty, lunch
12:20: use potty, put on diaper for nap
12:30-3:30: nap
3:30ish: up from nap, use potty, snack
(use potty every hour)
6:00: use potty, dinner
7:00: use potty, bathtime
7:20: use potty, diaper on, pjs
7:30: bed

Kye’s FAVORITE part of the new house is the big front door!

he will be happy just opening and closing that door all day

see you guys later!

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