New Orleans Day 4

Our last day in New Orleans! As I mentioned in an earlier post this was the first Aflac trip in a long time that we just stuck with the length of the trip given. And… View Post

New Orleans Day 3

Our third day started with a quick Aflac provided breakfast in the room while we got ready to go on our tour. Aflac always hosts activities and when we go on trips we get to… View Post

New Orleans Day 2

Aflac provided us with breakfast each morning and dinner every night except one. On our first morning though we skipped the free breakfast and instead walked down to a top rated breakfast place called The… View Post

New Orleans Night 1!

Zach and I are always so appreciative of any Aflac trips he earns with the company. Sometimes though we opt out on going on the trip. We haven’t been to National Convention since Hawaii, right… View Post