Kye Monthly Summary: September

Here is everything Kye was up to in September! We had a busy month so I blogged about a lot of the things he had going on but here’s somethings I failed to mention in other posts:

Weaning Nap: UGH. I never, ever want this day to arrive! Kye has started to not sleep for his nap. I decided to still set him up for success at nap time. He must lay in his bed quietly and try to sleep. I’m okay with him reading books in his bed if he can’t sleep or when he wakes up. But he has to stay IN the bed and has to be QUIET. I’ve started to let him get up early if he’s already awake and we will have some solo time while Britt finishes her nap. He sleeps some days and doesn’t sleep others…it’s a hit or miss thing but I know he’s no where near ready to be completely nap-free, nor am I! And because he isn’t sleeping as often for nap he’s struggling with adjusting to less sleep. He is a little more emotional and cries easier because he’s tired. Boo.

Cutting: Kye is getting VERY good with scissors. He enjoys just to sit and cut and cut!

Date: This month Kye went on a date with G-Mama. I appreciate SO MUCH that she makes the effort to make sure he has this special one on one time with her. It’s something he needs and he always has such an amazing time. She called him and ask him to go with her and told him they’d go out to dinner and he could pick wherever he wanted to go. As soon as he hung up the phone he ran into his room and got down his piggy bank and started to empty it out. I asked what he was doing and he said “I need my money, I’m taking G-Mama on a date!” So, so precious. We totally let him take all the money with him and he paid 50 cents towards the bill ๐Ÿ˜‰ They went to Cici’s and went to the Fun Factory to play games and even got ice cream for dessert!

Servant Heart: Kye has SUCH a servant heart. One day I was cooking dinner and accidentally spilled an entire bag of sesame seeds allllll over our pantry. He game rushing in and told me to let him handle it. He insisted on cleaning them all up himself. The spill had nothing to do with him and was zero percent his fault yet he jumped in to help and, more importantly, he did it with such a happy heart. He made me SO proud in that moment! I did my best to step back and let him do the cleaning and made sure to shower him with kisses and praise!

Appetite: Kye’s appetite has increased quite a bit lately. Which I find interesting because he eats a snack at school in the mornings. I don’t give the kids snacks at home so he’s eating more than usual which would make you think he’d eat less at each meal? Child will clean a plate easy now-a-days! He’s also getting more adventurous with what he’ll eat which is nice!

 The kids LOVE it when I made a smoothie (I use a Meal Replacement Shake and blend it with fruit, and even vegetables!)

Private Time: The days of private time in his room are quickly coming to an end as Britt is able to open doors and hates to be without her brother! I’m sure Kye will be beyond happy to move up to his upstairs room at some point in the future. He’ll finally get alone time away from her! Zach did set up this super awesome train track this month and I did my best to keep Britt out of Kye’s room in order to allow it to stay set up for a few days where he could enjoy it!

Friends: This year I’ve really noticed Kye’s friendships growing and developing. He comes home talking about games they play on the playground and has favorite friends and such. It meant so much to me when we got invited to CFA to celebrate Kailyn’s birthday! Kailyn and Michael both go to church with us and I adore both of their mommies. We had some great girl time while the kids all played and it was so cute seeing the older ones sitting at a table by themselves. I love that our little ones will grow up in church together even when their days of being schoolmates will end. I know that having christian friends will be an amazing experience for my children as they grow up!

Pockets: I now not only have to train my husband to check his pockets before throwing his clothes in the laundry but I also have to start teaching my son to do it! Kye is at that age where he collects little “treasures” from his day and I get to find them in my washing machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coasters: This is proof of how well trained we have our kids haha. They are both allowed to have cups of water whenever they want and I don’t mind them carrying the cups around the house (I personally struggle with drinking enough water and I’d love for my kids to ENJOY water from an early age!). BOTH kids have learned to use coasters for their cups!!! I promise this was not a staged photo…this is a regular occurrence ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sweet, Sweet Brother: I think the time Kye spends away from us each morning at school has been really great for his relationship with Brittlynn. The do argue and bicker more as she’s getting older, but they have SUCH a sweet relationship. Britt was pitching a fit (shocker) and I walked in to see what was going on and found this:

 He was scratching her back and singing to her. When I came over he whispered “it’s okay Mommy, I’m helping her feel better.”

A new favorite “game” Britt enjoys playing is called “walk.” She just wants to hold our hands and walk around the house. Slowly. Walking. Strange game but Kye will happily take her hand and walk around the house with her. 

Sibling time is something I think it very valuable and important. I LOVE that I can leave the kids “alone” now (as in, I can be fixing dinner down the hall while they play) and they will play happily together. I often find them on our bed tickling and laughing!

 here’s a video

And this month they actually asked, for the first time ever, to go up to the playroom to play. Without ME! They played up there for a SOLID HOUR. Just the two of them. No arguing. No fighting. No teats. Nothing!!! It was HEAVEN! When I finally went up to get them the playroom was the messiest it’s probably ever been but I didn’t mind one bit…I was just so glad they were having so much fun together!

Other Stuff from This Month:

  • Kye asked me who I love the most out of him and Britt and Zach (which of course I said I love them all with my whole heart) and then told me that he loves ME the most ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • When we went to Disney Kye was a HUGE help! I told him how many of each type of toy to bring and he’d count them all out and pack them up. He loved carrying bags to help load the car too
  • While at Disney I was in the kitchen running the sink and was talking to Kye and he said “I can’t hear you PITCH” hahahaha I have no clue why he said it but we were all cracking up!
  • Kye had to take a paint stick to school for a project and was SO nervous about it because we use paint sticks for spankings so he kept asking if his teacher was going to spank him 
  • Kye reminds me a lot of myself. We have some very similar personality traits. It’s hilarious b/c he’s all about some negotiating skills and I remember my dad telling me as a kid that I should be a lawyer b/c I know how to always get my way. Kye is exactly the same way!
  • His teacher told me that he is so, so, so smart (yes, she said it three times!). She said he’s a perfectionist and will erase his name over and over to make sure that it’s right and that basically he’s overall just a wonderful example to everyone on how to be. Can’t top that compliment!
  • Kye has been planning a bonfire for quiet awhile. He talks about it ALL the time and has big plans for it. He wants to chop down lots of wood for the fire and have smores and do all the “camp fire” stuff you’re supposed to do. My little party planner!
  • He told me “I need to be able to marry two women because I just love girls so much” 
  • I’m working on loosing the reigns a bit with him and trying to give him age appropriate responsibilities. He now will empty and fill his own cup of water. He will also take off his clothes and put them on his dresser. He also dresses himself each morning. He cleans up toys without having to be told to do so. And he can FINALLY get his stool out to reach his light switch (it’s at an odd spot like dead center of his tall dresser which makes it tough!)
  • Part of Kye’s work at school (which is my FAVORITE thing he’s learning) is a weekly memory verse. I am so proud of how well he does with these! I am especially impressed with the example he’s setting for Britt. She loves to recite the memory verses more than he does I think!!! After you get past his chewing, this is a PRECIOUS video showing both of them reciting the verse! Her little voice is just too cute!

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  1. Kelly
    November 23, 2013 / 11:47 am

    If he doesn't fall asleep, how long do you make him stay in his room for rest time? And on the days he doesn't nap do you put him down to bed at night earlier? Just curious as my son is around the same age and isn't napping everyday anymore. Thanks, Emily. Love your blog.

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