Hambrick’s Tree Farm 2013

Every year we visit Hambrick’s to cut down our own Christmas tree. Did you know that this year we missed a week? Like Thanksgiving was an entire week late. Ugh. I did NOT realize it but totally wish I had because we would have gotten our Christmas stuff rollin’ the weekend prior to Thanksgiving rather than the weekend after. Also it gave me less time for Britt’s party which made it SO much more stressful than usual! I hope we NEVER have as late of a Thanksgiving again!!!

This was Britt’s second time coming out with us (her first Christmas we had decorated the tree and house and all before she was born). And it was her first year walking! It was SO great b/c Zach and I could kinda hang back and let the kids run wild. And run…run…run…they did!

 There were SO many beautiful trees it made it hard to pick…but we actually ended up with our prettiest tree ever!!!

 Real men cut down their own Christmas trees 🙂

 I promise she looked SO cute in her little side pony. Her hair is SO fine that it just fell right out and was a hot mess haha

 Kye is in a big “hiding” and “being sneaky” stage!

 He wanted her to chase him haha she wasn’t having it!

I really, really debated getting this jacket. I am a VERY practical person with my kids clothing and I also like for things to be cheap, cheap. I saw this at a kids sale (and it’s Gap) for $15 and was tempted to pass it by…I mean $15 for a jacket that is a little “fancier” than it is practical? I’m SO glad my kid sale friends told me I had to get it! I love it!!!

We had a super fun time! Britt was a little scared of the loud noises of the four wheeler when he came to pick up the tree, but otherwise we all enjoyed it! We also busted out the Christmas music in the car which I LOVE! Britt instantly chose “Ay Ay Ay It’s Christmas” as her favorite song haha. I know our kids aren’t “old” by any means but these ages are so wonderful and make life SO MUCH easier! It was awesome to just let them play and not be so worried or nervous about anything. Better enjoy the “easy life” while I can!!!

A look back at our Hambrick’s Memories:






  1. Melissa
    January 14, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    I cant believe I've been reading your blog this long! My goodness!

  2. Robyn Mullican
    January 19, 2014 / 7:43 pm

    I love all of these pics! They are wonderful!

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