SeaWorld Orlando Visit April 2021

Back in 2019 we visited SeaWorld Orlando with Zach’s family and it was our first time as a family as well (you can read the post here!) We were surprised by how much we loved… View Post

First Mommy Solo Beach Getaway!

As a mom it can be tough to really practice self-care and I am AWFUL at relaxing. I have said it time and time again, I just have to be totally and completely out of… View Post

Our Key West Trip Part 5: Chill Day at Hawk’s Cay!

Our original booking for Mexico was for four nights because they ran a special that was book 3 nights get the 4th for free so when we planned out our Key West trip we just… View Post

Our Key West Trip Part 4: Snorkeling + Enjoying Hawks Cay!

When visiting somewhere new we want to make sure to do ALL THE THINGS and I’m not the best at making sure to plan for relaxation on vacation. As we mapped out our itinerary we… View Post

Our Key West Trip Part 3: Dolphin + Jet Ski Day

If you’ve missed the first two days of our trip here’s day 1 in Islamorada and day 2 in Key West! For the remainder of our trip we wanted to just stick closer to the… View Post